Lord, can I stay here forever?

Five Minute Friday {stay}


It’s a happy morning! The smell of hazelnut coffee fills the house. Laughter is heard coming for the kitchen while the kids eat their breakfast. Daddy is in his office downstairs and the kids know it and are eager to go tell him “good morning!!” Breakfast is over the kitchen is cleaned and I sit at the table in the dining room watching my little play together! Elias is teaching the twins how to put the letters in a new alphabet puzzle…they just want to force them in like most toddlers do! The morning is filled with “mommy I love you!!” “let’s play together” “it is time for math?!” {he loves math}
I look at them and I am filled with so my joy I almost can’t handle it. These little people are my children!! The Lord gave these little to me! In that very moment my husband walk up the steps…his hair is a mess, he is in his pajamas, and desperately needs another cup of coffee…but…I feel butterflies in my stomach, the kind I felt on our first date, or when we got married, or countless times since we met! I’m so in love with him! My life is full of blessings! I’m a very blessed wife and mommy! I’m filled with love, joy and a lovely sence of peace! I close my eyes tight, eyelashes damp with tears of joy…”Lord, can I stay I this moment forever?!” is my prayer. I know that at some point the arguing and fighting will start, someone will hurt someone else’s feelings, he’ll have to go back down to the office. But right now is this very moment…deep breath…I want to stay here forever.


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Giving Hearts!

Recently a young girl I know said “What ever happened to Chivalry?” she was meaning it in the way of “where is my knight in shinning armor.” But it got me thinking…what happened to Women helping Women? I am blessed to have amazing friends who have been there for me in my time of horrible loss and pain. But I know that this is not true for all women. I have been horrified to hear how many women I know have gone through painful experiences with absolutely no support.

This brings me to the story of a young Mother. A few years ago she was married with a small daughter and another daughter due to be born in a matter of weeks. Her entire world came crashing down when they found out her full term daughter has passed away, for reasons unknown. Over the next week, she delivered and buried her daughter. Over next few years, she had very little support to help her through this horrible time. Things happened, life went wild…but, then she found out she was pregnant, and JOY took over. In Mid December she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!! Elated to say the least.

I had a plan, to create a very special gift basket for her, so I set out contacting a few companies to see if they would like to get involved. Sadly many did not even respond. However, Some AMAZING companies did step up!

Sleepy Wrap
Earth Mama Angel Baby
and Bamboobies
also a few ‘anonymous’ donations came in as well!

I was thrilled by this! The fact that these companies wanted to bless a young mother they did know…the simple fact that she had been through so much touched their hearts!
This young mother was so overwhelmed, and could not believe why someone would care so much about her and her family…I fear many women feel this way. I believe that that can change…if we just put in a little effort!!
Now, on to the fun stuff! I would love to give props and recognition to these awesome companies! You are amazing!

SLEEP WRAP graciously donated a Beautiful Wrap in Beige – she LOVED the color!
From the Mama:
“this is awesome”
“I wanted one, but there was no way we could have afforded it”
“I love having her so close”

Look at how Proud this Papa looks!

EARTH MAMA ANGEL BABY donated from the depths of there hearts ‘A Little Something for Baby’

A Little Something For Baby Includes:

Angel Baby® Lotion
Angel Baby® Shampoo & Body Wash
Angel Baby® Bottom BalmFrom The Mama:
“I have never heard of this, but I LOVE it!!”

BAMBOOBIES graciously donated a set of their Bamboo reusable nursing pads!

“Bamboobies regular nursing pads are
ultra-soft ultra-thin ultra-eco
Unique because they are softer and waterproof aka “milk-proof,”
Bamboobies are the new choice for breastfeeding mothers who
want a washable nursing pad that doesn’t show through clothes.”
From The Mama:
“I LOVE these”
“The absorb more that any nursing pad I have ever used!”
“I love that they are heart shaped!!”
And Thank You to the anonymous donations as well!!
Including a Bebe au Lait nursing cover!
Which the Mother LOVES beyond words!
and a AVENT Breast pump
again she loves and has really has come in handy!

Thank you to everyone who got involved! You are awesome!!

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Mama Britni

Yes! I am still Breastfeeding

I’m a breastfeeding mama of Twins and proud of it!!

