These shoes are made for walking…

I know it may seem SO incredibly basic but walking is one of my all time favorite workouts! My husband and I go on nightly walks together and we love it, we talk about the day, up coming plans and our kiddos. We walk about 2.5 miles every night and its fantastic and we love it! I always try to encourage my friends who are trying to get into a workout habit to start walking! Plus, you don’t have to buy any special equipment!

I was beyond thrilled to find this awesome Bowflex 30 Walking Challenge! This makes it so easy to get into the habit of walking! Happy walking my friends!

30 Day Walking Workout Chart

If you haven’t already subscribed please do! I want to know how you are doing throughout the month!

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30 Day Challenge Printable Pack {FREE}

Oops!! This post was scheduled for July 1st {and the Gettin Fit with Brit announcement}, clearly that didn’t happen. Instead of waiting until August I decided to go ahead and post any way!

If you are thinking that this looks familiar you are right two years ago I started the 30 Day Challenge printable to help me and many other busy moms {and dad} have a clearly printed workout schedule. This is a revival and there will be additions coming soon!

30 Day Challenge Pack

Unfortunately over the last 18 months there have been many personal ups and downs and I totally and completely lost my momentum and encouragement. I have gain 15lbs  and ENOUGH is ENOUGH, I do not feel good about my self at all…not just appearance but motivation and energy. Please Join me in these 30 Challenges! I will post bi-weekly updates!

Each challenge starts at with minimal repetitions on day 1 and increases daily. For advanced more reps can be added to each day or do each challenge twice, once in the morning and once in the evening making each challenge more advanced.

Included in each 30 day challenge printable packet:

  • Squat Challenge
  • Torso Twist Challenge
  • Crunch Challenge
  • Plank Challenge
  • Bicep Curl Challenge
  • Donkey Kick Challenge
  • Jumping Jack Challenge
  • Burpee Challenge
  • Kettlebell Swing Challenge
  • Mountain Climber Challenge
  • Tricep Kickback Challenge
  • Push-up Challenge
  • Hydration Challenge
  • 10,000 Steps Challenge
  • Weight Loss Tracker

One of the things that I really love about this packet is that it is so easy to customize! Print the whole pack or just a few pages! Each page is colorful and easy to read! The pages can be printed and put on a bulletin board or in a binder OR since it is in pdf format you can just keep it on your desktop, tablet or phone and open it when needed {ibooks is great!}

Subscribe now to The Life in Bloom and DOWNLOAD the 30 Day Challenge packet for FREE for the month of March 

unnamed-2 copy

Reader Questions:

Rhonda: Q: “So where did the idea for this packet come from?”

Brit: A: “I created this printable pack for my self because I felt like I was so busy all the time and I just wanted something that was fairly hardcore {meaning cover all or as many muscle groups as possible!} Plus get cardio, steps and water consumption!”

Sandy: Q: “Was this created for a particular age or fitness level?

Brit:: A: “No! This is for all ages and fitness levels. So far this pack it has been a hit college students and busy moms {and dads} on the go! It’s also perfect for those who spend a lot of time in the office or traveling, just print out the entire packet {or the workout you want to do} put it in a folder and take it everywhere you go! Each exercise is extremely easy to do on the go with minimal equipment!”

Danielle: Q: “What size of Dumbbells should I use?”

Brit: A: “Great question! You need to use what you are comfortable with! If you use 5 lb dumbbells stick to those {or the weight you use} and increase when you feel comfortable. Don’t increase until you are ready to prevent injury”

Carly: Q: “I’ve never used a Kettlebell before, what weight would you recommend?”

Brit: A: “If you have never used a kettlebell I personally recommend starting with a lighter one. The weight in Kettlebells is distributed quite a bit different then how it is in  dumbbells. So to prevent injury I would suggest starting with a 5lb or 10lb and work your way up to a heavier one. I recommend the Tone Fitness set this is a GREAT starter set and includes 3 kettlebells {5lb, 10lb, 15lb}”
I really hope you all enjoy this principle packed so much and if you have any suggestions for workouts to be added to this pack please let me know either comment or email me! I’d love to hear from you!

unnamed-3 copy

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Gettin Fit with Brit is BACK!!

