Arcade and the Triple T Token!


We ABSOLUTLEY love this book! Not only is it pretty much perfect for my nine year old son, but guys its written by Rashad Jennings former NFL running back and Liberty University alumni, now I realize that may not be as big of a deal for you as it is for my kids, but the Liberty University aspect is HUGE in our house…why? My husband is also a Liberty University alumni and all our children plan to attend!! Not an NFL fan or don’t know much about Liberty University, but still thinking the name Rashad Jennings still sounds familiar? Well, there is a reason why, he was on Dancing with the Stars and won!

From the Publisher:

Eleven-year-old Arcade Livingston has a problem. Several, actually. The Tolley twins, a.k.a. neighborhood bullies, are making Arcade’s move to a new city even harder than it needs to be. They expect him to do their research papers and interactive displays for the sixth-grade career expo’s theme: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Besides doing their work, Arcade doesn’t even know his own answer to that question.

Then at the library—Arcade’s favorite place to chill—a mysterious old woman gives him a golden arcade token that grants him a unique gift. A gift that allows him to time travel between different places including his own future. From sitting in the dugout with Babe Ruth, to hanging on to the back of a bucking bull, to performing life-saving surgery on a dog, Arcade has no shortage of adventure! Together with his older sister, Zoe, Arcade explores life’s biggest thrills and challenges, and the two also have a big mystery to solve. Who is the rightful owner of the incredible Triple T Token that leads to such astounding adventures?

Arcade’s circle of friends begins to widen as the Triple T Token hangs from his neck. Pulsing. Beckoning another adventure. The question for Arcade, Zoe, and their new friends is no longer, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s, “Where will we go next?”

Today I thought it would be fun to have my guy write the review so with out further ado here you go…From my 9yo son Simon: “I really like this book! Arcade is a cool name. Arcade loves the library and one day he meets a mysterious person and gets a cool token like the ones at the arcade but it isn’t for games its magic and takes him to different times and places. Arcade and Zoe do all kinds of really fun cool stuff, and the bullies get put in their place, I like that because I don’t like bullies who push people around. I think you would like this book and your son needs it, if you have a girl she will like it too. I love reading it with my dad. I want to go to Liberty like my dad and Rashad!”

Guys, its like this book was written specifically for him! It has been incredibly difficult to find a book series that is right for our little man but we have now! Fun Fact book 2 comes out right after Simon and his twin sisters birthday!!!

I highly recommend this book to anyone…boys, girls, parents, grandparents…seriously its great!

Thank you to Booklook Bloggers for the opportunity to read and review this book! 

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*My promise to you: I always share my photos that I have taken, not only because I prefer them over stock photos but honestly so you can see that I actually have the book I am reviewing. I want to share my real true thoughts and having the actual book is crucial in doing so.

Heart Health Month Fundraiser


February is Heart Health / Heart Disease Awareness Month. Let be honest here chances are you are someone who has been effected by heart disease or you know someone who has. It’s horrible to watch someone suffer especially a child.

IMG_6822We are blessed and so thankful that our children have not had to spend countless days, months or even years in the hospital, but that is not the case for some of our friends. Two families we know both have sons with extreme heart conditions and have spent most of their lives in the hospital, had countless appointments and surgeries, some good, some not so good. We’ve watched helplessly as their children suffer unable to do anything and SO thankful for the doctors and nurses to are helping.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts Lizatards is not only our fave but they are always giving back! This month in honor of Heart Health they are doing an amazing fundraiser the proceeds will go to the Children’s Heart Institute. When I heard about this Fundraiser I wanted to share it with the world…so that’s what I’m doing! 

Right now you can get this amazing long sleeve burnout {thin yet cozy fabric} for $10 with the proceeds going to families who need it! The Heart with Wings shirt comes in three great colors

Lizatards Heart with Wings Thermal Long Sleeve- Donation
Lizatards Heart with Wings Thermal Long Sleeve- Donation
Lizatards Heart with Wings Thermal Long Sleeve- Donation

This isn’t just a cute shirt, there is actually a very emotional story behind this sweet design. This heart with wings was drawn by Brittany a sweet 14 year old girl who died from a heart condition.

Please help these families by the supporting this amazing cause and the Children’s Heart Institute.

Order your Lizarads Heart with Wings HERE!

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New Leotards ALERT!

We are beyond thrilled to share some of Lizatards newest leotard additions!
Gabbi has been LOVING both of these leotards (even though she’s been sick she has been wearing them daily!)

First up is this FERCE leo!


It’s a Jungle Leotard is covered in the coolest lions you’ll ever see! The gorgeous shades of pinks, purples and reds make this leotard an absolutely show stopper! I’m sure this will be a favorite in the summer with jean shorts!

Next up is this whimsical leotard!


