31 Day Fit Challenge: DAY 1


DAY 1:

Today is our fitness test where we find out home many reps we are aiming for each day!

Grab your timer, this could be the microwave timer, egg timer, Fitbit or Apple Watch…anything that can be set for one minute. I will using my Fitbit Blaze countdown timer, I like this because I do not have to watch it, when the time is up it has a vibration alarm to tell me I am done. GBAnother great option is the Gymboss timer that I have mentioned MANY times and before getting my Fitbit Blaze this was my go to.
Its a circuit timer so you set the sets, time duration and rest time.

Grab your Progress Log {click image below to print} and get ready to track todays workouts!

Here is what mine looks like so far this morning! I like to check off the walk/cardio as I do them, notice the / after 1m w/kids thats there because my hubby and I will be doing a 5k later this evening. For the rest I just simply wrote how many crunches, pushups & squats I did for each minute. No, I have not done any cardio yet {I like to wait until the kids are having quite time :)} I thinking today is a Zumba day!


How did you do today? I would love to see how you are doing! So please post photos of your progress log, tweet, or whatever using #31dayfitwithbrit I can’t wait to see!

Don’t forget to weight in and take a photo {ugh I know}

If you haven’t already subscribed please do! I want to know how you are doing throughout the month!

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31 Day Fit Challenge!


As I sat listening to my children splashing and playing in the pool it dawned on me that OMG today is the last day of July…ummm what the heck wasn’t it just the 4th of July? I started thinking I want to do something fun and special on my blog for the month of August, but what? Then it hit me…a 31 day tailored workout challenge! A little backstory:  Over the last few months I have really be struggling with staying motivated…I unfortunately had a bad experiencing with a VERY well know fitness program and its creator {but thats another story for another day…maybe} the bad experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a beat down unmotivated heart…sad but true. I have been feeling like I REALLY need a kick in the pants and prayed that I would feel motivated and re-start my journey…then yesterday I got a HUGE motivation when a friend hit her 1 year weightloss journey anniversary and is down more than 80lbs!! Talk about motivation right?

Hey! Lets start a journey together!

I mentioned above that this will be tailored to each person…what do I mean? We will start each week with a fitness test to see our personal fitness level! It’s actually pretty basic workout but will give results:

  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Crunches
  • Cardio
  • Walking

Daily Cardio: This can be anything you want…Zumba, running, piyo, crossfit…etc. Just something that gets you heart pounding for 10-30 minutes.

Daily Walking: A minimum of 1 mile daily {thats really easy to get you’ll be surprised} My husband and I walk 4-6 miles every single day. If you start out walking 1 mile increase by a 1/2 mile each week until September, working towards 3+ miles.

Fitness Test: Tomorrow {and each Monday this month} will be a fitness test! What does this mean? Basically we are going to set a timer for 1 minutes {we will increase this each week} and see how many Crunches, Push ups and squats we can do!

Don’t forget to print this Fitness Log to keep track of your daily workouts!


How the fitness test works: grab a timer and set it for one minute then do as many Crunches as you can do in that minute, reset the timer and do as many squats as you can do, then reset and do as many push ups you can do. DON’T forget to write down your scores on the Fitness Log! The numbers you record are your starting scores, each day you will try to beat the previous days score so you are competing with yourself not someone else!…you may only be able to do 3-5 more but trust me as the days go by you will be surprised how much more strength and stamina you have!

Things to do tomorrow morning:

  • Weigh in {don’t skip this because it will be motivating to see the difference between the 1st weigh in and the last.}
  • Take a full body photo {I know some of you just cringed but this will be such a great motivator throughout the month.
  • make sure you have cold water in the fridge or freezer {especially with the hot weather you NEED to stay hydrated!}

I will meet you back here tomorrow afternoon and let you know my day 1 scores and how I’m doing!

If you haven’t already subscribed please do! I want to know how you are doing throughout the month!

