Friday Favorites: My favorite “Beauty” YouTubers!

After getting a ton emails and questions about some of my favorites covering every category you can imagine I decided it would be really fun to start a new series Sooooooo

Today is Friday…welcome to the brand spanking new


Today is going to be a super quick rundown of my five favorite beauty YouYubers! I realize that generally my blog surrounds fitness, workouts and nutritional meals & snacks…however I am a girl who loves all girly things! One of my most favorite things in the entire universe is makeup and beauty (which you will see next week when I post my Sephora and Ulta Haul…just brace yourself I may have a problem!) These are YouTuber’s that in my opinion if you are not following you should! Disclaimer: not everybody has the same personality and some of these YouTubers may not mesh with your personality and you may not like them, that’s okay, however, these are ladies that I absolutely love and my suggestions are based on my personality.

Her we goooooo!

GYGBunny {aka grav3yardgirl}
I recently discovered the fabulous Bunny and I adore her! I love her personality…probably because I have a very similar personality to her (very hyper, very wild and very loud) I just adore her! She has quickly become one of my favorite YouTubers, who thankfully posts all the time so I can get my fill of her! She has the series called “does it really work” these videos are awesome & she is hilarious! She covers tons of different categories on her channel {not just makeup} I HIGHLY recommend you check her out…NOW!


KSKatie Saccomanno

I have been watching Katie since shortly after she started her channel! I love this girl. She always has a tutorial for my mood, natural, warm or cool toned, smoky, blue or pink! We have very similar likes and HUGE plus she has fair skin and dark hair {usually 😉 this girl can rock the forest green…totally reminds me of me when I was younger and I rocked…Purple, blue and green on a regular basis!} I love that we have similar skin tone because it seems all too often beauty youtubers are all about tanner and I’m not…I really dig my pale skin so I embrace it! If you haven’t checked out her channel I think you should, I really think you’ll love her!

JHJaclyn Hill
Oh Jacklyn Hill what can I say…she is amazing! She is a professional makeup artist who gives the most fantastic tutorials that are so easy to follow! If you are someone who has a hard time getting your makeup the way that you wanted to look, Jaclyn is the gal that you need to go and watch! She will make you feel confident in your make up applying ability, plus she gives tips on how to do things and she also regularly shares her favorite items! I love her, She is fun and genuine!

SWSteph Willis

I have been watching Steph for months and hands down she is one of my all time faves! Similar to Katie I love that she has fairer skin and dark hair! She is a mama and a baker! She is so sweet and very soft spoken. Her tutorials are always beautiful and easy to follow! Please go and check out Steph!


profile_347738720_75sq_1376843946Kathleen Lights
I also recently discovered Kathleen and I don’t know how I have not known who she was for so long?! She is adorable, there is no other word, this girl is freaking precious and I love her!  I love her tutorials. She also does, monthly favorite & hauls. If you have not watched Kathleen Lights you need to immediately go and check her out! She has a very sweet and genuine personality which I LOVE!

10487468_10152647145976662_3910904953664174764_nKandee Johnson
Last but definitely not least is Kandee Johnson!!!  I have been a follower Kandee for years and I adore her and everything she does!  She has a fun and wild personality that I of course connect with! Kandee’s YouTube channel is the one you need to go there first, hands-down! she is so amazing! She currently has a “every day princess” series going on where she gives make up tutorials on how to look like your favorite princesses! My so far my two favorites have been Jasmine and Pocahontas. This series in awesome she totally transforms herself…she does contacts and wigs the whole things!


Okay guys so there you have it these are my five favorite beauty you tubers! I do subscribe a TON more and I hated to leave anybody else out but I follow so many that I thought a top 50 would be a little excessive so I picked my top five that I watch daily…and often binge watch!

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