My Atkins Journey {Update, Meal Bars and staying on track! }

So here we are about one month into my Atkins journey! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way my body has changed the way my eating habits have changed and my overall energy and fitness level!! As of November 30 I have lost 22 pounds! I seriously couldn’t be more giddy 🙂

During my time on I can I’ve learned that one of the most important things is staying on track with my eating especially with my snacking! Case in point, my husband and I have a tradition with our children of black Friday shopping. We don’t get up super early or anything but we like to go after the stores I’ve been open for a few hours (I’m talking the 5am openings NOT the midnight…we like to sleep!) we like to go see what deals we can get.

For the last six years our first stop has been the same store it is our all-time favorite store that one of the main reasons that we go on Black Friday is because they have free donuts, coffee and juice. Every year we look forward to the yummy donuts but not this year. The kiddos did have donuts and juice but my husband and I packed our Atkins Meal bars I have one of my faves chocolate Chip granola and he had a mudslide! And just in case we were out later than expected we each brought along a yummy dark chocolate royale shake!

Have you tried the Atkins meal bars?? Oh my goodness you need to! These bars are amazing every single one…yes I have tried ALL of them and they are GREAT! There a lot of ‘diet’ bars, or ‘meal replacement’ bars and honestly I have hated every agile one of tried…they often taste like tree bark or nothing and are so chewy my jaw physically cannot take it! That is so not the case with the Atkins Bars! The are two kinds the larger meal bars that are oh so yummy and very filling and the snack bars that are equally and yummy just in a smaller snack size!

So, November has come and is now gone and I was able to stay right on track and eat the carbs and calories that I needed to maintain my steady weight loss as well as actually lose weight. Now it’s December… and December 1 is our wedding anniversary!! Every year my husband takes a weeklong vacation. Usually it’s a staycation but this year my amazing hubby decided to surprise the whole family an amazing ocean vacation!! Awesome right!? But here’s the thing this means that our family is going to spend about 80 hours in the car driving to the coast and stopping along the way at various landmarks, museums and so on. The concern? Staying on track while were away from home. “Gotta stay on track” has been swirling around in my head for the last two weeks. Am I worried? No! absolutely not because Atkins has the most amazing line of shakes, frozen meals and my absolute favorite meal bars and snack bars! We leave in a few days for vacation and my husband and I have already packed up a whole lotta Atkins deliciousness!

Staying on track is not something that just ‘happens’ it’s something that I have to work at and plan for! For instance last week my mom and I went last-minute thanksgiving shopping. I know her, she ALWAYS get starving and ends up wanting to eat at a fast food place…in the past I would have been totally down…now not so much. So I planned ahead and threw a meal bar, snack bar and a shake in my purse (I packed that much because shopping with my mom can easily turn into an all day extravaganza!)

Here are a few tips and tricks that have helped me stay on track!

Plan Ahead:

Look ahead and your schedule and pack yourself some shakes or bars accordingly. Does your daughters ballet class take place during lunch time? Need a snack after the gym? Do you always have a long wait at the doctor’s office? By simply grabbing a few bars and shakes you will find it less likely to even be tempted to hit he drive thru or pizza place!

Toss a few meal bars & snack bars in your glove box:

When was the last time that you wanted to quickly hit a store to pick up something only to find out that the store across town has what you are looking for. Or my all time favorite getting stuck on the mountain pass because of heavy snow fall (this is a very common occurrence in the Pacific Northwest) When you have a Atkins stash in the car you will know that you will ALWAYS be on track! Oh but don’t forget to restock!! 🙂

Know yourself:

If you know that every single day at noon you want a candy bar or Starbucks then make sure you have meal bars and shakes. At first glance you may feel like that will not suffice, but I promise you it really will!

More is always better:

You know the saying “less is more” well that is just not the case when it comes to being prepare! I didn’t used to feel this way until about 3 weeks ago when my hubby and I decided to take the kids on a hike up a local mountain. It started out great, we passed a few people who told us we were almost to the summit…we after almost 4 hours I beg to differ. Our quick family hike turned into a horrific 7 hour nightmare…pain, thirst, hunger and the tears oh the tears! I had packed a little bag of small snacks and one bottle of water ONE! Since then my husband ALWAYS wears a backpack on our hikes FULL of Atkins and stuff for the kiddos. We pack as fit we are going to be stuck in the wood for 7 hours because…we’ll it could happen!

So there you have it…in an extremely large nutshell 😉

How do you stay on track when you are on the go? I’d love to hear!

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