Cave Tools Silicone Burger Press!

Yesterday we used our brand new burger press from Cave Tools and I’m excited to tell you all about it!

My oldest sons favorite food is hamburgers and since it was his 13th birthday it was the perfect opportunity to try out this fun new kitchen gadget!

cave1About: The silicone burger press makes six square patties, it has a build in dimple so the burgers cook evenly, can be put freezer and is dishwasher safe…and…its $9.99!!!!!

The burger press is quite easy to use. I just popped some ground beef in the mold, put the lid on and pressed then placed in the freezer until it was time to cook.

These burger cooked great from frozen, cooked evenly and tasted great! I wish I would have gotten some pictures of the burgers after they cooked but with the excitement of a birthday party and lots of guests it didn’t happen.


Need more than 6 patties? It’s super easy. Make the first initial six patties and freeze them for about an hour, remove the patties and place parchment paper between them and store in the freezer safe container, then the burger press is ready to use again. This will be perfect for summer entertaining.

So we have tried ground beef, ground turkey and ground chicken. I will be trying out barley burgers too!


The burger press would be an awesome addition to anyone who loves to grill or who camps a lot, we will defiantly be taking this in camping trips. This will make a great Father’s Day gift for Dad or Grandpa!

Interested in getting one? Grab yours here! Visit Cave Tools and check out all their great products use code BURGER15 for a 15% off your order! Happy grilling!

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TNT Force Cheer by Dana Burkey

Looking for an amazing book series for your daughter or yourself? Look no further than TNT Force Cheer by Dana Burkey!

So, there are two types Cheerleading, one is Friday night football, pom poms & pleated skirts. The other is full of human pyramids, flips and flyers, known as competitive cheer.

Competitive Cheer is the setting for TNT Force Cheer and follows Max Turner a 12-year-old tom boy. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll stop there 🙂

The series is geared towards tweenagers around the same age as Max {however the books are fully enjoyed by an older and younger audience} Dana Burkey writes with age-appropriate language which I absolutely love and appreciated as a mother!

I feel like this would be a perfect series for readers in grades 4-8 but it is not limited to that age group, my 2nd grader and I love the first book and cannot wait to read the rest!

Not involved in competitive cheer? No worries you are sure to enjoy this series, but be prepared because you just might fall in love with the sport and want to join!

Peeked you interest? Well let me entice you a little more! Right now Book 1-4 of the TNT Force Cheer series are FREE on Kindle!! Yes Free! HURRY it ends today 8/3/17

Book One:

Get yours HERE! Be sure to check out Dana’s other books too!

About the author…my sweet friend Dana Burkey

is a self-published author living in Washington State. Although she is from Ohio, she has been enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest for the last 7 years. Before moving to Washington, Burkey attended college in Ohio where she majored in theater with a minor in creative writing. Burkey works full with in camping, spending her days with K-5th graders. She began self-publishing her YA romance novels in August of 2014, hoping to write stories that can be enjoyed by YA readers of any age. Her books feature a lack of swearing, drinking, and sex, in an effort to allow younger readers to connect with her stories without bad influences. Burkey is currently working on a few projects, which she is looking forward to sharing with readers soon!

Bow image above by Bows by April 

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