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Every 19 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer | JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Four years ago Zumba launched the Party in Pink™ charity campaign in the fight against breast cancer. Since then, together with Zumba® Instructors and fans, they have raised over $4 million (us) worldwide!!!! Amazing right!? Last year they took it to the next level and work towards preventing breast cancer before it starts with the Zumba® Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention. This year they are doing it again!

How to get involved!

Attend a local ZUMBATHON event! 

Find a PARTY IN PINK™ Zumbathon near you HERE!!

Attend a Party in Pink™ Zumbathon® charity event between August 1 and October 31, 2014. This year’s goal is US$1 million, and all funds you donate will go to the Zumba® Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention. That means 75% of ticket fees from any Party in Pink™Zumbathon® charity event you attend will go directly toward breast cancer prevention research, with absolutely no administration fees from Susan G. Komen or Zumba.

Shop 2014 PARTY IN PINK™ Zumba Gear! 

Even if you aren’t planning on going to a PARTY IN PINK™ event you can still grab some cute Zumba gear and support something that means so much!



Get  you gear HERE!

30% of all Party in Pink™ Zumba® wear merchandise sold will be donated to the Zumba® Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention.


Share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and twitter! Post all your Pink Zumba Gear, Classes, fun and Zumba Friends using hashtag #PARTYINPINK! Let’s make this movement even bigger! pip_power_share

Breast Cancer support and research has always been very important to me, my aunt battled breast cancer more than a decade ago and kicked its butt. I know that is not always the case and have very close friends who have lost their moms, sisters, and friends. It NEVER gets easy to lose a friend or see my friends lose loved ones.

Things always happen for a reason and sometimes in funny little ways. On Wednesday of last week my husband and I went out with our besties. My friend Kara is a {my favorite} Zumba instructor, she invited me to the local Zumbathon coming up on October 5th {Spokane, WA}. I LOVE Zumba…I look like a fool when I do it…but I LOVE IT! Of course I was in! While driving home I told my husband that I will go in support of my Auntie and two of my friends who lost their moms. Then, Friday came, the phone rang…My dear friend {who wishes to remain anonymous} had just been diagnosed with a high degree of Breast Cancer. She’s a wife, she’s a mom, she’s scared. I will be at the Zumbathon for her!

I know that every single one of you reading this has been touched by Breast Cancer and you can probably think of someone you want to shake it a Party in Pink™ for! {If you would like to share stories or prayer request please leave me a comment – I do mediate so if you don’t want your story to posted publicly let me know when you leave your comment!}

Never done Zumba? 

That’s totally ok! This would be the perfect event to get you hooked…and you will…I PROMISE!

Check out these fun Zumba Routines to get you started!!

Look for more Zumba fun in the days and weeks to come! If you would like to attend Spokane’s Party in Pink™ click HERE for more information as well as date, time and location!

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