Over the last year my Gettin Fit with Brit series kind of dwindle off…life got crazy and busy. Since January of this year I have received 1000’s {yes thousands} of emails, tweets, messages and texts asking me to “PLEASE bring back Gettin Fit with Brit”! To be honest the messages where quite humbling and touching! To know that I have given support to countless women around the world has overwhelmed me with emotion! After great struggle with my own weight and fitness I want all of you to know that Gettin Fit with Brit is BACK! Starting tomorrow I will be posting regularly!

Thank you to each and every one of you who sent me emails it means so much to me and has been the motivation that I needed! ❤

I have a bunch of new fun ideas and challenges I can’t wait to work on!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXO see you tomorrow!

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Rock Your Hair 20% off sale!

Want great hair that smells great? Then take advantage this Rock Your Hair AMAZING deal! HURRY because this sale ends JULY 5th at 11:59!


Ready to tame fly-aways? Rock Your Hair has partnered  Annie LeBlanc and created the brand-new Annie R♥CKS Cheer, Dance & Gymnastics Gel!!! Now get a flake-free hold that will last all day. Great for slick backs, braids and buns. Use on dry or damp hair. We cannot wait to get ours!

Don’t forget to some Rock Swag but hurry sizes and quantities are limited!


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Dippin Daisy’s Swimwear


Sun, swimming and fun! That’s what’s summer is all about…oh and of course cute swim wear right?!! When you have a little girl who loves to change her bathing suit three or four times an afternoon you quickly learn that not all swimwear is created the same. We have searched high and low for the perfect bathing suit for Gabbi that can withstand constant pulling, tugging, being washed multiple times a week, going in the pool and lake and withstand wrestling with her brothers, all while being cute!

Enter Dippin Daisy’s!!

Last month Gabbi got these two ADORABLE bikinis from Dippin Daisy’s


This is the Leopard Purple Sequin Bikini with Fringe. This is the most gorgeous bikini ever!

4321G wears it all the time…it doesn’t even have to be hot out {we live in PNW so it could be 100 one day then 50 the next} She wears it when she reads, when she practices gymnastics, watching movie…seriously all the time! The purple sequin bottoms and triangle top are made from the cutest sequin fabric, its lined so its super comfy and NOT one single sequin has come off this bikini! The fringe is the cute pinky, purple, coraly leopard fabric!

There are multiple different colors of this Fringe Bikini and guess what?! They are currently on sale for $29.99!!! We love this one too!

Girl's Light Blue Sequin Triangle Bikini with Fuchsia Fringe - Dippin' Daisy's Swimwear
  Star Bow Bandeau Bikini is just the cutest!
IMG_1016The giant red bow top and blue and white star bottoms makes for the perfect 4th of July Bikini! Star Bow Bandeau Bikini is very well made, comfortable, dries fast and the colors don’t bleed! The top is tube top style made in the same blue and white star fabric with a beautiful red bow attached to it with a red halter top tie, the bottoms are higher waisted and full coverage on the bottom. This bikini will sure to become a summer staple for any all american cutie!

This cutie comes in a bunch of other colors and they are on SALE for $34.99! We also love this one!

Girl's Aqua Chevron with Pink Bow Bandeau Bikini - Dippin' Daisy's Swimwear

I love that Dippin Daisy’s is not just pretty, but extremely well made! We have had bathing suits in the past that are so lovely but after a few days of swimming, running and playing they it’s starting fall apart, fading or the dye starts to bleeding (ugh, one of my biggest pet peeves!)

Gabbi has played in the pool, done the slip n slide (a ton), she has done tumbling in it, played tag and wrestled with her very rough brothers in these bikinis and they both still look pristine!

Bikini’s not your thing? No worries! Dippin Daisy’s has a ton one piece bathing suits as well! Look at how adorable this one is!! We love it!

