Zoku Quick Pop Maker {Review & Giveaway}

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Do your kids love Popsicles? Do you? We sure do! Have you bought Popsicles recently…ugh…what in the heck are all those ingredients? I would prefer to make my own popsicles but it takes FOREVER. On hot days you can’t really make popsicles on a whim…or can you? Let me introduce you to the amazing Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker! I {and my littles} were beyond excited to get and try out this awesome little gem!

The Triple Quick Pop Maker is AWESOME!

This amazing little set comes with:


1 Freezer Quick Pop Maker

6 individual popsicle sticks

6 drip guards

1 Super Tool – a handy-dandy little knob that helps you pop the Popsicles out

The best part your Popsicles will be done in less than 10 minutes!

Please note that you only make three Popsicles at time this, but you can easily make six different Popsicles on one freeze!

So, how does this handy-dandy little guy work?

After receiving your initial package you put unit itself in the freezer for about 24 hours {we have a deep-freeze freezer so it didn’t have to stay in for quite 24 hours – I made our first batch of Popsicles after the maker had been in the deep-freeze freezer for 12 hours}

After that initial 24 freeze you just put the Triple Quick Pop Maker back in the freezer once you are done making popsicles and it’s ready to go whenever you want to use it!

Step by Step Popsicle making:

  • Take the Quick Pop Maker out of the freezer
  • Pour ingredients in the Quick Pop Maker up to the fill line


  • Add Popsicle Sticks


  • Wait 7-10 minutes
  • Using the provided handle, twist until the Popsicle is loosened and can come out {It will be difficult to turn and if you are like me you will think its going to break..it WILL NOT, the handles have a release}


  • Once the Popsicles are loosened leave them in the Quick Pop Maker and pop on the drip trays
  • Eat em up!

Untitled-2 Untitled-1

The possibilities for Popsicles with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker are absolutely endless!

Since receiving hours I have probably made it least 10 different combinations some of our absolute favorites are:

Chocolate Milk Popsicles: {litterly pour chocolate milk in the unit, ridiculously easy and my kids love them!

Green Smoothie Popsicles: Every morning my husband and I have green smoothie…spinach cucumber apple ect. Inevitably there is always a cup or two left over, and the kids love when I make the leftovers into Green Popsicles! They’re having a fun eating Popsicles for breakfast and mommy very happy because they are getting all those fruits and vegetables for breakfast! AWESOME!

The kids also love the two and three toned Popsicles that I’ve made for them! This is super easy to achieve, all you do is add your first liquid into the popsicle maker with the popsicle stick let it sit, I usually set the timer for five minutes. Once the timer rings I add the next color and let it sit for five minutes…so on and so forth until you have filled up to the fill line! Like I mentioned before the possibilities are endless!

Homemade Greek Yogurt & Fruit Popsicles:


I want to share one of our all time favorite recipes! All you need is Greek Yogurt, Fruit, blender and a Zoku Quick Pop Maker!

For Six Popsicles:


2.5 cups fruit {I used frozen}

1 cup Greek Yogart

to your blender and blend until smooth. If too thick add a little bit of water! Once blended pour into the Quick Pop Maker up to the fill line and let sit for 7-10 minutes!

My husband and I love that the Zoku Quick Pop Maker isn’t just for kids! We make them for ourselves all the time!


Are you intrigued? Do you want one?

Zoku has a ton of other AWESOME goodies Check out their entire collection HERE!

I’m so excited to announce that I have partnered with Zoku and one luck reader will win a Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker in their color choice! 


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I Scream, You Scream, We Both Scream for…The Roller Coaster

The First “Roller Coaster”!!
Ever since I was tall enough I have loved roller coasters! My husband and my older son want nothing to do with anything like that! You can imagine my surprise when my 3 year olds BEGGED us at the local fair to ride on the little kiddie Roller Coaster!

Ok, it might not look it but this little thing was FAST and it went around the track about 20 times! They were laughing and squealing the whole time! They even put their hands up when they went down the track! It was so cute!

They were so proud when they got off…I’m very proud of my little brave kiddos!

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Yo Ho Ho…A Pirates Life for Me!

Pirate 7th Birthday Party!

We had a great time making and creating!
AHOY! Cap’n Elias is his scallywag crew!

 DIY Fun for hours!

Pirate Ship full of cannon balls

Swords! I will post a tutorial soon! You will want to make these!!!

FEED THE SHARK!! Shark made from a box that was in our garage – painted! How cute! Big hit!

Handmade bean bags – felt (I already had) hot glue and dried beans!

Walk the plank – over the ocean! The kids LOVED this!

