Birthday Party Dress Feat. Sugar & Snails Couture

Sugar and Snails Couture

My daughter Gabriella and I couldn’t be more excited to share all about the beautiful Gold & Sequin party dress Sugar & Snails sent her for her birthday!

Gabriella is about to celebrate her birthday {her and her twin brother turn 7 next week!} and she LOVES anything sparkly with tulle and twirly, this dress fits the bill perfectly!


This Gold Sequin and Tulle Party Dress is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! The day it arrived we opened the package together and when she saw it she gasped and said “Oh mommy this is so beautiful!” and she is totally right it is! Honestly the photos don’t do it justice it is SO sparkly! The tulle skirt is made with multi layers of soft tulle not the scratchy kind that can leave a little girl itchy {like mine} it is hemmed so there is no worry or unraveling or shredding like tulle sometimes can. The Sequin top is lined on the inside so no worrying about scratchy sequins either. It has a long zipper that makes it very easy to put on! My daughter loves wearing this dress for tea parties, pretend play or just playing…she headed outside to jump on the trampoline with it on…but quickly thought better of it and changed!


This dress photographs so beautifully and would be perfect for any type of photographs especially for outdoor birthday photos. It will make the most perfectly stunning Christmas or Holiday dress. It would also be a stunning flowergirl dress or perfect for little sisters at  Quinceañeras and Bat Mitzvahs or any special occasion…for Gabriella this is an everyday dress…going to the store or simply going to get the mail she is dressed in full glam!


Sugar & Snails Couture has so much more than Gabriella’s dress, in fact they specializes in Boutique Dreses, Headbands & Bandana Bibs and trust me you will want everything!

We are in love with this Black Lace Maxie Dress! I think this would be a perfect addition to any little girls back to school wardrobe!

Black Lace Maxi Dress

as well as these Lace Vintage Dresses, oh with a sweater, knee high socks and boots they  would be PERFECT for fall!

Lace Vintage Dress

Lace Vintage Dress

My daughter LOVES this headband and so do I! Its really versatile and would go great with fancy outfits, shorts in the summer or jeans and sweatshirt in the fall/winter!

Beige Satin Flower Headband

Let’s be real here…my daughter wants all the dresses and all the headbands!

We have not washed this dress yet because it hasn’t needed it, however I will hand wash it and lay it flat to dry so I don’t run the risk of melting the tulle or losing the sequins.

Guess what? We have a fun surprise especially for you! ss3

Sugar & Snails has given me an awesome 20% off coupon code to share with you guys!

Head over to Sugar & Snails and use code:


and save 20%!!

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Sugar and Snails Couture

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Sugar & Snails Couture for sending the beautiful Leotard!!

*Although Sugar & Snails Couture did send me this dress to feature I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. ALL images are ©The Life in Bloom & Sugar & Snails Couture

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Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette

It’s almost here!!! web_peanutbutter_jelly_closed

PB&J Arrives TOMORROW 2/28 

on the Too Faced website

This palette was inspired by the much loved Peanut Butter shade from the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar.


I’m in love with the colors in this palette, SO excited about this release, are you? The peanut butter & jelly palette is keeping with the well know Too Face small tin palettes layout {I love these palettes…I have a bunch of them, they are the perfect size!} PB&J has 9 gorgeous matte and shimmer shades infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder with a creamy peanut butter twist! As will all the other palette the PB&J palette includes the signature glam guide with three looks!


How great is that! Although I do not have a peanut allergy I know this was a concern for many! Yay!

Special thanks to Too Faced for the great images!

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NEW! ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips


ColourPop fans, I NEED your attention! Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips are available now for $6 and the matte lip pencils for $5..

The NEW ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips come in 16 gorgeous shades and 7 new lip pencils.

These have the exact same packing as the Ultra matte, which I LOVE. ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks are fairly drying which I don’t mind at all but this winter my lips have taken a beating and do not look cute so a matte formula is just not happening. I am REALLY excited about the Ultra Satin Lips! My favorite type of lipstick is a matte satin!!!

Because these are satin and NOT a drying matte they will leave lips moisturized with a lovely satin finish. These are long wearing but not transfer proof.

Here are a few videos from mesijesibeauty and KathleenLights showing these new lippies in action!

Head over to ColourPop to get your hands on these lovelies!