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Soleus Fit GPS Watch {Review}

This post is sponsored by Soleus Running. All opinions are 100% my own. See my full disclosure policy.


“Simple and easy to use, the Soleus GPS FIT will allow runners to accurately track their Speed, Pace, and Distance. Auto lap splits at every mile and the “always on” night light mode helps for late night (or early morning) runs and training.” 

bothWriters have their favorite place to write, coffee drinkers have their favorite drink, cooks have their favorite recipe and hikers have their trial and me? Well, I have my favorite fitness gadget!

When it comes to running or hiking there are things that I’m just never without: my Running or hiking shoes, a bottle of water and I never EVER leave home without my Soleus GPS Fit watch!

I was beyond excited when I was recently given a Soleus GPS Fit watch to try out from Soleus Running! Awesome right?!

To be honest with you I have wanted a GPS watch for really long time but I wasn’t sure where to start or what brand…I was kind of at a loss.

When it comes to Soleus I am EXTREMELY impressed!

They have a number of different GPS watches ranging from $99 to $299!

So why do I love my GPS fit watch? And why do you need one?  First of all, the features alone will make you fall in love!

Check out the features that the Soleus GPS Fit watch has:

  • GPS
  • Distance
  • Peace and Speed
  • Data Upload
  • Sport Ventilated Strap
  • Calories Burned
  • Large Digits
  • Coronagraph
  • Data Storage
  • World Time
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • EL Backlight
  • 30M Water Resistant

On top of all the awesome feature printed on the back plate of all the Soleua Fit GPS watches “a journey of 26.2 miles begins with a single step” Now that’s pretty cool!

My Thoughts:

From the moment I took my watch out of its box, I knew I was in love with this watch! Yes, I know it sounds silly to be in love with this watch, but seriously, this is what I have needed for so many months, something to help me keep track of my distance, my speed, AND my calories… honestly it really has been nice to know time it is too!!

My watch it was delivered at around noon on a Thursday, by 6 PM we had already hit the trail once and we’re heading back for a second time! Before getting my Soleus GPS Fit I relied on a app…that wasn’t always reliable especially on the deep wood trails my hubby and I love so much. Plus I ALWAYS had to find a place to carry my phone…which I didn’t like very much!

We even had a fun finding that first day: For over year we have gone on the same trail at least 4 to 5 times a week and although there is a sign that tells us how far the trail take you round trip, my husband and I both had speculation that it was off. Well, guess what??! We discovered that it was in fact off and we were getting far more mileage than we thought! YAY!


As someone who doesn’t wear a watch or bracelets, I so surprised that I barely even know when I have this watch on! Although it is fairly large faced, it is extremely light and comfortable! The watchband is a rubbery texture which I really like because I like wearing my watch up a little bit above my wrist and the watch band helps it stay in place! It not like other rubbery watch bands that I have had in the past that get itchy after a while…hence the not wearing watches.

The GPS:

Since receiving my Soleus GPS Fit it seems like no matter where we are, trail, shopping or running I get stopped by at least one person asking about my watch {I’m sure people are noticing the pretty bright blue} One of the main questions I get  asked is “how easy it is to find a GPS signal” Evidently, this is a issue for a lot of people.

Here is my response to that question while using my Soleus GPS Fit!

After the initial set up of the watch I stepped outside and search for a GPS signal and I think it took maybe 90 seconds to find one! That seems to be pretty average for me other than our trails that are very deep in the woods trails. We usually start searching for a GPS signal before we get to the parking lot and by the time we are ready to hit the trail we have a GPS signal!

There has been a time or two when it’s taken three or four minutes to find a GPS signal but please keep in mind my husband and I are avid trail runners and we go in any weather! One such time it was totally completely overcast and a downpour!! I am very impressed with how quickly and easily the Soleus GPS Fit watch gets a GPS signal!

The watch is really easy to use and set up!

