Review – ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer!


So many new parents are over-whelmed, over-tired and have a difficult time recalling simple tasks when dealing with newborns. When the twins were first born, I could barely remember if I had taken a shower…and I know I am not the only one.

Don’t worry my friends, the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer (soon to be Pocket Nanny) has come to ‘our’ rescue!


The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer is a multi-purpose tool that helps you remember the basic details of baby care. ITZBEEN has four timers that count up with the touch of a button…so you will always know how long it’s been! ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer was developed by a new mom and dad who found themselves sleep-deprived and needing help to remember baby care details, such as when their baby last ate or napped. They tried charts and journals, but thought there had to be a better way. So, they created the ITZBEEN™: a multi-purpose nursery tool that helps new parents remember the basic details of baby care. The ITZBEEN™ has four timers that count up with the touch of a button, and a host of other helpful features, all designed with the needs of a new parent in mind.

Three Great Colors!!

The ITZBEEN (pronounced “it’s been”… as in it’s been two hours since the baby A nursed) is a multi-purpose little monitor designed to help new parents learn, remember and communicate the basic details of baby-care. The ITZBEEN goal was to develop a tool that would help first-time moms and dads become better parents, and to make the job of being a new parent a little easier.
The ITZBEEN has four different task settings for – diaper change, nursing or feeding, sleep or awake and medication or other task. Simply press the button once after the that task is completed and watch the timer count up, letting you know how long it’s been since the baby-care task was completed. Another helpful feature on the ITZBEEN, is the Nursing Reminder. By sliding the switch from “L” to “R”, you will be reminded of which side baby last fed from. I would have love this feature when the twins were newborn.

The focus has been on how great the ITZBEEN is for Newborns and small babies, but I would like to share how fantastic it is for Toddlers, Kids and even Mommy!

ITZBEEN in Blue!
My ITZBEEN arrived in the thick of Spring sickness…horrible cold and flu going around our home, including me, UGH! The ITZBEEN was awesome to have. I use the three top buttons (the diaper, the bottle, and the Zzz) for each of my children and their cough meds or whatever they needed. This way hours later when my husband arrived home we knew exactly what time doses where given! It is fantastic for night time as well, it lights up VERY bright and is very clear! If I took meds I used the bottom (* button) for me!
In additon to keeping meds and three kids organized. Now that we are all better, the bottle button is perfect for my girly twin. She has dropped some weight due to a iron deficiency. Because of the iron deficiency we have to make sure that she in addition to getting a specific amount of food, she has to get 10oz. of whole milk…enter ITZBEEN bottle button, After each 2oz. bottle I just press that little button to keep track. I Love the ITZBEEN! I even push the little ‘Zzz’ button when they fall asleep…hey! guess what? The twins nap 2.5+ hours everyday!!

All Lit Up!

Ok, so my favorite part! When my older son was almost 2 he started wanting to go potty in the ‘Big Boy’ potty. He was potty trained super fast. I would take him potty ever single 15 min for 3 days, on day 4. He went all by himself!! I was so proud of him. Now, the twins are just about there. The Diaper button on the ITZBEEN is and has been my best friend. When I’m busy working and they are playing I can clip the ITZBEEN to the screen of my laptop and know exactly when it’s ‘potty time’

I will be recommending the ITZBEEN to everyone who is expecting, nursing, potty training…ect:) I have a number of friends who are expecting singletons and twins and I will tell them that from One mom to another the ITZBEEN is a MUST!!!

Bright Nightlight!

I have no cons to share. The only issue I really had was only having one ITZBEEN, since I have twins I would really like to have a second one, Especially when it comes to the serious potty training, it would just make things a little easier!

**I’d like to Thank ITZBEEN for letting me Review and Share this awesome product! It was a life saver! I LOVE it!

Easy to use! My Itzbeen in Blue!

The ITZBEEN can be purchased at for $24.99 for One or $48.99 for a Twin Pack.

