NO junk…are you in?

Today I’m not posting Friday favorites but I am posting an awesome challenge that I would love to have you join!


The best part of this challenge? It’s free {it might even save you a little money} and its healthy!! Yay! My husband and I started yesterday and already we are both feeling so much more energetic and not sluggish!

I realize this challenge coming on the heels of my muffin post is somewhat comical 🙂

Soooooo….are YOU in? Let me know in the comments if you are joining!

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Fave Fitness Apps!

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite fitness apps (this has been highly requested for about a month…sorry it’s taken so long)
The apps range from free to a few dollars and the Fitbit app {it does requires a Fitbit to go along with it, it is not a standalone app} I do highly recommend all the products and no I am not affiliated with Fitbit. I have included the app links for both iOS and android!
Let’t get into it!

 Fitbit {Free to accompany activity tracker}


The free Fitbit app is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales.

Wirelessly SYNC your Fitbit Blaze, Alta, Surge, Charge HR, Charge, Flex, One or Zip tracker with your iPhone or Android device.
Track your DAILY GOALS and progress over time for STEPS, DISTANCE, CALORIES BURNED and more

Use GPS to track your RUNS, WALKS & HIKES
LOG ACTIVITIES like YOGA and WORKOUTS to keep you on track
LOG FOOD to see how many CALORIES you consume each day, and manage your WEIGHT over time
COMPETE with FRIENDS with daily or weekly CHALLENGES and compare stats
ALL DAY HEART RATE TRACKING with Fitbit Surge, Charge HR & Blaze

Fitbit Active for iphone

Fitbit Active for Android


C25K {Free}



The proven C25K (Couch to 5K) program was designed for inexperienced runners who are just beginning an exercise routine.The plan’s structure prevents new runners from giving up and at the same time challenges them to continue moving forward. C25K works because it starts with a mix of running and walking, gradually building up strength and stamina to fully running 5K.

C25K Active for iphone

C25K Active for Android


POPSUGAR Active {Free}


POPSUGAR Active: Work Out When You See Fit!

Your fitness life should be fun, fulfilling, and easy to create. Loaded with video workouts, photo tutorials, and treadmill workouts, POPSUGAR Active is designed to meet your exercise needs. Having the POPSUGAR Active app in your pocket means you can work out whenever and wherever. Beat the boredom of stale fitness routines by creating your own video playlists from our constantly updated catalog of workouts. The app also features preloaded workout routines to inspire you to get your sweat on, but you can always create and customize more personalized routines just for you! And you will never feel like you are on your own when sweating alongside celebrity trainers and POPSUGAR Fitness experts in our Class FitSugar videos.

With POPSUGAR Active, you can:

Skip the gym and work out in the comfort of your home — talk about excuse-proofing your fitness life!
Download and play our videos wherever you may roam, whether offline or online — if you’re in a jam because your hotel has no WiFi, work out with your previously downloaded video playlist.
Schedule workouts and we’ll send you a reminder, so you don’t skip your sweat session. Yep, we’re here to help you fulfill your fitness goals.
Create and customize your own fitness routines from all our workouts and videos: strength training, running, yoga, and more!

Workouts include:
Booty Burn With Victoria’s Secret Model Trainer | Video
10 Minutes to Tank-Top Arms | Video
Yoga For Back Fat
Full-Body Tabata | Video
Full-Body Fat Blast With a Hollywood Trainer | Video
500-Calorie Treadmill Workout
Half-Hour HIIT
Butt-Toning Yoga Workout
Strength Training 101 Workout | Video
The Ultimate Core Challenge

AND new workouts are added weekly!

POPSUGAR Active for iphone

POPSUGAR Active for Android


 Runtastic PRO {$4.99}


The Runtastic PRO app tracks (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned & more) your sport and fitness activities – such as running, jogging, biking & walking – utilizing GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals! What’s more? Runtastic was recently overhauled to enhance your user experience! Take the Runtastic running app out for a run and enjoy our improved app design and navigation, optimized features & new functionality.

