Early Morning + Summer Workout


These hot summer days can make it extremely difficult to get a workout in, especially if you workout at home and not a gym! Heat is so exhausting and can stop you in your tracks even if you have the best intentions.

If you have been plagued with the “too damn hot” summer woes then her are a few tips that might help!

EARLY morning!
If you are not a morning person then I know you just cringed! I used to HATE getting up early. I used to tell people I’d “NEVER” be a morning person! I used to dread morning workouts. Then one day my husband and I decided that we needed some more time together. With all the kids activities and our busy schedule we were in desperate need of us time! I mean time to talk not fall asleep on the coach (I know you know what I mean). We decided to start getting up at 5:45 to do a morning 2 mile walk. We loved it from day one and surprisingly within a few days I was a morning person. We now get up at 5am six days a week and have zero regrets! The first Saturday we got up at 5 was amazing! By 9am we had done a 5k, did outdoor painting, did our weekly shopping trip, went to Starbucks and cleaned the pool!

Not sold on early? No worries the workout below is the perfect “wake up” workout! You can do it anywhere (so if you travel it’s great) and you can do it according to your schedule!


Want to be extra challenged?
Complete the workout 3-6x
Do the workout as fast as you can with short breaks between each set.

You can also write down how fast you do each set and try to beat your time each day!

It’s summer so be sure you STAY HYDRATED! I recommend this Hydro Flask! It’s amazing and keeps water icy cold all day long even in the hot sun.

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Who runs the world? Girls!

NEW-CIRCLE-LOGO-2015-FIPFlex it Pink is gearing up for another virtual 5k/10k race!!! Ok I realize you might be thinking “what the heck is a virtual race??” I think think this will really help answer that…

If you are not familiar with Flex it Pink or the lovely ladies behind it, you need to get aquatinted! F.i. P is one of my all time favorite fitness companies EVER! Anna & Elisha are AMAZING and are devoted to having a community full of education and HUGE support! F.i.P is more than just virtual races there is a SHOP full of awesome gear, RECIPESWORKOUTS, a CALENDAR with up coming events, there is even a FORUM and BLOG. Plus if you aren’t following F.i.P you need to be…

Insta accounts @Flex it Pink  @elishavfitness @annasfitlife

About the Girls run the World race!

  • Between April 24th – May 1st you can complete either a 5k or 10k how ever you want…run, walk, skip, crawl or roll…really how ever you want!
  • Geta Girls Run the World Tank Top/Medal Pack for $31. {pre order, I believe the price will go up to $35 in a few days} The medals from F.i.P are very high quality and sturdy! tanks-girls-600x600


Please consider join the race not only for yourself but for the girl on the run!

Psst….my favorite hoodie is on sale right now

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.04.13 PM copy

it comes in neon pink or neon yellow! Get it here!

*I am not affiliated with Flex it Pink {although I wish I was} I was in no way compensated for this post and I payed for all of my F.i.P gear out of pocket.

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