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New from Urban Decay

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid


YAY!! The Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid -$28 are now available at for VIB Rouge & VIB members. I think they are going to be available to everyone else more towards the last few days of the month {but don’t quote me on that!}

Up until now there have been  Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer however there were not any color correcting shades. But Urban Decay is always on top of their game and the current trends! These five shades are created to correct/address different skin concerns you may personally have like darkness, dullness, redness, and other imperfections. Not familiar with color correcting concealers? Basically they are applied before your foundation and regular concealer to correct and perfect.

The five Shades include:

  • Green to reduces redness
  • Lavender to balances sallowness
  • Pink to brighten dark areas
  • Yellow to corrects dullness
  • Peach to mask circles/spots

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates

So what are your thoughts? Do you use color correctors?

If you would like a more in-depth review about color correctors and what ones I use and how I use them let me know and I will put it together!


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YSL Touche Éclat Blur Primer & Blur Perfector Review

Hey guys! Today I am sharing two new products to the YSL Touche Éclat line, the Blur Primer & the Blur Perfector.


It has been years since I have used a YSL product…that stuff is EXPENSIVE, so I of course jumped at the opportunity to give to products a whirl!

So let’s jump right in, first up is the Blur Perfector! This claims “A blur perfector compact that perfects the skin while retaining its luminous glow” and retails for- $55.00.


Overall I really like this a LOT! I really like using this for blotting throughout the day, with it being summer I have needed it quite a bit and I can say it works better than blotting papers {which I hate!} But….this is really expensive and I don’t know that I will replace it once it’s gone. If you are wanting to treat yourself with something very high-end I do recommend this! My personal PRO/CONS list:


  • I prefer in under make up then touching up throughout the day
  • Multi use! Wear alone, set your makeup or use as a touch up
  • The packaging in beautiful AND very sturdy
  • A little {and I meant tiny amount} goes a long way
  • Not cakey at all
  • Beautiful light in texture
  • Did not clog my pores or cause any breakouts


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Since it is a balm it could melt in extreme heat



Let’s talk about the Blur Primer! I was most excited about this and for good reason it’s AMAZING! It claims that it’s an illuminating primer that blurs imperfections and boosts the radiance of foundation. Ummm yes, yes it does! The first time I used this I couldn’t stop touching my face because it was SO soft! It retails for- $52.00.


ysl3Overall I really do love this a prefer it over most of my other primers. It can be used multiple ways, alone, mixed with tinted moisturizer or mixed with foundation {I use it all of those ways}. There are little gold flecks in it that melt into your skin. Just like the Blur Perfector it’s expensive…but I think I might repurchase once this bottle is gone. My personal PRO/CONS list:


  • A teeny, tiny amount goes a long way although this is 1 oz. I think it will last a long time. I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks and you can even tell.
  • Leaves a wonderful silky texture
  • Blurred  my pores
  • Smells great


  • It’s pretty expensive for 1 oz. of product
  • The gold flecks may bother some people {it did not bother me at all}


Wearing both the Primer and Perfector!

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Friday Favorites: My favorite “Beauty” YouTubers!

After getting a ton emails and questions about some of my favorites covering every category you can imagine I decided it would be really fun to start a new series Sooooooo

Today is Friday…welcome to the brand spanking new


Today is going to be a super quick rundown of my five favorite beauty YouYubers! I realize that generally my blog surrounds fitness, workouts and nutritional meals & snacks…however I am a girl who loves all girly things! One of my most favorite things in the entire universe is makeup and beauty (which you will see next week when I post my Sephora and Ulta Haul…just brace yourself I may have a problem!) These are YouTuber’s that in my opinion if you are not following you should! Disclaimer: not everybody has the same personality and some of these YouTubers may not mesh with your personality and you may not like them, that’s okay, however, these are ladies that I absolutely love and my suggestions are based on my personality.

Her we goooooo!

GYGBunny {aka grav3yardgirl}
I recently discovered the fabulous Bunny and I adore her! I love her personality…probably because I have a very similar personality to her (very hyper, very wild and very loud) I just adore her! She has quickly become one of my favorite YouTubers, who thankfully posts all the time so I can get my fill of her! She has the series called “does it really work” these videos are awesome & she is hilarious! She covers tons of different categories on her channel {not just makeup} I HIGHLY recommend you check her out…NOW!


