Yo Ho Ho…A Pirates Life for Me!

Pirate 7th Birthday Party!

We had a great time making and creating!
AHOY! Cap’n Elias is his scallywag crew!

 DIY Fun for hours!

Pirate Ship full of cannon balls

Swords! I will post a tutorial soon! You will want to make these!!!

FEED THE SHARK!! Shark made from a box that was in our garage – painted! How cute! Big hit!

Handmade bean bags – felt (I already had) hot glue and dried beans!

Walk the plank – over the ocean! The kids LOVED this!

 The Pirate Ship…

Tiny Treasure Chest full of cannon balls (whoppers)

Marshmellow pops! BIG HIT!

 Cannon Ball Fight…
24 half filled black balloons – – – this was hours of fun for these little boys – and only cost $1.99!!!

 The Presents…
All the kids had so much fun!!!

Other games included:
Toss the Anchor – the kids had a great time tossing the anchor in the front yard!
Treasure Hunt! –
The boys followed the map that Cap’n Elias had  to the X where they found personalized backpacks full of booty – pirate hat, eye patch, looking glass, candy, ect.

All in all this was probably the funnest and the cheapest party we have ever thrown!

The Key? We shopped garage sales last summer – that is where we found the decorations, pirate hats, patches, blow up boat ect. for a total of around $20!

I hope this gives you a few idea of your own!!

Recycled Gift Packages!!

Fun Recycled Gift Packages!!

So we all have the left over cardboard roll of
many, many, many rolls of wrapping paper…right?

What about turning those rolls into cute little gift boxes!
The kids will even enjoy this!
They can make their very
own gift boxes for their friends!

Here’s how to do it:

3 different size roll, cut random sizes.

Other supplies you’ll need:
Decorative Paper
paint brush

with the pencil, mark the size of paper you will need.
cut it, then lay it face down
apply glue to the edges of the paper, then smear with the paint brush.
Place the cardboard roll on the paper.
Then…roll, until the cardboard is totally covered.
use glue to seal the end of the paper for a clean edge.
Allow to dry!

Once dried this is what it will look like,
Already cute!

At each end bend on side of roll in.

Then the other side to close it!

Now how cute are these!!!
Add a ribbon or other embellishments
to add your own style!
To fill just simply unfold one end:)
Hope you have fun with this, I know we did!
Have a crafty Thursday!!

Fun Printables

Have you visited Jan Brett’s website?
Jan Brett is the Author of books like:
The Unbrella
The Mitten
The Hat
The First Dog
and many others!
She has a great website with tons of fun
printables! These are some of my little boys favorites!

Printed puppets of a number of the Animals in her books

I just printed them on white cardstock so they

would be a little more sturdy, then attached craft sticks to the back!

These are great Letter Flash cards

I also printed them on cardstock!

There are a ton more fun printables, so go check it out!!!