The Balancing Act…


With family, kids, homeschooling, Church, and countless other activities we do as mamas it is easy to lose track of us…who we are. How often do you look back at your day and think “hmm I didn’t do one thing on MY to do list” yeah…I know it happens to me all the time too. I cannot tell you how many times after finishing the, schooling, the naps, the cleaning, the re-cleaning ect. I realize that I haven’t even taken a shower. I for one do not want to live like this, I want to take a shower…at least most days. I want to have a thriving relationship with my heavenly Father, I want more than this! How do we as moms find the balance? Here are a few things that work for me!

Get up Early:
I love getting up early! I love when the only noise I can hear is the breathing of my littles! Ideally I would live to be up at least 1.5/2 hours before the kids, but often they hear me and they want to get up too so I usually get 1 hour of time to my self, to relax, to de-stress, to dare I say it…shower!! That one hour gives me the ability to tackle the day, I’m happier and our days are so wonderful! There is nothing worse than a stressed mama to send the day down the drain!

Spend time in the Word:
When I get up early I devote at least 30 minutes reading the bible! I use the YouVersion app and journal passages that the Lord is showing me! After I have finished my reading (usually 4-6 chapters, I pray over my husband, my kids, our home! I cannot tell you what this does in me, in my heart. I am filled with peace, joy and love!

Make a date with a girlfriend:
How many moms really get to sit a visit with their friends and I mean outside of play dates? I think as moms we need that time…we need to be able to share with our friends, to encourage and be encouraged! Make a coffee date, or a shopping date, or how about a gym date!! I think I’ll make a gym date with my BFF!!

Take time to be alone {without feeling guilty}:
I know that the common thought is “I’ll have me time when the kids are in bed” but really let’s be honest here…Every time I plan to paint my nails or take a bath or blog, somebody can’t get to bed or is sick or…well you know what I mean! Not to mention what about The Hubby? When does time with him fit in? So what’s the answer…well for me, my sweet, amazing, gorgeous husband takes the kids shopping or outside to sled or even wrestle in the family room (that’s the kids favorite…nothing like beating up daddy) my hubby gauges what they are going to do based on the type of day I have told him I’ve had…man I love him! Not only does this bless me more than I can express, but the kids get daddy all to themselves and daddy gets to be the hero!

Pop in some headphones:
Try having quite time together (you know that quite time that you tend to need around hmmm 1:00-3:00) Usually when I get to the point where I need a break the kids are needing one too! When that time rolls around we on a DVD and grab some blankets and cuddle on the couch…they settle in to watch their movie and I pop in my headphone and open my YouVersion app on my iPad or iPhone! What I love about this app is that it has audio! So while the kids are engrossed in the movie I am 100% engrossed in my reading! The best part…I am cuddling with my kiddos!! Sometimes quite time even turns into the twins falling asleep! I love those moments!

Go on a date:
Seriously…a real date! Like the kind you get dressed in a dress for…the kind you do beautiful makeup for (not the everyday routine) the kind of date that you go to a restaurant and sit down! After our first son was born we didn’t want to have a babysitter so we did everything together or we would have our in-home date when he was sleeping. Then the twins came along, now there were three little ones we didn’t want to leave. For our 9th wedding anniversary we went on our first date since 2004…about 6 years! I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it was!! We sat in a restaurant at a table without booster seats, we talked, we had a great time! It’s been two years and I can’t tell you how many dates we’ve gone on! The catalyst? My mom! She wanted us to experience time alone together without the kids…she knew just how badly we needed it! She is absolutely amazing! I can call her on friday morning and tell her we just really need some time, her response is always 100% of the time “ok! I’ll be there when I get off work, should I pick up something for dinner!” I am blessed!

Smiles & Blessings

Review – BabiLayers


About Babilayers

Like many working moms, I am constantly looking for ways to make life easier at home. After the birth of my second child, Trey, life at home became busier than ever.
With our new addition to the family, there was no shortage of friends and family wanting to visit to see our new baby. I was worried that baby Trey’s skin might be sensitive to fabrics that people were wearing. I was also concerned about the cleanliness of people’s clothes. Bottom line was that I didn’t want Trey exposed to zippers, germs, allergens, or perfume found on the clothes of the person carrying him.
Unlike my first child, I found Trey frequently spitting up shortly after breast feeding. My husband and I found ourselves constantly changing our clothes, sometimes as much as 10 times in one day. Burp cloths didn’t help much because they constantly would fall off or rarely would help in protecting our clothes from the spontaneous spit up, drool, or vomit.
I needed ‘something’ to protect my baby’s health and skin, while at the same time protect the clothing of whoever was carrying him. That ‘something’ is BabiLayers.”Claire Hsu Gantan,
owner and founder of BabiLayers

What is “Babilayers“?
BabiLayers is an innovative, patent pending, wearable layer of protection designed for today’s modern caregiver. Layers protect your baby from exposure to allergens or germs we all carry on our clothes. It also protects you from baby’s spontaneous drool, spit-up, and throw up.

Made from 100% soft organic cotton with an “extra” layer designed for multiple uses while you’re on the go. Babilayers has a neckline made with soft elastic and can easily be put on and taken off using one hand. A natural coconut button is sewn on the back to easily secure the “extra” layer. Not to mention they come in very cute patterns!

BabiLayers is proudly made in USA. Their organic fabrics and natural dyes are sourced and printed in USA and are compliant with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

My Thoughts!At first glance I knew that Babilayers would be the perfect Baby Shower gift! I thought about the days when our twins were newborns, family was always asking if they could hold the twins…I hated it, I didn’t know what kind of nasty stuff was on their clothing, plus don’t get me started on the family and friends who smoke, we don’t smoke and would prefer our children not to be surrounded by that. I wish I would have had Babilayers…or 2…or 3!!

Now that our twins are older, I really like the Babilayer to protect me…I can’t tell you how many times we are just to head out the door all ready to go when…”Honey! I have to go change, I just got thrown up on”
My adorable Babilayers in Bubbly came at the perfect time, right in the middle of a spring time cold…horrible cough, snot every where, up set tummies…you name it. The Babilayers is awesome. Both my husbands work clothes and my clothes have been perfectly protected!

Yesterday afternoon my little girl fell asleep on me, she wasn’t feeling very good. She not only drooled in her sleep, but her poor little nose was running…it has been so much that it has even bled a little, I hate having a sick baby:( With the Babilayers she was able to cuddle up close to Mama with her face on a ultra soft fabric, and all her ickies landed on the Babilayers not me! Another aspect of the Babilayers that I love is that it’s Organic Cotton! My kiddos all have ultra sensitive skin that becomes VERY irritated when soap is left in fabric, and certain types of fabric…the sometimes end up with hives on their cheeks when they fall asleep on Mama or Daddy. Not so with the Babilayers!!! My six year old son even liked cuddling up to the Babilayers because of how soft it is!! 🙂
All and All this is a wonderful thing to have! I have a few friends that have a new baby and even more who are expecting…even a few are expecting twins, I will for sure be suggesting they get their hands on a few Babilayers!!
I would like to give a Special Thank You to Babilayers for letting me try out and share their fantastic product! Shonte was wonderful to work with and always there! She did a great job, Above and beyond! Thank You Shonte!

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