Bible Study & Prayer Journal Printable Freebie {limited time}

CPOver the last month I have a ton of emails asking for specific printables…many of those requests included bible study printables. I love writing notes to my self in journals when I’m studying the bible. The problem is that I end up have 10 different journals. I wanted to create something that could easily go into a basic three-ring binder. What a particularly love about this set is that you only print what you need for each study! For example when doing a bible study such as SheReadsTruth you know from the beginning how many days/week the study lasts! I also reacted prayer request and praise pages! I feel like it is really important to have both. Sometimes we can become…well…hopeless when it come to prayer requests, this is a fallen world we live in and we see it and live it every day. Having the praise page will help us stay grounded when it seems all hope is lost, we can look at all the praises! In fact for me personally this week has been one of those times. ConqI have also included a lovely printable to keep us grounded as well! Romans 8:37-39 something I go back to time and time again. There is so much love, hope and comfort in these verses! We are more than conquerors and NOTHING can separate us from the love of Jesus! {paraphrase and emphasis mine} Before Downloading please SUBSCRIBE!

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A fruitful spirit

I have been living for many years on a roller coaster of emotions…happiness, sadness, extreme anger and hurt, fear, and every other negative emotion. However, It is now 2011 and I refuse to allow this to continue to control my life and emotions for yet another year. This has turned me into a doormat, and made me be afraid of being who I am. I have been seeking God, asking God to help me in this.
The Lord showed me this:

Galatians 5:22-23But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, Patiences, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

As a Christians I have read this many, many times. This time it was different.

Lord Please give me LOVE for those who, knowingly hurt to hurt. Draw them close to you.
Lord give me JOY in every aspect of my life. Help me focus more on the joy not the “I have to do’s”
Give me PEACE, when I feel so unglued, and overwhelmed with life.
Bless me with PATIENCES Lord, when the day has been long.
Lord give me KINDNESS to friends who are seeking me to encourage them.
Bless me with the GOODNESS that I need to train my children in your Word.
Please give me the FAITHFULNESS I need when things seem so hard and out of control.
Bless me with the GENTLENESS of words when talking to my family, Children and friends.
And SELF – CONTROL Lord, help me to have self control when my mind start wondering and I become afraid.