Women’s Best Bday sale has ended


Hey friends I just wanted to let you know that the Birthday Celebration at Women’s Best has now ended! I hope everyone who wanted to was able to take advantage of the same and got some great stuff!! If you didn’t they always have great and often sales! Also, keep an eye out for my Women’s Best Haul next weekend {or once everything has arrived}

I stocked up on a bunch of powders, snacks and blender cups! I cannot wait to share and see some awesome results!

Alrighty now I’m off to the gym with my hubby! Have Thursday, may your workouts kick your butt so you crush your goals!

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Happy Birthday Women’s Best!!

Happy Birthday Womens best! To celebrate their birthday WOMENSBEST.com is having a HUGE sale…everything is up to 50% off! Head over and stock up or give some of their great products a try! I may or may not have placed three orders! Below are some of my faves!

HURRY the sale ends 8/23

Slim Body Shake


Best-selling meal replacement shake for weight loss.

Amino & Energy


2-in-1 formula. Muscle support & energy. Anytime and anywhere.

Fit Whey Protein - 2.2lb


100% Premium Whey Protein for optimal muscle growth.

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Christina Carlyle Booty Workout!

Who else loves Christina Carlyle? She is awesome and this workout from her site proves just how much she wants to help anyone achieve their fitness goals, anyone can do this workout not matter your size or fitness level!

I stumbled upon this workout a while back and honestly forgot about it. It just popped up again and I’m starting it NOW! Join me if you want some booty pop!

These butt lifting exercises use body weight and multi-directional movements so you can target all of the muscles in your glutes.  Together the best butt lifting exercises will perk up your booty quickly.

Plus, the rep count strategy we’ll be using will help lift and tight the butt, not build mass in your legs.

butt exercises - christina carlyle 

Do 3 full sets – of all 6 exercises – to complete your workout – I like to do 30 reps each! Not exactly sure how to go all the moves? Head over to Christina’s website for a video of this workout! 

Christina has a bunch of other great stuff that she offers so keep an eye over the next few week for some other great stuff!

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Booty Workout!


I don’t know about you but I’ve got some junk in the trunk and I want to tone it up! Here is a fun &  quick workout that you can do anywhere, that will help you tone up that booty!

Here is a booty quickie for you! Let do this thing!

repeatsOf course you can alter this workout to fit your fitness level by lowering or increase the reps and repeats! 

Donkey Kicks {Complete 10 reps on right leg then switch to left leg}

  • Start on all fours
  • Hands shoulder-width apart
  • Knees hip-width apart
  • Right foot flexed and leg bent, raise your right leg and press your heel toward the ceiling as high as you can
  • Tighten gluteus, then slowly return to the starting position
  • Keep your knee off the ground
  • That’s one Rep

Squat with a Kick

  • Stand with your legs wider than hip-width apart
  • Toes slighty turned out and arms straight in front of you
  • Lower into a deep squat position
  • Tighten gluteus, then slowly return to the starting position
  • From the starting position lift your right leg out to the side as high as you can
  • Lower your leg back down
  • Lower into a deep squat position
  • Tighten gluteus, then slowly return to the starting position
  • From the starting position lift your left leg out to the side as high as you can
  • Lower your leg back dow
  • That’s one Rep

Fire Hydrant {Complete 10 reps on right leg then switch to left leg}

  • Start on all fours
  • Hands shoulder-width apart
  • Knees hip-width apart
  • With feet flexed and bent knee, lift your right leg out to the side until your inner thigh is parallel with the floor
  • Tighten gluteus, then slowly return to the starting position
  • That’s one Rep

Squat with Pulse

  • Stand with your legs wider than hip-width apart
  • Toes slighty turned out and arms straight in front of you
  • Lower into a deep squat position
  • Pulse up and down for 10 counts {try to stay in a nice deep squat position the whole time}
  • Tighten gluteus, then slowly return to the starting position
  • That’s one Rep

Standing Chair Kicks {Complete 10 reps on right leg then switch to left leg}

{Get a tall chair and face it away from you}

  • Stand the length of your arms behind the chair
  • Grab the back of the seat with both hands for balance
  • Feet together
  • Lean forward slightly
  • Lift your right leg directly behind you
  • Tighten glutes, while keeping  your hips square with the chair
  • Raise your leg as high as you can
  • Lower your leg to the starting position.
  • That’s one Rep

Feel the burn!