 The Pirate Ship…

Tiny Treasure Chest full of cannon balls (whoppers)

Marshmellow pops! BIG HIT!

 Cannon Ball Fight…
24 half filled black balloons – – – this was hours of fun for these little boys – and only cost $1.99!!!

 The Presents…
All the kids had so much fun!!!

Other games included:
Toss the Anchor – the kids had a great time tossing the anchor in the front yard!
Treasure Hunt! –
The boys followed the map that Cap’n Elias had  to the X where they found personalized backpacks full of booty – pirate hat, eye patch, looking glass, candy, ect.

All in all this was probably the funnest and the cheapest party we have ever thrown!

The Key? We shopped garage sales last summer – that is where we found the decorations, pirate hats, patches, blow up boat ect. for a total of around $20!

I hope this gives you a few idea of your own!!


Another Day with Pinterest!
From My KIDLINS board –

I am completely in love with this! I think my kids would adore it as well! For more info click HERE!

 This would be perfect for school time and lunch time! For more info click HERE!

 YES! My Boys NEED this! For more info click HERE!

 Awww! So Cute! My little miss would have so much fun! For more info click HERE!

And…the perfect addition to the little Kitchen and the big Kitchen!! For more info click HERE!

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A cool fall day, what should I do? How about Pinterest!!!
From my CRAFTYNESS board –
I love this! For more info click HERE!
My Kids love these! For more info click HERE!

I think this would be fun to do with my oldest! For more info click HERE!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I NEED this in my living room! For more info click HERE!

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A Babywearing Black Friday…

Black Friday and Babywearing!

Getting up early and going shopping on Black Friday is our favorite start to the Holiday season, Elias even loves it! This year we decided that we were going to get up at 6am and leisurely get ready and go to 3 stores. We’ll that all changed…Simon was WIDE awake at 3:45 so I got up with him, by 4:45 Gabbi and Elias had joined us. We decided to just get ready and headed out armed with a ERGObaby and a hiking backpack! The twins had so much fun!

 My husband carried Simon in the backpack.

What a awesome Daddy my boys have!!!

I carried Gab on the front in the ERGO

Gabbi loves shopping with her Mama!

She loves her ERGO too!

We were stopped many times by people saying ‘what a good Idea to use babycarriers’ The twins happily waved and said hi to almost everyone they saw because they felt safe being so close. Gabbi even feel asleep. I am pleased to say that this Black Friday was fantastic. We got everything we set out to get, waited in lines no longer than 15minutes, drank Starbucks Peppermint Mocha’s and ended the night having dinner with wonderful friends!! The only bummer was out of ALL the people, I saw many upset babies in their strollers, and only 1 young women with her baby in a Moby wrap. I hoped to see more babywearing mama’s and papa’s…maybe next year!

Homeschooling: Kindergarten – 1st grade – 2nd grade year has started!!!

We homeschool!! We LOVE it!


I LOVE flashcard! We can take these anywhere!! E loves them too!



Please Email with any questions about the books or flash cards I have posted today!

The many books I have added E’s homeschool curriculum!!

Since the Public school year has begun, people are always asking Elias if he has started school. He always replies “Yes!! I am homeschooled by my Mommy”. Oh, the looks we get. Sometimes they smile, but other times….Ahhhh, not so much. The other day I ran into another Homeschooling Mama, and she asked “what curriculum are you using?” I don’t think she liked my response, but thats ok. We all have to do what is right for our own children.
We officially started the school year on August 1st! I has been going great! Elias is so eager to learn. Before we began I hoped that we would do 45 minutes of work at a time with a 15 minute break between each activity. I didn’t want to overload him and them him end up dreading school. Much to my surprise we spend a average of 2 hours at a time on each subject (different ones each day…a max of 4) I couldn’t have asked for a better little student! This year I decided to combine Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades. Now, a month later our main focus seems to be more at the 1st-3rd levels!!!
Some of the things we have been learning:
the pledge of allegiance,
states and capitals (not all of course),
the planets
Still to come for the Fall season:
Thanksgiving, a one month study of Native Americans, for this we will focus on the Choctaw and Black Foot tribes (I am 1/16 Choctaw).
We will also do all kinds of fun activities dealing with:
Seasons, and
Christmas…the Birth of Jesus, and what Christmas is all about.
Outside of the “regular” subjects, we will be working on:
Building Character,
Loving Family, and
Bible Study!
I made the decision early on that I would put together our curriculum, piece by piece! Over the last few months, and have put together what I believe to be a awesome school year plan!

Visit the Homeschool Tab for tons of Free homeschool Printables and links!