There I was, visiting with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. While chatting on the couch one of the twins came up very sleepy, ready for a nap and wanted to nurse. I paused our conversation to grab a cover and get my little one situated. When I looked back up, my friend was wide eyed staring at me. I had seen that look before…the “Oh My Gosh she is STILL breastfeeding” I’m used to it, I was still breastfeeding Elias until after age 3. So, that look and me aren’t exactly strangers. “What” I asked. She just looked at me a moment longer and choked out “You are Still breastfeeding?” I wanted to say “CLEARLY”…but I didn’t;) I calmly responded “Yep I sure am” Thinking this conversation was over, I jumped back into what we had been talking about…only to be interrupted by this little gem “Do you breastfeeding both of them or just one?” Ok little side note: You might be surprised how often I get asked this question, and I ALWAYS respond with a smile “yes I breastfeed both of my twins” Even though on the inside I’m thinking…’Yeah, why would I only breastfeed one, that is ridiculous that you would even ask such a stupid question’. Back to my friend. I responded “yes I do, blah,blah,blah” I could see her getting more uncomfortable with every word. VERY quickly after I was done talking, wouldn’t you know that she suddenly remember she was ‘late’ for ‘something’. Hmm…really?!

Why is it so hard for ‘OTHERS’ that we breastfeed? This is very troubling to me. A mom can send her 12 year old daughter to school in a outfit that is shocking: no one says a word -a child can be heard yelling and cussing at their parent in the store: no on says a word- But WE quietly cover, or sneak away, words are spoken to us, and lots of them…not always nice either. Celebrities without children are openly giving there negative opinion. Because of this women who breastfeed feel like they aren’t allowed to nursing in public, and if they do they had better be out of site or covered with a black fleece blanket from head to toe. I can just imagine the out burst said celeb would have had if she saw me tandem nursing my twin babies. I ask it again, why is this so true in our society? I don’t have a answer. I have my opinions…People seem to want to have a opinion because they don’t have control of their lives or because they are unhappy, maybe they are uncomfortable about breastfeeding in general…I don’t know it could be so many different things. All I know is that I refuse to let ANYONE make me feel like I am doing something wrong because I have made the choice to breastfeed MY children. I love my children, I want to breastfeed and frankly if ‘sally next door’ is bothered by that, then she has a problem of her own. I will stand my ground and I hope you do too! I hate talking to a young mom who says she really wanted to breastfeed, but she didn’t have any support. Us nursing mom’s need to stick together and share our stories and tips with other mom’s especially new 1st time mama’s. So here’s a challenge: We all have a friend, who is breastfeeding her baby or young child, right. She might be searching for someone to talk to…Toss a little encouragement her way!! Tell her that you are there for her. You will be thrilled with how it makes her feel and how it makes you feel. I know, because I did this recently with a women who goes to my church, it was so wonderful to see her sad face turn to joy! She later told me that she was about ready to give up, and was so happy I spoke up!

Be Happy Breastfeeding – I know I am and that’s what matters!

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How I roll…

I’m Mommy….

and this is how I roll…

I’ve gone through more 60 hours of hard-painful-no med labor (E)

I’ve had a c-section (S&G)

I’ve had 5 missed spinal taps before it worked

I’ve been peed on

I’ve been pooped on

I’ve been puked on

I’ve held screaming twins until they fell asleep

I’ve carried three kids to bed…at the same time

I’ve rocked all my babies to sleep

I’ve stayed up taking care of one or more sick babies

I’ve had toys thrown at me

I’ve had food thrown at me

I’ve rushed to the doctor’s office with a child that needed stitches

I’ve called poison control

I’ve breastfed for the last 5 years

I’ve gone days without a shower

I’ve taking care of 3 little children, while having the flu


I’ve loved everyday of it! I am MOMMY!

For the last almost 6 years I have been called mama! I wouldn’t change it for anything!!

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39

A Beautiful Father’s day

My family:)

Daddy and his boys!

Elias and his Daddy!

Simon and his Daddy!

Gabbi and her Daddy!
Daddy’s little girl!

My best friend!
Abe– You are a FANTASTIC, loving, amazing, and fun husband and father! Our Children are so blessed to have a daddy like you, and the Lord truly blessed me when he put you in my life! You are Elias, Simon & Gabbi’s HERO! They Love you and love spending time playing…or jumping all over their Daddy:) Thank you for being such a amazing Daddy…You are the best one I know, and thank you for being such a amazing husband! I love you SO much!

♫♪The Beauty of Simplicity♫♪
by Telecast
♫♪It’s the beauty of simplicity
that brings me down to my knees
I’ll praise You for eternity
and lord I love You
Because You
You first loved me

It’s the beauty of simplicity
that fills me with eternity
I’ve tasted Your divinity
and, Lord, I love You
Because You
You first loved me

And all God’s people say:
We, we love You
we love You, Lord
we love You
And we, we love You
we love you, Lord
we love You
We love You

It’s the beauty of simplicity
that brings me down to my knees
I’ll praise You for eternity
and, Lord, I love You
Because You
You first loved me

You gave Yourself away
just that I could stay
You took my place in death
and rose that I could say
That You are Holy
and You alone deserve my praise

And all God’s people say:
We, we love You
we love You, Lord
we love You
And we, we love You
we love you, Lord
we love You
We love You ♫♪