Voice Coach: Audio feedback based on your personal preferences
Auto Pause: Session paused automatically when you stop moving
Routes: Create or find exercise routes on & sync to phone
Challenge a Run: Compete against yourself by challenging past activity results
Colored Traces: Colors indicate training changes, incl. pace, elevation, slope
Powersong: Activate to give your workout a boost
Training goals: Select heart rate zone, calorie goal or pace goal to optimize training
Interval training & coaching and dynamic split (km/mi) tables
Geotagging: Take photos during workout & see pics online with map trace
Weather, temperature & sunrise/sunset data
Use for running, jogging, biking, skating, cross country skiing & hand bike training
Ad free

Runtastic PRO for iphone

Runtastic PRO for Android

Also Check out

Runtastic Lite {Free}


The Runtastic {lite} app tracks (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned & more) your sport and fitness activities – such as running, jogging, biking & walking – utilizing GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals! What’s more? Runtastic was recently overhauled to enhance your user experience! Take the Runtastic running app out for a run and enjoy our improved app design and navigation, optimized features & new functionality. The Runtastic running app is a great fit for users of all health and fitness levels.

RUNTASIC {Lite} for iPhone

RUNTASTIC for Android


My Fitness Pal {Free}


Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter for iPhone and iPad. With the largest food database of any iOS calorie counter (over 3,000,000 foods), and amazingly fast food and exercise entry, we’ll help you take those extra pounds off! There is no better diet app – period.


Largest food database of any iPhone calorie counter – over 3,000,000 foods and growing daily
Easiest and fastest food entry – remembers your favorites, add multiple foods at once, save and add entire meals, and more. THERE IS NO FASTER OR EASIER APP THAN MYFITNESSPAL.
Fully syncs with the web, so you can log from your computer or your phone, whichever is more convenient. Plus your data is backed up online so you never lose it.
Diet with your friends – add friends and easily track and support each other’s progress
Comprehensive feature set – create your own custom foods and exercises, track all major nutrients, progress reports, customized goals based on your diet profile, and recipe calculator, with full support for metric and English units.
IT WORKS – the success of our users shows that we can help you lose weight
3,000,000+ food database of global items and cuisines. Updated daily.
Barcode scanner – scan the barcode of a food and easily find its match in our database.
Track all major nutrients: calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and more
Frequently used foods automatically remembered for easy access
Save and reuse entire meals
Recipe calculator – Enter your own recipes and calculate their nutritional contents
Add multiple items at once – NO OTHER APP HAS THIS
Create an unlimited number of custom foods

My Fitness Pal for iPhone 

My Fitness Pal for Andorid


Do you have a favorite fitness app that I didn’t mention? Tell me in the comments what your favorites are!!

Interested in other fitness favorites? Please leave a comment in the comment section or email me!

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Forever in our Hearts

As we all know, today marks the 14th anniversary of that fateful day when our entire country watched as the Twin Towers fell. We will never forget the way it felt, like our entire country was frozen in time.


On September 11, 2001 I woke up like any other day. I was getting ready for work and finishing plans for our upcoming wedding with my mom…then we turned on the TV and time stood still. I so vividly remember feeling like the world was rushing all around but we were frozen in that moment. You know in movies when the character is standing still and the rest of the world is almost like flashes of light rushing all around…thats how I felt. When I got to work we just stood there watching and crying as the towers fell. It was like nothing I had ever seen or felt in my entire young adult life. I remember crying until I literally couldn’t cry any more, praying for the families of the lost or missing, praying for the NYC police and firemen {My brother is LACF}.

Remember this song, {This is particular YouTube video is a compilation of a lot of emotional photos}

It may seem weird but I feel like this and many others songs gave our country some much need morale and hope.

Then on May 2, 2011 our country took a deep breath of relief.

Today join me and take time to reflect on how far country has come since that day and pray for those families who no longer have husbands, wives, daddies, mommies, grandpas, grandmas, sisters, brothers, friends, teachers, or co is going to be roughest on them and they need to know our country loves and supports them 14 years later. Lost but never forgotten, forever in our hearts.