I’m sure you noticed in the very first picture that there are two Soleus watches, my blue one and a black one! Well, my husband also has a Soleus GPS watch {GPS Pulse + HRM} His watch has some different features, so in October I am going to have a review on that watch is well!

Another awesome perk of Soleus is the software download so that you can transfer all your runs {hikes, rides act} to your computer!


BIG ol’ GIANT Thank you to Soleus Running for providing us with this amazing GPS Watches!!

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I’m a FitFluential Ambassador!

I have some really awesome and big news!! I have been selected as a FitFluential Ambassador and I’m SO excited!


Fitfluential Ambassadors are like minded fitness enthusiasts and influencers!

If you’re not familiar with FitFluential then let me tell you a little bit about it.

FitFluential Is…

FitFluential is the perfect combination of fitness and influence.  We understand that fitness has many different definitions. It can mean walking, jogging or running. It can mean working out at the gym or to a fitness DVD at home. It can mean competing in bodybuilding and figure, or marathons and Triathalons. It can be Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, or Kickboxing, MMA and CrossFit. A fitness approach to food can be vegetarian, Paleo, Flexitarian, Pescetarian, High-Carb, Lo-Carb, Clean, High-Protein, Lo-Fat, Lo-Cal, Raw, or Vegan. It can mean any combination of the above and there is a new approach almost every week.

Basically Fitfluential and its Ambassadors are all about balance delivering a positive messages of health and wellness through four primary areas: Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy. “By focusing on these four components of a healthy LIFE, we promote balance

Sounds pretty fantastic right?

How did this awesomeness happen?

After getting some encouragement from some of my fitness blogging buddies I decided to apply to be a FitFluential  Ambassador. Honestly as I filled out the application I kind of laughed at myself thinking ” there is no way I am influential enough to be a part of this amazing network”  but I decided to still throw my name in the hat! After talking to a few of the above mentioned friends I learned that it can take months to hear if you have been selected or not. Imagine my surprise when I received an email telling me that I WAS selected in just a few short weeks! What!? Really! I think I read the email about 30 times! WOW! The fact that I am considered influential enough to be a part of this amazing network is mind blowing, shocking and a little overwhelming {in a good way!} I mean, some my most favorite bloggers {Like the always lovely and encouraging Nicole from one of my all time fave websites Pumps & Iron} are Fitfluential Ambassadors. Guys, I can’t even begin to tell you the excitement that I have!

What am I most looking forward to as a FitFluential Ambassador?

  • Encouraging and supporting as many women {and men} as possible to join with me, as WE reach our fitness and health goals!
  • Being included in this amazing group and I get to share my voice!
  • To see what opportunities that this opens up for me and my blog!
  • To Connect with other FitFluential  Ambassadors!

There is a ton more about FitFluetial and my ambassadorship coming soon…I just couldn’t wait another second longer and wanted to share! Keep an eye out for #FitFluential on all my social medias very soon!!

Stay connected with me and all things FitFluential!

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14 Days to Totally Toned {CARDIO} AND printables

ttgfwbWell it’s Friday which means that today is the last installment of 14 Day to Totally Toned! Over the last week we focused on arms, legs, butt and abs…Today is cardio! Below is a cardio style circuit workout!

Before starting 14 Days to Totally Toned {Arms} , 14 Days to Totally Toned {LEGS} , 14 Days to Totally Toned {BUTT} and 14 Days to Totally Toned {ABS} do the cardio circuit below! After completing your desired sets of Arms, Legs, Butt and Abs finish your workout with another round of this Cardio Circuit!


Just a few things before we get started:

  • Push your body, but know your boundaries make sure all workouts are being done safely
  • Increase or decrease reps to fit your fitness level

Rest 10-20 seconds between each

Jumping Jacks: 

1 Minute






High Knees:

1 Minute




20 Reps



Jump Rope:

1 Minuteendurance-jump_300

Now we have workout for each part of the body including a cardio workout!

