Makes My Monday

My little loves!

Our Beautiful Drive to Church!
My beautiful tree!

my silly littles

What’s makes my monday? My kids, my family, this beautiful weather! I am so thankful for all the blessings we have! 
What makes your monday?

Wishing everyone and happy and beautiful Thanksgiving!Photobucket

Here and Gone!

January has come and almost gone! Here’s some of what we have been up to!
It’s been a busy one around here. I can’t believe that my little boy is now 5! It seems like I just had him. The twins turned 4 months and are such little people!
All 3 kids totally adore each other! Elias is a fantastic big brother, when the twins wake up and see him it’s all smiles and giggles! Simon and Gabriella cuddle with each other to get to sleep and can often be found holding hands or sitting in their saucers staring at each other smiling and laughing! All 3 watch cartoon together cuddled on the couch: Elmo, Rescue Heroes, & Jacob Two Two are some of their favorites, They love to play together on the floor…its really fun to see!!