Exercise Cards by Workout Labs

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Do you find it hard to find time to exercise? Is it a day-to-day struggle? Well I’ve got the answer for you! Check out these Exercise Cards from WorkoutLabs!

IMG_4180WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards are an actual deck of cards! They are the same size as regular playing cards but instead of queen of diamonds or the king of hearts, you get 40 bodyweight exercise cards {green cards}, 10 stretch cards {red cards}  and 6 easy-to-follow workout routines {green cards} Each card is numbered so you can find exactly what you need! There is even a blank workout card for you to create your very own work out with the workouts you want to do or the parts of your body that you want to target!


Take your Exercise Cards anywhere! No matter where you are you’ll have everything you need for an awesome and intense 15 minute workout! Oh yeah, the cards are waterproof, how cool is that!

The Body Weight Cards

The front of each card:

photo 2

  • Name of workout
  • Illustration of how to do the workout {fig. a/fig.b}
  • Card number {bottom left}

The back of each card:

photo 3

  • Tells what muscle group (s) are targeted
  • Workout instructions

The Stretch Cards

The front of each card:

photo 1 copy

  • Name of stretch
  • Illustration of how to do the stretch {fig. a/fig.b}
  • Card number {bottom left}

The back of each card:

photo 2 copy

  • Tells what muscle group (s) are targeted
  • Workout instructions

The Workout Routine Cards

The front of each card:

photo 3 copy

  • Name of Routine {ex. Turbo Charged Morning Workout}
  • How long it will take
  • What muscle group(s) are targeted
  • Summary of workout

The back of each card:

photo 4

  • What cards you need for the workout {match the numbers from each bodyweight card}
  • Duration of each workout
  • Rest Time
  • How many times you need to repeat
  • Tips on how to increase difficulty

Why I LOVE my WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards!

  • I can throw them in my purse or my Zumba bag, or even in the glove box of the car and I have the ability to do awesome work out anywhere and anytime!
  • There is no equipment needed for these cards. Each card has a breakdown of the workout, how to do it and how many reps!
  • There is a Men’s Deck and Women’s Deck! Each deck is jammed packed with workouts specifically geared to the gender! Even though my hubby and I do a lot of the same workouts, he does more reps and more weight…so he needs his own deck 😉
  • Easy to use! I like getting my ready the night before, that way no matter how hectic my morning is the cards are ready to go!! It’s foolproof.
  • You feel the BURN!


One of my favorite Workout Routine Cards is the Turbo Charged Morning Workout! The first day I did it, I remember thinking ‘I don’t even have to repeat this?’ I was shocked at how sweaty and exhausted I was by the end of it {I was REALLY glad it didn’t have a repeat!} Every morning I do this Card I’m ready to conquer the day afterwards!

photo-7The Repeat Timer Pro iOS is the Exercise Cards best friend and will be yours too! Get in the app store NOW! {a FREE Version is available too!}

I love my Exercise Cards and I look forward to using them every day. It’s fun to create my own targeted workouts! No more ho-hum, I can mix it up every day!!

WorkoutLabs isn’t just a one trick pony with these awesome cards, but they also have AWESOME 8-Week Exercise & Nutrition Programs, Workout Packs {$4.95!} and FREE Printable Workouts!

If you haven’t grabbed up your Deck of Exercise Cards you NEED to!




Special Thank You to William founder of Workout Labs for providing me with these awesome cards!

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