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Over the last 18month, bedtime would usually go like this: At 6:45 I would nurse the twins, they would fall asleep and I would quietly slip out of the bedroom. With the exception of a here and there night when Gabbi would hear me and wake up that’s how bedtime went…sounds nice right…the problem? It could take 2 or more hours just to get to the point where I could leave the room, then very often Gabbi would wake up within 30 minutes and I‘d have to get her back to sleep again…UGH

So, this was bedtime, until a week ago. I have no idea what happened. Like always, nursed, they fell asleep, but…when I tried to get up SCREAMS!! After nighttime taking a total of 3 hours that night, enough was enough…I was going to do something different. The next night, when we headed to bed I had a plan! The twins very quickly fell asleep, and I thought ‘Maybe last night was a fluke” Nope, it wasn’t, when I tried to get up…yup…crying. But, instead of starting all over again, I kissed them and left them tucked in and left the room. After about 20 minutes they were fast asleep! The 20 minutes sucked, I hate hearing them sad, but they need sleep and they weren’t getting it, something needed to change! With the exception of one night when Gab was feeling sick. Nighttime has become no stress! Bed time has gone from the 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes! Then there was Monday night and Tuesday night: Nighttime nursing, then tucked them in and left the room, they were asleep with in 20 seconds! I am thrilled, my babies are getting awesome sleep and learning to fall asleep without Mommy touching them (you mama’s know what I am talking about:)

It’s funny I didn’t realize how much bedtime was effecting the next day. Now, I see how it was. When bed time would take hours , by the time they were sound asleep to where I could leave the room, it would be my bed time! So, I wasn’t getting to have much needed Husband time, Elias’ school set up for the next day, or even just a little bit of time to my self!

My husband have had so much time together, we have been able to watch our favorite show together, I’ve helped him edit photos from some of his photo shoots and we have even fallen asleep on the couch together…more than once:) In addition to that, Elias has been thrilled with the school days I have been planning, my little guy love to learn and love science…so that has been my focus! Oh, yeah and the other night I took a bath…yes, a bath, I don’t even recall the last time that happened!!

Happy Mama makes Happy Babies! Happy Babies who have had a good night sleep makes a Happy Mama!!

10 Things I do…

Recently someone asked ‘why and how’ I cloth diaper my twins. “How come it seems so easy for you?”

Here are 10 things that I did and that I do to keep from going crazy, and to stay on track!

1. I Did a ton of research and I was Picky:

There is nothing more annoying than spending money on 12 of the new “it” diaper only to find out that the: fit is not good for your baby. The diaper doesn’t absorb like it was supposed to. The fabric isn’t as soft as you thought it would be. In doing the research on different types of cloth diapers you can explore all the pro and cons for each type and get a idea what is right for your personal situation, it might be time consuming, but it is worth it. There is a particular diaper that everyone seems to LOVE, I decided to get each of the twins one…thank goodness I only got 2. I ended up hating them after the very first use. Tip: Choose a number of different diaper you like, then buy one or two of each brand. This way you can try a bunch of different kind and find out the ones you love and the ones you hate. Without breaking the bank!

 2. Diaper Rash Cream and Cloth Diapers don’t mix:

Diaper Rash cream will cause you diapers to leak. It take A LOT of elbow grease to get it out of the diaper. I learned this the hard way. Now if I have to use a rash cream, I either use a 100% cloth diaper safe cream ( like Earth Mama Angel Baby) or a just simply put a fleece doubler in. That way, my babies are getting the relief they need but is isn’t hurting the diaper!

3. Never under load or overload the washer:

I have a top loader, and I have learned my lesson! A underloaded washer results in a HUGE waste of water, and time. A overloaded washer results in the diapers on top not getting completely submerged in the wash, thus leaving them stinky because they were not properly cleaned. I have found it is best to have a load that consist of 12-24 diapers, that way they still have room to rub up against each other to get a nice deep clean! Hint: Don’t have enough diapers for a full load but MUST do the load? It simple toss in a clean hand towel or two!

4. Organization is key, and saves me from going insane:

Having twins I wash a average of about 50 diapers a week! There have been nights when I have just been too tired to go and get them out of the dryer to stuff and fold them. That can create a viscous cycle of leaving the diapers in the drier or on the clothes line until they are needed, and lets face it that is not convenient. With so many diapers my husband and my self have created a system. In the evening, once the diapers have been dried weather from the clothes line or the drier, we put all the diapers, inserts, doublers, and covers in a basket. While watching t.v or chatting with each other about the day, we stuff all the pockets, fold all the prefolds & snap and prepare all the diapers and covers for the next day. That way when I need a clean diaper it is quick and easy to grab one and know that is ready to go!