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Pinterest Favorites {Arm Workouts}

I’ve had such a huge response to my Pinterest WOD series that I decided to continue it!


If you’re like me and often scroll through Pinterests fitness boards, then you know there are a TON of workouts for every fitness level and every fitness interest!

Over the next couple weeks I’m going to share some of my most favorite Pinterest workouts by category…you know abs, legs, etc.

Today I decided to start with arm workouts that I have enjoyed!

Always remember:

  • Push your body, but know your boundaries make sure all workouts are being done safely.
  • Increase or decrease the weight based on you fitness level
  • Increase or decrease reps to fit your fitness level

This workout is my absolute favorite arm workout, its super quick but you will feel the BURN!



This is a great video workout!


Click here for the awesome video workout!


Love this one during commercial breaks 🙂



This is a great workout if you have a little bit more time to devote!


What I love about arm work outs is that you can do them any where at any time! Seriously, you can even get a good workout in during your favorite tv show.


pinterest_logo_red copy


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YouTube Fitness Fave: BeFiT

Recenlty I discovered BeFiT on YouTube and I couldn’t be more excited!

About BeFiT

Get high-quality, free workouts on BeFit! Transform your body and workout with top fitness trainers Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda and more. Slim your waistline, tighten and tone your arms and get a great butt for free. Are you ready to be fit?

BeFiT has quickly become a daily favorite! Currently there are a TON of different videos from Pregnancy workouts to the brand new Belly Blaster Series! The range is HUGE so whether you are a beginner or advanced there is something for you! The best part? It’s TOTALLY FREE all exclusively on YouTube!

So right now I’m totally digging the

BeFiT Booty Boosters with trainer Brett Hoebel!

BeFit Booty Boosters with Brett Hoebel is a supercharged, 15 minute booty-shaping workout that employs a unique, butt-sculpting blend of strength training, body weight resistance moves and Brazilian-inspired Capoeira exercises to burn fat, activate the core, lift & shape the booty and tone your entire lower body fast! Turn up the intensity and activate your core as you sculpt the backside of your dreams with “Biggest Loser” Celebrity Trainer, Author and Fitness Expert, Brett Hoebel in this butt-boosting segment from the all new “BeFiT Booty Boosters” Fitness Series, only on BeFiT!

This one is the first one from the series “Big Butt Workout”

I love these because they are less than 15 minutes and work your booty…hard, but it that “hurts so good feeling!

Then there’s…

BeFiT Burn to the Beat Dance Intervals with instructor Keaira LaShae

Burn to the Beat: Dance Intervals gives you a fun 20-minute workout while keeping the intensity and effectiveness high. Turn up the burn and shake your booty to the beat with Fitness and Music Star, Keaira LaShae as she leads you through 4 of her favorite 20-minute routines that are sure to challenge the abdominals and uncover sexy definition for maximum results fast! Unleash your fierce side with one of the best in the business right from your own living room.

Here’s my favorite Burn to the Beat Dance Intervals: Reggaeton 

Seriously it is SO much fun and these workouts are less than 20 minutes!

Lastly the brand NEW BeFiT series BeFiT Belly Blasters with instructor Nicola Harrington

Turn up the burn and challenge yourself as you start down the road to 6-pack abs with Multi-Continental Fitness Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, and Mother of 3, Nicola Harrington in the first ab-shredding segment from the all new “BeFiT Belly Blasters” Fitness Series, only on BeFiT! Activate the core and engage all of the regions of the abdominals as you stabilize the spine, improve posture and strengthen the hamstrings to ignite your weight loss potential and with one of the best in the business, right from your own home. Say goodbye to belly fat as you crunch your way to rock-hard abdominals with result-driven, functional moves like torso twists, hand and toe touches, side lunge to side bends, standing T crunches, side lunge- low to high reaches, spider push-ups, hollow man side crunches and more! This routine can be modified to suit any level of fitness.