Unicorn Leotard (in Lilac) This leotard is life to Gabbi…unicorns, rainbows, hearts AND it purple! What?! It’s like all her favorite things rolled into one! Again, this will definitely be worn with shorts in the summer! This beautiful leotard is also available two other colors: mint and black! We definitely plan to get Gabbi them!

Once again Lizatards didn’t disappoint…in fact they hit it out of the park with these leotards!

When ordering leotards: Always remember to reference the sizing chart and make sure you know your gymnasts torso measurements to ensure the right fit!

Want to save a some $$$ use code: gabbi10off

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Onnit Battle Rope!

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OBRBA new year calls for new workouts! If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know my love for workouts, and friends, I LOVE my Onnit Royal Battle Rope {50ft. -1.5 in. thick}

From the first time my husband and I used it we were in love with this rope! If you have ever done a High-intensity interval training {HIIT} workout then you know that 30 seconds isn’t a quick as it seems. Add a Battle Rope into the mix and whoa…30 seconds is taken to an entirely different level, talk about a hardcore, body transforming workout!

Never heard of “Battle Ropes”? That’s ok, I got you!

What’s a Battle Rope?

A battle rope is simply a length Onnit Battle Ropes are 40 -50 feet in length and between 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter and weighing up to about 30lbs.

How to use a Battle Rope:

Onnit Battle Ropes are 40 and 50 ft. There are a few ways to use Battle Ropes:OBRAN

  • Battle Rope {Common use}: Attached/wrap the center of the rope around a secure anchor point {like a basketball pole for example} Then stretch out the rope and hold on the handles and you are good to go!ONBR
  • With a Partner: You and your partner each hold on to one handle, stretch rope out {this will result in you and your partner being 50ft apart} and begin workout!
  • Pull Through: Leave the rope coiled up with one handle visible, pull until you reach the other end of the rope

Battle ropes exercises are then done by lifting the end of the rope and making whipping motions {this look like waves} or dragging the ropes back and forth {this looks like slithering snakes} around. The goal is to maintain these movements for as long as possible…it’s hard…but it IS a lot of fun! Check out the Onnit video below!

Benefits of a Battle Rope Workout:

Battle Ropes are great for all fitness levels and they are considered low impact, so really anyone can use them! Because Battle Rope training involves non-stop full body training, you engage everything – arms, legs and core for an amazing calorie torching, fat burning sweaty workout!ONBRA

What I LOVE about Onnit:

  • Fast Workouts {15-20 minute workouts will kick your butt!}
  • Workout with a Partner {My husband and I LOVE workout together! Onnit Battle Ropes take it to a whole new level!}
  • Great Cardio Workout
  • Mix Up your Workouts…NEVER get Board Again!
  • Torch TONS of Calories FAST {300-500 calories per HALF HOUR!!! WHOA!}
  • Build Muscle And Burn Fat Simultaneously
  • Take Battle Ropes ANYWHERE {the biggest ropes are only about 30 lbs.}
  • Awesome Strength Training
  • Build Amazing Endurance

ONBRBWhen my Onnit Royal Battle Rope arrived I was beyond excited! Not only is this rope just amazing…it’s really pretty…sadly it isn’t available in purple any more, however, there is black and gray, black and yellow and black and red!

Do you have a battle rope but you just aren’t sure what to do with it? Here’s an example of the kind of battle ropes workout you could put yourself through. This workout uses the principles of interval training for producing maximum fat loss. Each interval below is performed 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Adjust the intervals to suit your needs as appropriate.

Some of our favorite Battle Rope workouts:


  • Double waves: keep a wave in the rope for as long as possible
  • Double rope slams: lift the rope high and slam it down to create as big a wave as possible
  • Moguls: jump side to side to create horizontal waves
  • Jump slams:  jump up and down to wave and slam
  • Crossovers: horizontal waves while crossing arms

They are also great for Gymnasts! We sometimes wrap it {SAFELY} around a garage truss and she uses it to climb…and swing…so do her brothers!!

I highly recommend the Onnit Battle Rope to anyone who wants to gain stamina, do a fun and intense workout, or just simply looking to switch things up in their daily workout!

Buy it HERE!

Special Thank You to Jennifer at Onnit for providing me with this amazing Battle Rope!!

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Shopping and Making an Impact!

I have mentioned so many times about our love for  Lizatards! We not only love the quality and selection of their leotards but who they are! You may remember the California Fundraiser leotards from the end of last year, the proceeds from those leotards went to the families that had been devastated by the horrible fires!! How amazing right?!? Lizatards does more than that…

Everyone who shops at  Lizatards is helping them donate to the Children’s Heart Institute, and a local YMCA Gymnastics Center to benefit the gymnastics programs, averaging $2500-$4000 a year!!!

Lizatards also supports different non-profit organizations.

