Fun Printables

Have you visited Jan Brett’s website?
Jan Brett is the Author of books like:
The Unbrella
The Mitten
The Hat
The First Dog
and many others!
She has a great website with tons of fun
printables! These are some of my little boys favorites!

Printed puppets of a number of the Animals in her books

I just printed them on white cardstock so they

would be a little more sturdy, then attached craft sticks to the back!

These are great Letter Flash cards

I also printed them on cardstock!

There are a ton more fun printables, so go check it out!!!

WHAT???? 5 already??

Elias had a great birthday! We had a Buzz (Toy Story) Birthday party for him! He loved it, he loves the Toy Story movies so much, so we knew we couldn’t go wrong! I had to make ALL the decorations, apparently all the local Party Supply stores have discontinued Toy Story decorations. Elias and I had a great time making all kinds of fun things for his party, so it ended up being a fun Mommy-son bonding time! He had a great fun party , some of his friends, a pinata`, a 4 layer cake, presents…everything a 5 yr old would love! He was so excited to open his “big” gift from Daddy and Mommy : Buzz Lightyear wings, as you can imagine I have had A LOT of help around the house from “Buzz”!!

Elias is a amazing little boy and he really is little, he is only at 31% for his age in height and like 19% for weight! He is writing all the time! He wrote a bible vs. on our chalk board to surprise us, it totally amazed us! He loves learning, he has been working on his reading…which is going extremely well! He recently asked if he could learn Spanish! Also he has been loving learning to play the guitar and piano. Aside from that the loves pretending that he is a superhero and rescuing Mommy and the twins!