Shopping and Making an Impact!

I have mentioned so many times about our love for  Lizatards! We not only love the quality and selection of their leotards but who they are! You may remember the California Fundraiser leotards from the end of last year, the proceeds from those leotards went to the families that had been devastated by the horrible fires!! How amazing right?!? Lizatards does more than that…

Everyone who shops at  Lizatards is helping them donate to the Children’s Heart Institute, and a local YMCA Gymnastics Center to benefit the gymnastics programs, averaging $2500-$4000 a year!!!

Lizatards also supports different non-profit organizations.

Fun fact! When you buy a Medal Hangers you are actually helping benefit Rise Up Industries, which is a non-profit organization that provides: job training, counseling and programs to formerly gang involved individuals and at-risk individuals! How awesome is that!

Lizatards 'Gymnast' Medal Rack Hanger- Black, Blue, Purple or Pink

If you been wanting to get your gymnast a Medal Hanger please consider getting one from Lizatards!!

You can read more about Rise Up Industries HERE

Over the last year and a half our daughter Gabbi has been an ambassador for this amazing company! We love the leotards, the people, the friends we’ve made and of course the giving back! Big News!! Lizatards will be announcing new 2019 Lizatards Ambassadors in the next few months. If your gymnast is social, loves posting and likes free leos you might be right! Lizatards will be picking our Ambassadors at the beginning of February, so head over to

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New Leo ALERT at Lizatards!!!

OMG friends, Lizatards has a new leotard that we are absolutely swooning over! Not only does it have our favorite strappy back but it’s just all over GORGEOUS!! I mean just look at it!



This “Blue Pulse” Leotard is soft, comfortable and sure to become every gymnasts favorite! The gorgeous blues, purples and pinks created such a fun look! Gabbi wore this leo to practice the day it arrived and EVERYONE loved it! Check out that strappy back…WOW!

Head over now and pick up this Blue Pulse leo for you gymnast or dancers…they will love it!

BUY “Blue Pulse” Leotards NOW!

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sg2Strive Girl is an AMAZING Girl Clothing line on a mission to empower the next generation of female athletes! I first got connected with Strive Girl in July 2018 and I immediately knew that this company was special! Not only do I love this mission but the owner and her daughters are equally as amazing at the company they have created!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the amazing GRL PWR quote shirts! We picked our two favorites. “Beast Mode” and “Get it, Girl

sg4Not only are they the cutest tees ever but seriously the most comfortable! Gabbi wants to be comfortable all the time so she wears these tees all the time. They have traveled with us to California twice and Seattle more times than I can count!

sg1EVERY SINGLE time she wears one of these tee shirts people literally stop us where ever we are to ask “where is your daughters shirt from” I honesty have loved spreading the Strive Girl love!

Over the last few months their line has EXPLODED with so many adorable and empowering items…seriously I wish I could go on a shopping spree for Gabbi on the Strive Girl website!

sg3Be sure to head over to the Strive Girl website and pick up some awesome stuff for your Rock Star daughter!

Here are a few of our favorite new items!

Strong Looks Pretty on You Sweatshirt
Strong Looks Pretty on You Sweatshirt:
Goal Digger™ Royal Blue Leotard
Goal Digger™ Royal Blue Leotard:
Legit our favorite leo ever! I really want to get this for Gabbi!
This Girl Can Sweatshirt
This Girl Can Sweatshirt:
UMMM Heck yes she can!
Self Love Club Slumber Set
Self Love Club Slumber Set:
Absolutely love this!
Be sure to follow Strive Girl on Instagram to stay up to date on new inventory! @Strive_Girl

Lizatards Fundraiser Leotard {Califorina Fires}

Update 12/28: These gorgeous leotards are no long available, THANK YOU to everyone who purchased one or both! Lizatards was able to give a VERY wonderful gift! ❤

gabw1Without a doubt you have heard about the devastating fires in California. We spent  Thanksgiving in California {driving from WA state} Seeing the devastation first hand was truly like nothing I’ve ever seen before. My husband and I cried driving through towns that were basically non existent…so many people lost everything. It was overwhelming and gut wrenching. Our Hotel was to capacity, not because people were visiting for Thanksgiving but refuge from the fires. Some of the families had cars full of frame photos and rubbermaids full of their cherished belongings. As I said it was overwhelming.


When we arrived home and discovered that Lizatards was doing a fundraiser I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Head over to Lizatards right now and purchase one or both of these gorgeous leotards for $10!


The proceeds go to support the fire victims! The leos are listed as “California Fire Holiday Leotard” These leotards will be $10 until they are gone!


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Lizards Deal of the Week!! {ends Nov. 3rd}

If you have spent any time on my blog then you know my ‘she’ twin is a competitive gymnast…and…we LOVE Lizatards Leotards!
To Celebrate the Holiday season Lizatard is
 having some AWESOME weekly sales and offers!


