When it comes to Makeup, who are you?

The Glamour Girl – You love to wear anything and everything you can get you hands on?

The Dramatic Girl – Red Lips, Dark eyes, Glitter, You love to make a statement?

The Natural Girl – Nothing too bold for you, some blush, eyeliner, mascara and a natural lip stick?

The Hippy Girl – Mascara, a tiny amount of blush, lip gloss, and you are good to go?

We are all different! If only there was something that we could all buy and love!

Wait…THERE IS!!!

What’s BOOM you ask?

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph is an exciting new concept in cosmetics that creates the same glow a woman’s skin generates when she is having fun and turned on to life, never looking made up or artificial. Whether laughing, dancing or romancing, a woman’s circulation revs up with color and shine that BOOMSTICKS! create in one quick and easy application.

The BOOM Mission? “I created BOOM! to celebrate the beauty we, as women, were born with. These products allow your personality and character to come through with the sensual glow of joy. I made them for peers and the young women in our society who look to my generation for inspiration. I want women to know that you don’t have to ‘put on your face’ anymore. You already have one, let it shine.” – Cindy Joseph Products

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to review all three BOOMSTICKS!

BOOMSTICK COLOR is a sheer, moist, universal color for cheeks, eyes, lips, forehead and neck. It’s a lipstick, blush, eye shadow and more. Subtle, creamy, believable color that customizes to all skin tones. All the color you’ll ever need in one easy to use stick. Apply anywhere to accentuate health and vitality.

BOOMSTICK GLO is a clear, 100% organic moisturizer. Developed with a Hawaiian beekeeper, it contains olive oil, beeswax and honey, to protect skin from harmful environmental elements. For eyes, face, hands, neck… anywhere you want protection, moisture and sheen. All moisturizing needs in one convenient stick.

BOOMSTICK GLIMMER gives skin an understated, pearlescent shimmer, day or night. Use it on eyes, lips, cheekbones, shoulders, décolleté or anywhere you want luminous radiance. It’s an eye shadow, highlighter, lipstick and body luster all in one.

I remember the days before I had kids…I could take as long as I wanted to get ready! Now, that is not the case. I get all three kiddos ready, then I get snacks ready…ect. Then I get the left over time. As a busy mom of 3 I like to look put together…even if I am not. BOOMSTICKS is perfect! All I do is swipe Color across my lips and cheeks, Glimmer across my eyelids and cheeks, and Glo on my lips!

glowing with BOOM!

Glo is a must have for me! I love the dewy look it gives me. I will be a summer time favorite!

BOOM! is for all ages, which I love! My mom is almost 70 and loved the BOOMSTICKS. Her birthday is in July and I plan to get her all 3!

If you are a busy mom, grandmother or somewhere in between I highly recommend BOOM!

Review – Belvedere Designs


More than a decade ago my husband and I didn’t have kids, and always said “We will NEVER have a Mini Van!” Well…hmmmm fast-forward 10 years and here we are with three kids and surprise surprise and a Mini Van!! When we first go our Town and Country, I kept thinking ‘there is something missing’ We wanted to make our Mini Van ours…but how??

Have you ever been at a stop light or pulled into a parking spot only to see the car in front of you has stick figure stickers of their family on the back window? I’ve always thought they were just so cute! It’s fun to see how families vary…Daddy, Mommy, and 1 kid, Daddy Mommy and 7 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and a fish, or even Daddy, Mommy and 3 dogs:)

To tell you the truth we never got the stickers because although cute, the stick figure family is just not us. Along came Belvedere Designs
Belvedere Designs specializes in Custom Wall Letters, Vinyl Words & Wall Quotes, Family Stickers, Wall Art, Graphic Design and More!

I was given the opportunity to Review Belvedere Designs car decals! I choose the “FOOTPRINTS” The Stickers came of a vinyl backing to you can place them on your car straight and easily! I was VERY surprised how quickly the footprints were shipped and arrived.

The Sticker were all printed on one long sheet. Then gently rolled for shipping. When they arrived all I had to do was reactivate them (when you get your order you get step by step directions) Because they were print in order of size and on one sheet, it only took about 4 minutes to: Clean and Dry the window, Peel the backing off the stickers, place the stickers where we wanted and rub them on to insure they were sticking all the way, last peel the transfer paper off, and there they are beautiful, straight and perfect…Our family!