So here’s my challenge! Starting Next Monday, September 22 and Ending October 6th go through each workout daily in any order that you choose, using the cardio as a workout primer and a workout finisher!

Here’s an example of what a workout might look like:

  • Cardio Circuit
  • Abs
  • Arms
  • Butt
  • Legs
  • Cardio Finisher (it’s the same work out it’s just at the end)

By sticking to this killer plan we are going to have some fantastic results! {I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how many sets should be done…my answer? That is totally up to you if you!} I’m going to do it once in the morning {while the kids are eating breakfast} then a second time in the evening after the kids are in bed. If doing it twice doesn’t work for you that’s totally okay! You’re going to get killer results if you do this one time a day!

Below are some printables to help assist you in this 14 day challenge!

The 14 Days to Totally Toned Calendar! This is a perfect way to help you stay on track!  Check off each workout after you complete it! Click image to download the full size printable!



Here is the 14 Day to Totally Toned Cheat Sheet! Either print this out or save the pdf on your phone or tablet! This way you will have a access to all the workouts no matter where you are! Click image to download the full size printable!



Be sure to share your results using hashtag #14daystotallytoned & #thelifeinbloom {twitter @thelifeinbloom} I can’t wait to hear! I will post my results October 7th!!!

{Special Thanks to Women’s Health ,Women’s Heath UK , Health & Real Simple for the great images and POPSUGAR for their always amazing workout videos!}

In case you missed it…


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14 Days to Totally Toned {ABS}

ttgfwbIt’s Thursday…can you believe we are just a day shy of the weekend? Guess what? It’s time for the second to last installment of 14 Days to Totally Toned! Today is all about Abs. Whether you want to have defined abs or you want to shrink you mid section this workout will help!

After you complete your first round of 14 Days to Totally Toned {Arms} , 14 Days to Totally Toned {LEGS} AND 14 Days to Totally Toned {BUTT} transition straight into the workout below.


Just a few things before we get started:

  • If you have or think you have Diatiasis Recti STOP and read this post…read if you aren’t sure!
  • Push your body, but know your boundaries make sure all workouts are being done safely
  • Increase or decrease reps to fit your fitness level

Reps and Sets below are personal suggestions – Do what is right for you – Pick from 2 sets/2x a day {this is what I do}, 1 set/2x a day or 1 set/4x times a day. Work at your level!

Bicycle Crunch:

20 reps{each side}/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Lie on your back with bent knees and feet on floor
  • Hands behind your head, fingers laced
  • Lift left foot off the floor until left knee points toward ceiling
  • Extend right leg, lifting it slightly off floor. Exhale slowly
  • touch right elbow to left knee; lower to starting position.
  • Repeat on right side, touching left elbow to right knee.

Oblique V Ups:

20 reps{each side}/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Lie on your left side, legs angled 30 degrees from your hips.
  • Rest your left arm on the floor and put your right hand behind your head
  • Lift your straight legs off the floor, bringing your torso toward your legs
  • Return to start
  • Repeat until Desired Reps then switch sides

Dumbbell Side Bend:

 {use the right weight for you if – Dumbbells can be substituted for Kettlebells – omit dumbbells all together if desired}

20 reps{each side}/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, arms straight
  • Tighten Abs
  • Without twisting your upper body, slowly bend to the left as far as you can, lowering the weight toward your left knee
  • Pause, then slowly return to an upright position.
  • Repeat, bending to the right
  • Repeat


Torso Twist:

{with or without Dumbbell/Kettlebell}

20 reps{each side}/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Standing with your feet hip-width apart
  • Hold a dumbbell/kettlebell straight out in front of your chest
  • Tighten Abs
  • Rotate your arms to the left as far as you can
  • Pause, then rotate to the right
  • Repeat


Wood Chopper:

20 reps{each side}/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Bend your knees, rotate your torso, and hold a dumbbell in both hands outside your left thigh
  • Keeping your arms straight, swing with speed and force the weight above your right shoulder as you straighten your legs
  • Reverse the movement slowly
  • Repeat until desired reps when switch sides