I cannot wait to share them all with you!
Today I’m sharing the very first deal and guys, it’s a good one!
Buy any Lizatards leotard that has mesh and get the stretch capris 50% off.
The Lizatards mesh back leos are GORGEOUS! Just gave a look at these beauties!
Gabbi LOVES these capris and wears them all the time! There have been so many compliments on them, even a few teams we know have gotten them for there meet sweatsuit!!!
Capris are pictured above with the Lizatards Gymnast Stretch Space Dye Hoodie Jacket 

Remember this deal ends November 3rd


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Back to School + Gymnastics Leotards!

This has nothing to do with school supplies and everything to do with leotards! I’m sure many of you are like us and have moved right in to a “back to school” routine! Our gym had summer practice hours which were ok but we much rather prefer night practice so we were thrilled that Fall team practice schedules started this week YAY!

I just wanted pop on and give you a few suggestions of great places to grab AWESOME leotards! These are our favorites:

LizatardsLizatards is one of our favorite of all time companies! Not only do they have great leotards but the BEST customer service!

Girls Gymnastics Leotards Assorted Fun Designs!

Girls Gymnastics Leotards Assorted Fun Designs! $34.00

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Sparkle Bows Cheer OBSESSED!

Do you have to do cheer to be obsessed with Cheer Bows? Ah, no way! Do you have to be in dance to love crop sets? No way! Gabbi only does gymnastics and let me tell you she LOVES cheer Bows and crop sets!

We have partnered with one of the best shop ever! It’s called Sparkle Bows Cheer (adorable name right) this shop specializes in all the cute and glitzy you could ever want! Gabbi and I are SO EXCITED to share some of the great items they have in the shop!

Rainbow Poop Emoji Cheer Bow:


We cannot get over the cuteness overload this unicorn rainbow poop emoji bow has! Gabbi about lost it when she saw it and has been wearing it a ton! Everywhere we go people ask about it! Not only is this bow cute but it is probably the most well made cheer bow we’ve ever had! Its super sparkly and has the perfect amount of stiffness (this is a very important feature!) It has not lost any shape despite accidentally being shoved in a drawer!

Tailless Cheer Bow:


This bow…oh man…look at it! It’s gorgeous, classy and tailless, so no more tucking tails or bow tails falling in your face! Just like the above bow this one is equally well made! There is just something about this bow that makes Gabbi feel so beautiful! She loves wearing it when we’re at home, when we are out and about….anywhere! So many people love this bow. I personally think it’s perfect for all ages not just little girls! Its not too big {wait can a bow be too big?} or too small!

Let’s talk pony!
The ponytail band is different than any other cheer bow we have instead of being a elastic ponytail tie (like a goody) its actually a soft seamless elastic band…meaning will not snap! I LOVE this feature…I have had to take apart so many bows and replace the elastic!

What about the price?
These bows are a STEAL at between $8-$10 (for most) that is a fraction of most cheer bow shops! We cannot wait to get more!

In addition to those two gorgeous bows Gabbi also got two ridiculously adorable Unicorn Crop sets

The first crop set is this ADORABLE Black Unicorn Love with Rainbows Crop Top and Shorts!

I know right? You can’t get over the cuteness! Gabbi is obsessed with this set! What’s not to love Unicorns + Rainbows!

She pretty much lives in this, she only takes it off to change to the other set 😂 She’s even been sleeping in it! Its just that comfy I guess!

Next up is the equally as adorable Blue Unicorn Love Crop Top and Shorts!


This is just the cutest set ever! The blue is such a gorgeous shade! Gabbi loves wearing this one with her favorite denim overall shorts, she also has a high waist white skirt that goes so cute with this!outfit2 In addition to these two adorable set Gabbi also got these super cute stretchy black shorts!black_shorts

These are awesome and go with all her existing crop tops making a bunch of new outfits! It’s amazing how useful a pair of basic black shorts can be! Gabbi has been wearing these everywhere. They are perfect with any shirt and great under dresses and skirts!

All three pairs of are so soft and comfortable and fantastic for the gym! Gabbi loves wearing them over her leotards at Gymnastics practice.

Sizing info for the Crop Tops and Shorts:

  • One Size fits most 4 way stretch
  • Ages (5-10)
  • Fabric: Polyester (92%), Spandex (5%), Nylon (5%)
  • Soft and breathable moisture wicking fabric that moves the way you move.

*Crops and shorts are sold separately.

Clearly we love Sparkle Bows Cheer and we think you will too! Head over and check out all the amazing Bows and other crop tops they have!

Use code: SPARKLE20 for 20% off!!

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I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Kathy at Sparkle Bows Cheer for the adorable gifts!

*Although  Sparkle Bows Cheer did send me a thank you package for partnering with them I was not compensated or persuaded to write anything I do not mean-  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. ALL images are ©The Life in Bloom & Sparkle Bows Cheer.

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