I Scream, You Scream, We Both Scream for…The Roller Coaster

The First “Roller Coaster”!!
Ever since I was tall enough I have loved roller coasters! My husband and my older son want nothing to do with anything like that! You can imagine my surprise when my 3 year olds BEGGED us at the local fair to ride on the little kiddie Roller Coaster!

Ok, it might not look it but this little thing was FAST and it went around the track about 20 times! They were laughing and squealing the whole time! They even put their hands up when they went down the track! It was so cute!

They were so proud when they got off…I’m very proud of my little brave kiddos!

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Camping with Cloth!

Camping with Cloth Diapers!!

We have a camping trip coming up and we are so excited to get out of town for a while!I’m completely unwilling to buy sposies for your camping trip? I have no reason to use anything other than cloth, even if we are camping!! Plus like we want to spend extra money on something we truly don’t even want!

Tips & Tricks
for Camping with Cloth

1. Does your Camp site, Cabin or Location have running water?
If it does your set. If not, consider filling a few
washed out milk jugs with water to wash your dipes.
2. Remember to pack so extra dipes!
You never know when a blowout will happen…or bad weather.
I like to take Prefolds, Fitteds & covers.
I tend not bring AIO, they are thick, harder to clean and dry.
3. Don’t forget a clothes line and clothes pins!
I found mine at the Dollar Tree, or you could just use rope:)
Bring small plastic bags to dispose of soiled wipes.
5. Take a small jar: (like a baby food jar)
with some of your laundry soap.
To wash dirty dipes:

After cleaning/rinsing any soiled diapers,
add your diapers and a very small amount of
laundry soap to the Large zip lock bag.
Add water (add hot if you have hot running water)
until the bag is a 1/4 to 1/2 full. Zip bag closed,
then shake until you can’t shake anymore.
Dump water, and fill it up again!
Do this 2-5 times to act as a rinse cycle.
I try to “rinse” 4-5 times to ensure all soap reside is gone.
This will take less than 10 minutes!!
After your diapers are washed and rinsed,
ring them, then hang them!
I know this is not perfect! But it gets the job done without a washing machine!!
Bonus!! you don’t have to spend money on Icky Disposables..yay!!

Happy Camping!

Aloha Friday & Follow me Friday!!!

Aloha Friday is the day to take it easy, and relax!! Aloha is hosted by Kailani! You can play
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My Question is:
What are your plans for the 4th of July???
My Answer:
We are having a BBQ, kiddie pool, slip n’ slide,
and possible Fireworks….with the twins still so little we haven’t decided!!!:)

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Well it has been a LLOONNGG few weeks! 2 of my sisters were visiting and meeting my twins for the 1st time!!
lisa. me. julie.
I was so much fun, and oh so hectic! We are starting to get back into our regular routine…ahhh it’s so nice!

The Inland Northwest FINALLY has nice weather!! Yay! We actually got to get out the slip n’ slide 2 days in a row…E loved it…the twins are still unsure:) They all love being outside in the beautiful weather!! I’m so excited for more days like this…there is nothing better than a lazy Sunday
with the hubby and kiddos…doing nothing:)