Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

Five Minute Friday


Every morning I wake up knowing that I have been given another opportunity to spend more time with my kids, to give compassion to the hurting friends in my life, to love more, to yell less, to better my children’s lives! Everyday is a new beginning, the wrongs and hurts of yesterday can start to heal and my “could haves” can become “did it” today! Each new day brings along with it a fresh start the opportunity to fix the broken relationship. I can spend more time with my heavenly father. The new opportunity that each day brings also give the ability to look at the life that I have lived…to reflect on all the aspects of my life. I have to chance to decide if I am content or if I need to make changes. Everyday is the opportunity to say, hello to new beginnings and goodbye to past failure. Every new day bring the opportunity to watch my amazing children grown and learn. The opportunity to love my wonderful husband. Each day bring opportunity…a opportunity that I will hold on to and cherish!


Lord, can I stay here forever?

Five Minute Friday {stay}


It’s a happy morning! The smell of hazelnut coffee fills the house. Laughter is heard coming for the kitchen while the kids eat their breakfast. Daddy is in his office downstairs and the kids know it and are eager to go tell him “good morning!!” Breakfast is over the kitchen is cleaned and I sit at the table in the dining room watching my little play together! Elias is teaching the twins how to put the letters in a new alphabet puzzle…they just want to force them in like most toddlers do! The morning is filled with “mommy I love you!!” “let’s play together” “it is time for math?!” {he loves math}
I look at them and I am filled with so my joy I almost can’t handle it. These little people are my children!! The Lord gave these little to me! In that very moment my husband walk up the steps…his hair is a mess, he is in his pajamas, and desperately needs another cup of coffee…but…I feel butterflies in my stomach, the kind I felt on our first date, or when we got married, or countless times since we met! I’m so in love with him! My life is full of blessings! I’m a very blessed wife and mommy! I’m filled with love, joy and a lovely sence of peace! I close my eyes tight, eyelashes damp with tears of joy…”Lord, can I stay I this moment forever?!” is my prayer. I know that at some point the arguing and fighting will start, someone will hurt someone else’s feelings, he’ll have to go back down to the office. But right now is this very moment…deep breath…I want to stay here forever.


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