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Do you Grokker?


This week Sweat Pink has partnered with Grokker!! I have loved the Grokker website and app for a while now and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share it with you! Not familiar with it? Oh you NEED to be introduced!

Soooo what exactly is Grokker?

Basically its an incredible website where you can do some of the best videos and do all activities you love and since it’s a website {or app} you have the ability to do your workouts when ever you want…you are in total control making it perfect for anyone and everyone. Work from home? Grokker is for you! Work Swing? Grokker is for you! Stay at home mom? Grokker is for you…you get the idea! 🙂 I love that Grokker lets you create individual wellness routines created for your personal interest and experience. But it’s more than just great viedos there are also awesome Grokker experts available to each and every member!!!

What type of videos are offered?



Grokker is more than just fitness! Want a ton of awesome cooking videos at your fingertips? Just check out the Cooking video topics:

So like I said above…I love Grokker and you will too! Grokker has a free membership that gives you access to a ton of videos. But….if you want more access to more of the amazing videos on Grokker? Use the code LOVEGROKKER for a free month of their premium version!

Don’t forget to download the iPhone app!


Although Sweat Pink has partnered with Grokker this week, I want you to know that I am not affiliated with Grokker. All opinion and thoughts are based on my experiences and I was NOT compensated for this post. I love Grokker and have long before this week! ❤ 

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Are you getting your Protein?

unnamed-8 copyIf you spend any time in the social media fitness world than it’s a virtual certainty that you have heard about importance in protein. Last week I shared my whey protein pudding recipe and after it went live I received quite a few emails about Protein Powder, I have a larger post planned for a little later but I wanted to quickly cover some of the thoughts, faves, and when I drinking protein shakes!

Heres the low down, everyone needs a good protein powder/shake daily, especially if you are physically active {running, cycling, weights, piyo whatever} you will definitely need protein daily to repair your muscles. Recently, I have really been digging the  Premier Protein Vanilla Whey Protein Powder because it really has an old-fashioned milkshake taste to it which I really like! As you can see I’m pretty stoked about this morning shake!

unnamed-9 copy

When do I drink my shake? Ultimately the answer is “when ever you want” some days I wake up REALLY sluggish and drink a shake first thing to jump-start my metabolism but you can always drink a protein shake pre-workout to jumpstart your energy {just like I do in the mornings} this extra boost in your energy will help you get a killer workout! On the other hand drinking a protein shake post-workout will help your body recover after any intense workout! When every my hubby and I do extremely intense workouts we both do a Pre and a Post workout protein shake.

unnamed-7 copy


Not down with protein powder everyday? There are lots of yummy foods super high in protein:
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Cheese
  • Peanut Butter and other Nut Butters
  • Tofu
  • Soybeans
  • Yogurt

Eating this foods can act similarly to drinking a protein shake in the morning and before and after a workout! For example before your morning workout start with some yogurt, cheese or eggs! You will have a boost in energy that will help you tackle your workout and the rest of the day!

Products pictured :  Premier Protein Vanilla Whey Protein Powder , Blender Bottle  and Ball Wide Mouth Canning Jar and Lid {sold separately and found in the canning isle at target, walmart, fred meyer ect.}

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Join Now!

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Crossfit Quickie

The weekend is here! Don’t lose the momentum you’ve had all week! Last week I shared a picture on social media and the emails started flooding in…”I need that” “When are you going to post the printable” and so on!


I actually planned to post that same night so it would be in everyones inboxes the next morning…alas that was not to be.  When I printed my copy I accidentally deleted the file. This week I threw together a new printable with a newer and pretty color scheme!

CrossFitprintableDOWNLOAD NOW!!!

