Tot School


{The Twins ~ Simon and Gabriella ~ 40 months}

After a busy month, being sick and just the utter chaos of the Hoilday Season we are back in {well getting there} with tot school! YAY! We are starting out a little slow! This week we are also doing a great mini book advent! {see the post here}The Lovely Letter C!C is for CatC is for CupC is for Carry C is for Cuddle

~Matching Games~”Oh no! The Socks are all mixed up!”

Sock matching fun!

The twins loved this, neither of them like disorder…so this was pretty much perfect. “Pretty Popsicle Stick Patterns”

Gabbi loves making things pretty and this was great for her! She said all the colors before she laid them down! It was so much fun! “Popsicle Stick Matching Maddness”

Si loved making a pile of all the colored sticks and the putting them in color piles, he actually did it over and over and over. He liked saying all the colors too!

Avent Mini Book

Here are 4 great printables I made for Advent! Perfect for little kiddos who need shorter daily lessons!Simply click and save image or drag to desktop!!!





 I would recommend printing on cardstock to make them last longer!! ENJOY!!



This Delicious Croissandwich is my all time favorite quick and easy lunch…ok…it has been known to be our dinner too! 

Yummy Butter Croissant topped with:
Colby Cheese
Roasted Turkey Breast
That’s it
So Delicious!