Review – Flirty Aprons


Between cooking and having twins I swear I don’t have any clean shirts. I can’t tell you how many times we’re running late and I’m scrambling to get dressed, yet unable to find anything that doesn’t have baby ‘something’ or food splatters, grease or something from the kitchen all over the front. Many a favorite shirt has been lost in the kitchen trenches. I’ll be honest I am a messy cook, I can’t help it. I just love creating something that smells and tastes like a dream…I get lost in it.

A few months ago we had arrived home late and of course the kids were hungry. I rushed to the kitchen to start dinner, not even thinking about the fact that I had on a brand new heather grey…adorable might I add, shirt. The pan was too hot and when I placed the chicken in it…SPLATTER all over the front of my adorable shirt. Enough is Enough – I think I need a Apron…a Flirty Apron!!

Flirty Aprons was founded by two married couples: Joseph and Heather Hansen, and Spencer and Jamie Taylor. When the owners initially met they discovered they each had a strong passion for business. They knew that their partnership would be enriched with a variety of skills that would allow them to create a successful and enjoyable business.

Since opening its first mall location in March of 2008, Flirty Aprons has experienced rapid growth. Its products have proved to be extremely popular gift items, and customers continue to find satisfaction in using them. Flirty Aprons plans to continue to expand its operations in 2010 and 2011, and continue to be the leader in providing the most desired aprons on the market.

I’m thrilled that I have been given the opportunity to review and feature Flirty Aprons Marilyn Line! Flirty Aprons sent me none other than the Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron for this review! How fitting huh.

The Marilyn Aprons Feature –
  • Candy Shop Theme
  • Single-Layered
  • Ties in the back
  • One Size Fits Most, 100% Cotton

The Marilyn Aprons come in three adorable styles –

In addition Flirty Aprons have a ton of other cute and stylish aprons…not only for Women, but Men and Children as well!

Have you ever ordered something online, only to find upon it’s arrival that it is not at all what you expected? That’s not at all how I felt when I opened my Flirty Aprons package! I in fact felt the opposite. The Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! It is a single layer of fabric…I personally love this, because it can get hot when you are cooking. The Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron is perfect, you don’t feel like you are wearing some big ol’ bulky apron at the same time your clothes are protected, in a VERY cute way! I love how the Marilyn Line has the Ruffles at the bottom.
My favorite part about my new Sugar n’ Spice Apron is the ribbon embellishment on the pocket!
The bright pink adds just the perfect amount of glamour to this already stunning apron!
Since The Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron came into my life I no longer have ugly grease stains and splatters all over my shirts! The Apron washes very well and stays just as beautiful after every wash.

**I would like to give a big ol’ shout out to Heather Hansen, who has been fantastic and represented her company beautifully! I can see the love Heather has for her business. A BIG Thank You for letting me share with all my readers about your AWESOME line of Marilyn Aprons. 

I know what you’re thinkin…Flirty Aprons would be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift…for your Mom, Mother-in-law, Sister, Friend, or Yourself! Well, guess what – A Little Sugar – n – Spice can help!!

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