New year, new items & a new name!


I hope 2018 its proving to be a great year already! Last year was a not so great year for our family personally and it all started within the first few days of 2017 so the fact that things are going awesome so far is very encouraging!

There are currently some awesome new items in my etsy shop {The Apple Blossom Shop}

including these amazingly gorgeous triangle scarves or shawls {its all in how you want to wear it!}


My new instagram name. I decided to start off 2018 with some changes towards a more simplified life!


Please visit me on instagram at @britdwood

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Stop by The Apple Blossom Shop and find me

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Annnnd I’m BACK!

Hey guys sorry for the whole MIA! There was lots going on and I was crazy busy trying to find a way to juggle it all…but now I’m back and ready for action!

One thing that I have been working on is my etsy shop The Apple Blossom Shop! Ok, so you might be thinking “thats not the name I remember it being” well you are right. Unfortunately someone started a blog with the EXACT same name and was selling very similar items through their blog. Sadly shoppers were misled and thought it was me, so I decided to change my shop name and remove my self and my business from a not so great situation. All is good now!

Please stop by The Apple Blossom Shop! I’d love to create something for you!



How adorable are these kitty hats?

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Stop by The Apple Blossom Shop and find me

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Visit me on Etsy!


Over the past few months I have gotten quite a few emails asking me about my Etsy shop Cute as a Fox Shoppe so I wanted to share a little bit about it!

Currently I specialize in Crocheted items such as hats, scarves and specialty baby items, however I do have some fun new non crochet additions coming in July!

Click the cute little fox below to visit Cute as a Fox Shoppe


The Mermaid outfit pictured above is currently my #1 seller and makes an adorable newborn photo prop! I during Football season I make more Seahawks hats than you can imagine! I hope you enjoy my shop!

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My Etsy Shop


Every now and again I like to share my Etsy shoppe with you guys! Recently I added a bunch of new items and will be adding more next week! *ahem shameless plug 🙂

A little about how Cute as a Fox Shoppe started. I opened it way back in 2010 at the time I was spiraticly making hair flowers and head bands. After about a year I closed my shop and just used my account to make purchases. Then in 2013 my best friend asked me if I wanted her to teach me how to crochet…I of course said yes. She told me I was a natural and within 3 weeks of learning to crochet Cute as a Fox Shoppe was reopened! It went from a hobby to now a nearly full time job. There are times when I will literally crochet for 8-10 hours straight…and I love it!

The quality of my work:

Every item I create is made to order. I do this to ensure that each hat purchased is the perfect fit. I rarely if ever have items premade {that actually only happens if I make something my kids don’t like 😉 } I do not sell seconds {items with errors or sub par} why? Because if something ends up with an error or just not right I pull it and start over! Quality is extremely important to me and in my opinion “Homemade” does not mean subpar…I want every item I make to be beautiful and perfect. The majority of my items are made with acrylic yarn to prevent allergic reactions. I regularly make hats for adults and children going through Chemo and/or radiation. Those hats are made with ultra soft acrylic yarn. I selected this yarn after a mother with a child going through chemo told me about a reaction her child was having to both wool and cotton do to the medications causing extreme sensitivity. The majority of my items are fully customizable {color, size etc.}


My specialties are:

Frozen inspired Hats


Lalaloopsy Inspired Hats


Fully customizable

Seattle Seahawks Hats


There are multiple styles to choose from!

If you have any questions or special orders please head over to ETSY and send me a convo!

As I mentioned above I have quite a few new hats and new ones coming! I look forward to the opportunity to create something beautiful and fun for you!

Please take a few minutes to my Etsy Shop


Cute as a Fox Shoppe

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