KSKatie Saccomanno

I have been watching Katie since shortly after she started her channel! I love this girl. She always has a tutorial for my mood, natural, warm or cool toned, smoky, blue or pink! We have very similar likes and HUGE plus she has fair skin and dark hair {usually 😉 this girl can rock the forest green…totally reminds me of me when I was younger and I rocked…Purple, blue and green on a regular basis!} I love that we have similar skin tone because it seems all too often beauty youtubers are all about tanner and I’m not…I really dig my pale skin so I embrace it! If you haven’t checked out her channel I think you should, I really think you’ll love her!

JHJaclyn Hill
Oh Jacklyn Hill what can I say…she is amazing! She is a professional makeup artist who gives the most fantastic tutorials that are so easy to follow! If you are someone who has a hard time getting your makeup the way that you wanted to look, Jaclyn is the gal that you need to go and watch! She will make you feel confident in your make up applying ability, plus she gives tips on how to do things and she also regularly shares her favorite items! I love her, She is fun and genuine!

SWSteph Willis

I have been watching Steph for months and hands down she is one of my all time faves! Similar to Katie I love that she has fairer skin and dark hair! She is a mama and a baker! She is so sweet and very soft spoken. Her tutorials are always beautiful and easy to follow! Please go and check out Steph!


profile_347738720_75sq_1376843946Kathleen Lights
I also recently discovered Kathleen and I don’t know how I have not known who she was for so long?! She is adorable, there is no other word, this girl is freaking precious and I love her!  I love her tutorials. She also does, monthly favorite & hauls. If you have not watched Kathleen Lights you need to immediately go and check her out! She has a very sweet and genuine personality which I LOVE!

10487468_10152647145976662_3910904953664174764_nKandee Johnson
Last but definitely not least is Kandee Johnson!!!  I have been a follower Kandee for years and I adore her and everything she does!  She has a fun and wild personality that I of course connect with! Kandee’s YouTube channel is the one you need to go there first, hands-down! she is so amazing! She currently has a “every day princess” series going on where she gives make up tutorials on how to look like your favorite princesses! My so far my two favorites have been Jasmine and Pocahontas. This series in awesome she totally transforms herself…she does contacts and wigs the whole things!


Okay guys so there you have it these are my five favorite beauty you tubers! I do subscribe a TON more and I hated to leave anybody else out but I follow so many that I thought a top 50 would be a little excessive so I picked my top five that I watch daily…and often binge watch!

sigg1-copy copy

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette from Morphe

tumblr_nhb46v2Y2y1qi5p7no1_500Hey Lovelies! Did you know that the highly sought after Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette is on pre sale at Morphe right NOW?!?!? The last time it was available I missed it 😦 So I was determined to get it this time. The pre sale started this past monday at 10am PST and my order was submitted at 10:03! I cannot wait to get this beautiful palette! Honestly when I first saw the palette I wasn’t totally in love. There are quite a few colors that I wasn’t sure I could pull off {I’m Urban Decay Naked obsessed} After watching DOZENS of YouTube reviews and tutorials I knew I needed all these colors in my life! I cannot wait to get this bad boy in the mail! It should be here early May and you can be sure I will have a review up as soon as I get it!

Look that all these amazing colors!


This is not only gorgeous but the price point in AMAZING at $27.99..WHAT?!?!? I know! Hurry and pre-order the Jaclyn Hill Favorites NOW before it sells out again!

photo.jpgNot familiar with Jaclyn Hill? Um you need to get acquainted NOW! Seriously check out Jaclyn on YouTube! As you can see she is seriously the cutest thing ever and has such a great personality! I LOVE all her tutorials…they are easy for everyone to follow and achieve. She also shares her favorite high-end and drugstore brands! Here are a few of my favorite JH tutorials:

Now on to Morphe! I’m going to be totally honest with you…I hadn’t heard of Morphe until Jaclyn mentioned “MorpheBrushes” in one of the YouTube videos. Since discovering Morphe I’m in love…and could spend $100’s on their website! Here are a few of my favorite things:



This palette totally reminds me of the Urban Decay Electric Palette…with a ton more colors and, well its $19.99 at Morphe!



Ok, so I have a some similars to this palette but ever time I see it I’m drawn to it…so I should get it right?!

and last but not least


9fcI just love this!

Ok, so in closing…I love Jaclyn Hill and I love Morphe…the end 🙂 The last I checked the JH Favorites Palette was NOT sold out but HURRY if you want this gem!

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