Belvedere Designs quality is amazing! The stickers are beautiful and sturdy. I noticed when I put them on the car that the are made out of a nice thick vinyl, not the thin stuff that I have seen that easily tears! The Footprints have only been on our window for a short time, but they have already had to with stand a lot! Hot beaming sun, snow and Rain almost daily. I am pleased that there is ZERO curling or peeling of the stickers. Absolutely NO bubbling either!!

Belvedere Designs share specials and sale pricing on their Facebook Page! They run a monthly photo contest that allows one lucky fan to win a $50.00 gift certificate! Just submit a photo of your wall quote to be entered. It’s just that easy! If you want to stay up on their latest and greatest ideas you should check out Belvedere Designs Blog too. It’s full of great ideas!

Big Thank You to Belvedere Designs! I can’t tell you how impressed we are! I can’t wait to place a order for some special quotes for my children’s rooms!!

This Giveaway is now Closed! I hope you enjoyed the Review!

Would you like to win some Stickers???

One lucky winner will create a family sticker of their own from any of our several categories of family stickers (custom stick figures, footprints, etc.) up to seven figures (including pets). Whooo hooo!!

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The Belvedere Designs Giveaway will run from Wednesday March 30th, 2011 until 12noon pst April 5th, 2011!! The winner will be posted April 5th by 9pm pst!

Good Luck!!

Peekaru Review!

My family loves – I mean really LOVES spending time outside! We live in a beautiful area full of trails, lakes, mountains, so we pretty much can do what ever we want!! It’s great, our older son rides his bike and we carry the twins in carriers…ergo, mei tai, backpack.

Last year, the twins were newborns, so when we wanted to go on a winter walk it was not problem. We would cuddle them close in our Moby wraps and then zip up a coat or sweatshirt over the Moby and they would sleep the whole time! This winter…we that a different story. Their legs hang down and can get easily cold. Boooo! So, sadly we have not been our normal outdoorsy family. Which I hate.

I was thrilled when I found a new product! Have you heard out TogetherBe’s Peekaru? The peekaru is a fleece vest that Mommy or Daddy can easily put on over a baby carrier! There is a baby head hole so the baby can stay totally warm and snuggled, but still able to look around! A must with toddlers.

I jumped at the opportunity to do a product review for TogetherBe!

My Peekaru came to me on one of the coldest days…it was about -18 degrees that morning…ugh.

TogetherBe sent me a beautiful Navy Blue Peekaru…and both my husband and I love it!

The twins stay warm, we get to be outside no matter how cold it is..yay win win!!

Athough, there is a very nice side zipper, I found it to be easier to pull it over my head!

I am wearing Gabbi in a ERGO under my peekaru! It fits perfect! I was VERY cold and she was as warm as could be!!


Extremely soft and cozy

nice long length, and easily covers my toddlers feet

Unisex style, my husband and I can both wear it

After a few washes it is still just as soft as day 1, that isn’t always the case with fleece.

The style makes it so it can be used if you are front caring or back caring


Sizing is a little off. I got a large, and it is actually quite big.

When caring on the back, it is a little tight on the trout. I prefer the front carry.

That’s about it!

So all in all, If you have a family that like to spend time outside all seasons! The peekaru is truly a must have! You’ll love it!
Find Peekaru/TogetherBe on Facebook

Review – GoGreen Pocket Diapers


I’ll be honest, cloth diapering can be expensive and cloth diapering twins is REALLY expensive. I mean come on, $17 – $28 for something that is going to be pooped in?? That is just crazy. When buying cloth diapers, I try to stick to the one size cloth diapers as much as possible, that way they will last until potty training and I will get the most for my buck. Even then we’re looking at $17+ per diaper…ugh!!! Now, I know I am not the only one who feels this way. If I have heard it once I have heard it a dozen times “I CANNOT afford the start up cost to use cloth”. This is just not fair. Recently the twins have out grown 50% of the diapers we have. The still fit the OS cloth dipes we have. Now I am looking to re stash that outgrown 50%…but we just cannot get diapers at $17 bucks a pop. That just isn’t going to happen.

Let me introduce a breath of fresh air…GOGREEN POCKET DIAPERS! They are everything I love!!

One size…Check


Soft absorbent inserts…Check


Great fit on BOTH twins…Check

Cute…Check Check Check!!

But what is the price for this seemingly perfect diaper you might be asking…ok…are you ready??

$8.99 Did you catch that $8.99!! Could it be? Is it true?? YES, my friend it is!!

What I got to try…
I was thrilled to review GoGreen Pocket Diapers. I was given a Pocket Diaper in Crazy Evening print and a set of GoGreen Cloth wipes to try!