Mountain Climber:

20 reps{each side}/2 sets {repeat twice a day}



  • Begin in a push-up position, hands flat on the floor and below your shoulders, legs extended behind you. Your body should be straight.
  • Bend your right leg and bring it in toward your chest
  • Straighten it and return to starting position.
  • Repeat by Alternating legs

Reverse Crunch:

20 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Lie on your back and extend your arms out to the side, or keep your hands behind your head if that’s more comfortable
  • Raise your knees and feet so they create a 90-degree angle.
  • Tighten abs and lift your hips off the floor with control; your knees will move toward your head
  • Try to keep your knees at a right angle. Inhale and slowly lower.

Only have 5 minutes? Try out my favorite POPSUGAR standing Ab workout!

Directions: Do each workout {including video} 2x a day for the next 14 days

{Special Thanks to Women’s Health ,Women’s Heath UK , HealthReal Simple for the great images and POPSUGAR for their always amazing workout videos!}

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14 Days to Totally Toned! {BUTT}

ttgfwbWow! The week is already half over! So far this week we have covered Arms, Legs and now its time to tone that Butt! Below I have added some of my all time favorite butt workouts as well as a newer one {the Kettlebell Swing} I’m really excited about this workout and I hope you are too!

After you complete your first round of 14 Days to Totally Toned {Arms} AND 14 Days to Totally Toned {LEGS} transition straight into the workout below.


Just a few things before we get started:

  • Feel free to leave out and workouts that require a kettlebell if you do not have one
  • Push your body, but know your boundaries make sure all workouts are being done safely
  • Increase or decrease reps to fit your fitness level

Reps and Sets below are personal suggestions – Do what is right for you – Pick from 2 sets/2x a day {this is what I do}, 1 set/2x a day or 1 set/4x times a day. Work at your level!

Plié Squats:

20 reps /2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Stand with your legs wider than shoulder width apart and toes turned out
  • Put your hands on your hips
  • Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor
  • Slowly push yourself back to the starting position
  • Repeat

Kettlebell Swing: {If you do not have a Kettlebell you can leave this one out}

20 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Hold kettlebell by handle with both hands
  • Swing kettlebell between legs act like you are trying to hit yourself in the butt
  • Thrust hips forward, straighten knees, and squeeze glutes to swing kettlebell through legs and up to chest height
  • Allowing gravity to assist, swing weight down, hinging at hips and pressing butt back to bring kettlebell through legs
  • Immediately go into another swing, bringing kettlebell to chest height

Hip Raises:

20 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Lie face up on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor
  • Raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees
  • lower your body back to the starting position

Single Leg Hip Raise:

20 reps {each leg} /2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Lie face up on the floor with your left knee bent and your right leg straight.
  • Raise your right leg until it’s in line with your left thigh
  • Push your hips upward, keeping your right leg elevated
  • Slowly lower your body and leg back to the start position
  • Complete desired reps
  • Switch legs

Walking Lunges: {with or without dumbbells}

20 reps {each leg} /2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Step forward with your right leg
  • Shift your weight to your right foot
  • Without pausing, step your left leg in front of your right
  • Repeat the lunge with your left leg in front.

Clam Shell:

20 reps {each leg} /2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Lie on your left side on the floor, with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees
  • With heels together raise your right knee as high as you can without moving your pelvis
  • Return to the starting position
  • Complete desired reps
  • Switch legs

Donkey Kicks:

20 reps {each leg} /2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Start on your hands and knees
  • Keep your core tight and back flat
  • Raise 1 leg and keeping knee at 90 degrees
  • Push that leg as high as you can in the air
  • Lower back down
  • Repeat

Directions: Do each workout {including video} 2x a day for the next 14 days

{Special Thanks to Workout LabsWomen’s Health & Women’s Heath UK!}

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