5. ALWAYS clean a soiled diaper ASAP:

There is nothing more nasty than forgetting about a soiled diaper for a day or two. Without giving details, I have too learned this the hard way. I can say I love my diaper sprayer. It cleans the diaper quick and easy, right in the toilet. All you do is flush and TA DA! The diaper sprayer quickly became a must have in our home!

Hint: Once a soiled diaper has been cleaned to the best of your ability, soak for about 15 minutes in hot water. Then with a stiff bristled brush ( like a fingernail brush) using only hot water scrub the diaper. This will help prevent stains and get the diaper even cleaner in the wash.  This may sound extreme to some, but…this is what works for us!

6. Line Drying and Sunning Cloth Diapers works wonders:

Recently I was having ummm…well a stinky issue with some of my diapers. A friend suggested line drying them! So I did. Not only did the diapers dry incredibly fast, but the stink was gone, and bonus the sun removed 99.9% of the stains some of them had. Hint: No outside line? Me either. It’s easy to make one. The dollar store sells clothes line cord and clothes pins. I made my clothes line on my deck, tying to one post at one end of the deck and the other at…yup you guessed it, the other end of the deck! You can make yours where ever you want by simply tying the cord to a tree, a post or what ever you have, then tie the other end to what ever you can! The you are ready to line dry!!!

7. No matter how careful you are with laundry soap there still might be detergent build up in your dipes:

I opened the dryer, and YUCK a blast of stink! It was horrific. After some research I discovered it was detergent build up. I learned that adding too much soap causes this hideous smell. I started using hardly any detergent. In addition I began to add a 1/2 c. of vinegar, and when needed a extra rinse. This worked wonders. Hint: Can’t seem to get rid of that nasty smell not matter what you do? Try this: Soak 12-24 diaper in a HOT wash for at least a hour ( when doing this I do it over night). Once your soak is complete continue you was cycle with no detergent. After cycle is complete, rinse again. The water from my washer empties into a tub sink so I was able to see the water, I was shocked to see after 3 rinses the water was still coming out with suds. When the water no longer had suds. I dried the diapers…NO STINK!!!

8. A durable large wet bag can be your best friend:

When cloth diapering, it can get stinky between washes. My cloth diapering top ‘must have’ Item is my wet bag!! When we first started cloth diapering, I thought ‘ we don’t need to spend money on a wet bag’ Whoa was I wrong. Plastic bags don’t cut it. I have amazed us how a horrible stinky room can suddenly be fresh by simply zipping our wet bag!!! Our wet bag it very large and can easily zip with 18 diapers (BumGenius) in it!

9. Prefolds and Covers 
(esp. wool) is a fantastic option:

For my husband and my self prefolds are indispensable! Nothing is easier, dries faster, or is as trim. Prefolds. They are a wonderful ‘go to’ choice. While I’m at home it’s easy! Grab a prefold, a snappi, and a pair of wool longies! This is a perfect combination for fall! Hint: Don’t have Wool? First of all, I highly recommend looking into wool as a possible option for your family, you be so happy you did! But, if you don’t have wool and feel wool just isn’t for you. Try this: cover your prefold with a Flip cover or a Bummis Super Whisper wrap or Super Brite…or your favorite cover!

10. Cloth Diapering is Addicting!:

When I first started cloth diapering nearly 5 years ago. I had 5 AIO’s, 12 prefolds, and 8 diaper pins. I had just started out and didn’t know about ALL the different types, styles,and brands of diapers. In 2008 out when we found out I was pregnant with the twins we started buying our cloth diapers…The addiction had not set in yet! I started by buying 24 indian prefolds, then 24 more prefolds…enter addiction!!! My twins are now 1! I am very proud of their stash!!

We currently have:

Pocket Diapers




Regular Prefolds

Newborn Prefold ( I still use these as boosters)

Fleece doublers

Knit wool covers – longies – shorties – skirties – diaper cover styles

But…..I still want….Bummis Easy fit Prints Or/and the BumGenius Prints! *my heart quickens!