At first sight and touch, I knew I was in love! The diaper is bright, soft and oh so cute! But looks aren’t everything are they. After doing a few prep washes to ensure the diaper would absorb as best as possible, then I put the diaper on Simon. The diaper is super stretchy, a fantastic fit over his chunky thighs, and not bulky at all! To put this diaper to the test, Simon aka ‘the heavy wetter’ wore it to bed. I couldn’t wait for him to wake up so I could see how GoGreen Pocket Diapers stood up to my little guy. Wouldn’t you know it, Simon slept in until 9am, so the diaper was worn from 8pm until 9am…NO LEAKING and not pressure marks…this is something that we have a lot with Simon chunky legs!! I was totally shocked, and oh so excited!

GoGreen Pocket Diapers come is tons of cute solids and prints, at their great price you can buy twice as many…darn:)

My Closing thoughts…

If you are looking for a fantastic cloth diaper at a great price, GoGreen Pocket Diapers are what you want! You will not be disappointed. These diapers have sturdy snaps, ultra soft lining, plush inserts and a beautiful silky outside. After a dozen washes the diaper looks brand new, the quality of the GoGreen Cloth Diapers is just as good if not better then my $20. Diapers. GoGreen cloth diaper will be my No. 1 diaper recommendation!! The wipes are fantastic, they are super soft and clean up the worst messes while keeping your baby’s skin protected!  
Additional information about GoGreen Pocket Diapers
1. Shipping is a flate rate of $5.00 per order so you can buy 1 or 25 and not have to worry about the shipping

2. They have a 15 day wash ‘n wear policy, which they describe as…”Use our diapers for two weeks and if you don’t LOVE them by the end of 15 days, send ’em back for a full refund”. That is so great! I can’t imagine someone not loving these diapers, but it is pretty amazing that they offer this!

GoGreen Pocket Diapers have a great fit and are very easy to use, they are incredibly absorbent!

This Giveaway is now Closed! I hope you enjoyed the Review!

Want one?

Eager to try one on your little one? Good! Go Green Pocket Diapers is giving one lucky Sugar N’ Spice winner GoGreen Pocket Diaper gift certificate good for a GoGreen diaper of their choice!
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ALSNS Review – Bambino Balls



It doesn’t matter if you are routing for…that winning Goal, a 3 point shot, a awesome home run, a killer ace, or a much needed touch down. Sports fans are alike and love to show their spirit and love for the game. Could there be a funner way to show your love for the game than having your infant to toddler looking like a little Football, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Tennis Ball or Baseball? Bambio Balls has you covered…well has your baby covered!

What I got…

I received 1 Tennis Ball and 1 Football onesie for the twins! Our Favorites!! If the Seattle Seahawks are playing…were watching! Likewise we are glued to Wimbledon! Gotta love Roger Federer…Did you know he has twin daughters??

When I opened the package I was thrilled. These onesies are so much cuter in person! I couldn’t wait to get the twins in them!! They fit them great! And look at how cute they are!

there is a Basketball, a Soccer Ball, and a Baseball! I want them all!!!

From Bambino Balls: These adorable sports themed baby outfits come in sizes Newborn, Small, Medium and Large. The onesie designs are bright and vibrant, and look just like your favorite sports ball. It’s a great way to dress up your baby or toddler in your favorite sports theme while also sharing your love of the game. This is perfect for all the sports-lovers in your life! Fit Ages: 3-18 months – $12.95
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In addition Bambino Ball is offering a 5% off coupon code: ALSNS

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Winner will be announced at 8:30 pm 11/08/2010


I loves these shirts so much! I think they would make a fantastic gift for any sport fanatic you might know. Perfect for a stocking stuffer!!! Do you have a babyshower you are going to soon? Is the Daddy a die hard fan? Bambino Ball is a perfect choice!!*********************************************

Whoa its been a long summer!!

Yes! I am still here! I have been ultra busy with end of summer events!! We started our Homeschooling year on August 1st, and it is going awesome! This year we are doing a blend theme of Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade. Elias really seems to be more into the 2nd grade stuff, so that has been really fun! The twins are turning 1 in about 3 weeks…so planning, planning and…yep more planning!! Simon has been walking now for about 7-8weeks, so he is a old pro! Gabbi, well she is slowly on her way:) Maybe by their bday…but well see:) We have been preparing for winter, I think I am all stocked up on Wool longies…special thanks to the many moms of twins I have met on this wild ride, of being a mama of twins!!:)
Currently I am working on a few reviews, that I will be posting in the next few days! I have a few in the works as well…oh and they are good:) I hope you are all have a fantastic end of summer!!!