Girl's Mint Fringed Multi Zigzag One Piece - Dippin' Daisy's Swimwear

Dippin Daisy’s is not just children’s swimwear, their women’s line is equally gorgeous!

Head over to Dippin Daisy’s and see all the gorgeous swimwear they carry {both girls and women}

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I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Dippin Daisy’s for sending Gabbi these adorable bikinis!

*Although Dippin Daisy’s did send me these items to feature I was not compensated for this post or required/ persuaded to give a positive review.

All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. 

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Gym Fox in a Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE them, whats not to like? It comes right to your home! Pretty much anything you can think of has a subscription box. Have you heard of Gym Fox in a Box? They are the coolest and are specifically for gymnasts, Gym Fox in a boxes ships a new leotard and other goodies right to you every month! A new leotard delivered directly to your home, who doesn’t love that? After getting our first box, Gym Fox in a Box has become our newest obsession! I’m sure it will become yours as well.


Last week Gabbi’s first ever Gym Fox in a Box arrived! It comes in a white box and is personalized with your daughter’s name! Gabbi was so excited when she saw the “Gabriella” on the package! I love that they personalize like that, it really made Gabbi feel so special. Not only is the box personalized but the leotard is hand selected for your gymnast! After selecting your subscription plan {more details will be below} you are emailed a survey asking all about your daughters style, color preferences, size and more! It worked like a charm Gabbi LOVES her leotard that the awesome Gym Fox in a Box team selected for her!
This months box had adorable Gym Fox in a Box branded sunglasses, ABOUTTIME Protein Pancake mix in chocolate chip {Gabbi’s all time favorite!} and Gabbi’s had this GORGEOUS Motionwear open back Leotard in all her favorite colors! Each box is unique so one of Gabbi’s friends received a GK leo in her box while another received a Foxy’s Leo on her box, this makes it so much fun {they love to see who got what!} If you have two {or more} little gymnasts with different preferences Gym Fox in a Box would be perfect, no compromising personality with this box!


This is Gabbi’s first ever Motionwear leotard and we are totally in love! Motionwear defiantly specializes in open back leotards and its no wonder just look that this back!


Gabbi says that this leotard is “so soft and so comfy” plus it has the most gorgeous sparkle to it! Honestly I cannot believe we have over looked Motionwear for this long! Thanks to Gym Fox we may have a new favorite brand! 🙂
Abouttime pancakes mixes are SO good! They never disappoint! I love that Gym Fox in a Box included this. With how much time Gabbi and so many other gymnast spend at the gym and conditioning this was a perfect and much appreciated fit!
The sunglasses are so cute and REALLY good quality!
We just love Gym Fox in a Box! The anticipation each month of whats going to be inside is like Christmas!
You’re intrigued aren’t you? You want to order don’t you? I don’t blame you, Gym Fox in a Box is awesome!GFIB2

Here’s How It Works:

1. Subscribe online for either 3, 6 or 12 boxes (auto-charged once a month and shipped every 4 weeks).

2. You’ll tell us your style, sizing, and preferences on the survey link you see after payment.

3. Receive your very own, specially packaged Gym Fox in a Box in the mail every month!

It’s that simple.

TRES LEOS – 3 Box Subscription

3 customized leo boxes (with extra goodies in each box), delivered right to your door (or your athlete’s door!) every 4 weeks!

$39.99 per box + plus shipping


6 customized, name-brand leotard boxes (with extra goodies in each box), delivered right to your door (or your athlete’s door!) every 4 weeks!

$36.99 per box + plus shipping

The best deal!

12 customized, name-brand leotard boxes (with extra goodies in each box), delivered right to your door (or your athlete’s door) every 4 weeks!

$32.99 per box + plus shipping

Have questions? Check out their FAQ page

Gym Fox in a Box has awesome partners like:

Foxy's Leotards
Rebecca Morse
About Time
Visit Gym Fox in a Box now to get yours today!

*Although Gym Fox in a Box did send me a complimentary box to feature I was not compensated for this post or required to give a positive review.  

All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. 

 Huge Thank you to Kim at Gym Fox in a Box!

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