For this Crossfit Quick all you need is YOU and a floor that you can comfortably do a push up on!  The idea is to do each as quickly as possible {if you are a beginner or not comfortable with that, no worries! Do it at YOUR pace}


Wanna make it more of a challenge? Here are a few ways to take it up a notch :

Use a Bosu ball for both squats and push ups

For Squats:

Using a BoSu ball with the blue {or pink side} up while doing squats will engage more muscle groups because…well you are trying not to fall! A bigger challenge would be with the blue {or pink side} down…however, I DO NOT recommend it for a beginner, the first time I used my BoSu ball this way I almost go really hurt. If you do choose to use it blue {or pink side} down I recommend having a chair or something that you can grab on to near by until you are 100% comfortable with it {you may be the first time or you may never be totally comfortable, remember there is NO shame in changing workouts to fit your comfort!}

For Push ups:

Using the BoSu ball blue {or pink side} up with either your hands or you feet balanced on the ball you defiantly take your push ups to another level! If you want a KILLER challenge then using the BoSu ball with blue {or pink side} down is what you want. Whoa, seriously this way kick my butt and my husbands butt every time! The BoSu ball has handles for you to hold on to…but in my experience that doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

I realize a lot of you might not know what a bosu ball is or may not own one {I do have a review coming later this month} Don’t worry, because there are still more ways to challenge this workout:

Change up the Squat and do:

  • Squat Kicks
  • Sumo Squats
  • Goblet Squats holding a heavy weight or kettlebell
  • or any variation of squats you like

For Push ups the best challenge {in my opinion} would be elevating your feet on a chair, this will really engage your abs and other muscle groups.

I hope you enjoy this!

CrossFitprintableDOWNLOAD NOW!!!


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Premier Protein Whey Protein


Recently I was sent a goodie box from Premier Protein! To be honest I had never tried any Premier Protein products before so this was a whole new experience for me. When they contacted me and said they wanted to send me some samples of their protein powder I of course jumped at the opportunity! Imagine my surprise when a huge box arrived from Premier Protein with a 3 pound tub of protein powder and meal bars…ummm yes I was stunned! I was expecting sample packets not an entire tube! I couldn’t wait to try it!


I was sent the  Premier Protein Vanilla Whey Protein Powder. Side note: In the past my husband I have purchased other protein powder brands but we have always gotten chocolate rather than vanilla so I was really excited to see what I thought of vanilla!!

My thought about Premier Protein:


I am so pleased to tell you guys that I absolutely love Premier Protein! Like I mentioned above I had never had a vanilla protein powder {I know I know how could I have possibly never had vanilla? I’m a chocolate girl so that’s what we’ve alway gotten} I couldn’t be happier with my ‘first’ vanilla protein powder experience! Guy, seriously this vanilla in AMAZING! It tastes exactly like an old-fashioned vanilla milkshake when you mix the powder with water…yes water…this stuff is that good! It is so creamy and so delicious. The first protein shake I made with it was so rich that I actually added about 3/4 of a scoop rather than a full scoop for the next shake.  I am in NO way saying that the rich flavor is a bad thing I just prefer a more subtle taste that most…my hubby prefers the full scoop, so it’s really based on personal preference, that is exactly why I love the tub over packets or pre-measured powders…I love that Premier Protein tub gives the ability to tailor your shake to your taste! Some days I may add a whole scoop and the next day add 1/4 of a scoop, I love that! No matter how big of a scoop you add your shake with still a creamy vanilla milkshake and oh so delicious.

header-shakes copyThe Premier Protein Vanilla Whey Protein Powder has become a daily staple in mine and my husband lives! In fact our local Costco carries the already mixed single serve protein shakes in both vanilla and chocolate so as soon as we are done with this tub we’re going to get those and stock the refrigerator and have ready to grab shakes perfect for before or after workout!

Gettin Fit with Brit grade: A+

Over the next few days/week I have a bunch of protein powder recipes to share with you guys because, well, whey protein powder isn’t just for protein shakes!  I’m so excited to share it with you some of the things that I’ve come up with to really utilize the protein powder in more than just a shake, because I don’t know about you but sometimes I don’t want ‘another shake’ I want something with substance. So keep your eyes out for some awesome protein powder recipes! Don’t forget to check your local stores and Costco for Premier Protein yummy powders, bars and shakes!

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