Fun fact! When you buy a Medal Hangers you are actually helping benefit Rise Up Industries, which is a non-profit organization that provides: job training, counseling and programs to formerly gang involved individuals and at-risk individuals! How awesome is that!

Lizatards 'Gymnast' Medal Rack Hanger- Black, Blue, Purple or Pink

If you been wanting to get your gymnast a Medal Hanger please consider getting one from Lizatards!!

You can read more about Rise Up Industries HERE

Over the last year and a half our daughter Gabbi has been an ambassador for this amazing company! We love the leotards, the people, the friends we’ve made and of course the giving back! Big News!! Lizatards will be announcing new 2019 Lizatards Ambassadors in the next few months. If your gymnast is social, loves posting and likes free leos you might be right! Lizatards will be picking our Ambassadors at the beginning of February, so head over to

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NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible

The Biblical Theology Study Bible is an absolutely wonderful study bible! This is exactly what I have been looking for  as I read through the bible, I especially love detailed verse by verse commentaries of this bible.


Lets address the elephant in the room I’ve seen a lot of negativity surround the size of this bible. In a world where you can hold a entire bible in the palm of your hand I would have to agree that yes this big it huge, yes it is heavy, however I do not agree that the size makes it difficult to use or take to church or bible studies, in fact my husband and I take this bible to church every Sunday and would recommend taking it to anyone who has this bible!


I personally love that there are over 20,000 commentary notes in this study bible! This is so important to me especially when I read a passage that is hard to understand or confusing. Along with the commentary there is wonderful concordance that is more detailed than than any other study bible I’ve ever had!

As with any study bible there are full color charts and the maps. These Charts really bring the bible alive. Some of the charts inlcude: The Lord’s Appointed Festivals, Stages in Israel’s Journey, Character Traits in Proverbs, Timeline of Prophets, New Testament Chronology, The Twelve Apostles and Parables of Jesus.
I recommend the Biblical Theology Study Bible to anyone who wants to study the bible more in-depth.


Marvel at the big story; savor each detail

Biblical Theology allows you to ponder the individual stories and themes of Scripture while observing how they all fit together in God’s grand biblical narrative.

With three articles introducing Biblical theology and 25 articles unpacking key themes of Scripture, the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible equips you to follow the progressive unfolding of God’s story. Helpful introductions to books and sections of the Bible combined with 20,000 verse-by-verse study notes will guide you to a clearer understanding of every portion of Scripture. Previously published as NIV Zondervan Study Bible | The full text of the New International Version (NIV), the most widely read Bible translation in contemporary English, trusted for its combination of accuracy, readability, and beauty | 28 theologically rich articles by authors such as Tim Keller and Kevin DeYoung | 20,000 verse-by-verse study notes | Hundreds of full-color photos, more than 90 maps, and over 60 charts | Comprehensive book introductions | Over 60 trusted contributors | Cross-references and the NIV Comprehensive Concordance | Single-column, black letter edition | Two ribbon markers | Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface | 9.1-point print size

ISBN-10: 0310450403

ISBN-13: 978-0310450405

Please Note: The NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible was previously published as the NIV Zondervan Study Bible. Study notes and content are the same. Updates include: the new Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface; a new three-column layout; hundreds of pages thinner and more visually appealing.

Thank you to Booklook Bloggers for the opportunity to read and review this book! 

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*My promise to you: I always share my photos that I have taken, not only because I prefer them over stock photos but honestly so you can see that I actually have the book I am reviewing. I want to share my real true thoughts and having the actual book is crucial in doing so.

Garb Inc. Jr. Golf Apparel!


Do you have a Junior Golfer? If you do then you need visit Garb Inc! We are absolutely loving this brand! We first got introduced to Garb in July 2018 and since then Simon has loved everything he has from them!


Garb Inc is the original junior golf apparel brand, founded 1996 and currently one of VERY few companies that cater to junior golfers but I’ll tell you what in our opinion Garb defiantly leads the pack!

garb3At PGA camp many of the other parents asked about Simon’s clothing. They loved that he look like a miniature golfer, not just a kid wearing shorts and a polo {their words} none of them felt their children looked put together enough for PGA camp. They all commented on the fabric of Simons polo and pullover! Of course I led them all to the Garb Inc website!

Lets talk quality because it is AWESOME! I cannot tell you how many times I have washed his Garb clothes, especially the shorts and pull over! All items look like they just arrived from Garb. No pilling, snagging, ripping or fading {that isn’t the case with some other Golf Polos he got at the same time} Oh and the shorts can be used a swim trunks…Simon’s favorite in fact!


Pictured: Corey Boys Golf Hat Dalton Hybrid Golf/Swim ShortsRobbie Boys Polo | Matthew Boys Pullover

garb4I highly recommend Garb Inc if you are looking for some fashionable, function and great quality Golf gear for your little golfer! There is some amazing girls golf apparel too!




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