Sunday Funday {Gymnastic bun switch up!}


Our go to gymnastics practice hair style is a bun. It’s cute, it’s  easy and it stays put! Are you like us and want to zest up a ho hum bun? Here are some fun and funky bun styles from Cute Girl Hairstyles YouTube channel to try out!

This one is super cute and fun, my daughter needs a tad more hair for it though!

Love this…I do this with my hair too!

These next two are buns that we do quite often and LOVE!

Whenever I do my daughters hair like this for practice or school we get so many compliment on how fun it is!

Seriously, guys there are a ton more I want to post 🙂 but I will not for your sanity!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to the lovelies at Cute Girl Hairstyles! Thank you for all your great videos! We love them ❤

Cute Girl Hairstyles is my absolute favorite! Please be sure to check their website, YouTube Channel & instagram

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