Here’s the first workout in this 6 week series

I gotta tell you I cannot wait until the next one! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

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The new Britni 2.0 {enough is enough}


B2.0You know that moment when you look in the mirror and you shrug your shoulders and say “well, that’s as good as it’s going to get?” I have decided that enough is enough.  No more “this is good as its going to get” no more “no I’d rather stay home”  because I have spent too long being embarrassed and insecure about my weight gain. No more pretending that I’m “totally ok with who I am” that isn’t true when it comes to my outward appearance. I know that I am not the only one and I think its time we all stand up and say enough is enough and take control of us! No matter where you are in your fitness or lack there of.

Enough not loving you

Enough comparing

Enough giving up

Enough embarrassment

Enough not thinking you are worth it


Maybe it’s because its spring, which means new beginnings that this has been in my heart and on my mind a LOT. I believe its time for us who are struggle with weight issues to take control of what may be a little weight gain or possibly out of control situation. Or, maybe its been on my mind because I have a friend who is suffering from potentially life-threatening conditions that are being exacerbated by her 280-300lbs+. I’ve tried so hard to encourage her and sadly with no avail. She has decided that she is too overweight and there is no way she can come back from it, this absolutely brakes my heart. No matter where we are, we CAN come back from anything! I don’t mean to come off harsh towards my friend because I think we are all guilty of thinking ‘nope its too late for me’ We all need a little or a lot of encouragement in our lives right?

My personal story {the cliffs-notes version}

My past: The road to my current weight was filled every emotion you can imagine, heartache, fear, pain, happiness, joy  and love. Ok, that seems totally crazy, let me explain. As a older teenager I was under 90 pounds suffering from mental and physical abuse by someone who I thought was someone they were not…so out of fear and abuse I just got skinner and skinner {I have decided not to share a picture because I don’t like seeing me that way and because I don’t want to give that look any kind of glorification.} Fast forward to being loved and adored by my now husband, getting happy and staying happy and intern gaining weight because I was so happy {ugh the irony} I was not longer in a messed up relationship based on control and fear. I was able to be me and be loved because I was me. It was at the time a healthy weight gain at I went from about 95 to 125 in a 4ish month span….but I continued to gain. Fast forward a little more to having babies that caused minimal weight gain but did however cause my midsection to stretch to the point of being bigger around then I am tall {with my twin pregnancy}

My present: I have struggled with losing the fat around my midsection and losing weight overall since 2010. I’m only 5′ tall so extra weight it very hard to carry and very painful and being 190lbs and above hasn’t been easy. It has been an uphill battle that has been so hard and yes, I have lost momentum and motivation many times and I have given up in the past. Since December 2014 I have lost about 35 pounds!!! I’m was so proud how far I’ve come and I know I still have a long way to reach my goal but thats ok, because we all have to start somewhere and sometime right? Then thing changed and sadly in late February/March of this year I lost a huge amount of momentum {because of heartache surrounding some family deaths} since then I have struggled with getting back into the swing of things. Now here we are in May and I can’t help but look back and think what would’ve been if I did not lose my momentum? Wait! no I can’t play that mind game with myself. I know a lot of you have probably been in those exact same shoes, but I’m here to tell you STOP!!! Don’t do it, Don’t beat yourself up, it is not going to help anything, in fact in my experience from years past when I play that game in my head I end up having even less motivation to restart and that’s just not good for anybody. I will not sit here and play the pity game of ‘poor pitiful me, I could have been at a weight that I wanted to be’ I’m not going to do that and I don’t want you to do it either! Each day is a new day, no matter what last night was like, the last week was like, the last month was like or the last year was like, it does not matter, today is your day to take control and start fresh!!!  Join me and take control with me today! You can do it, I know it! I can too!

Ok, I have NEVER shared a photo like this before…meaning, wearing something that to totally unflattering to my body…not sucking in NOTHING. I’m horribly embarrassed about my midsection and I’m so afraid of someone saying unkind things so I almost don’t even want to click “publish” this I think if I have shared something…anything that encourages one other person its worth it and that is a risk I’m willing to take!


My Long Term Weigh Loss Goal: 60-70 lbs {for me its more of the way I feel and look than a number}

My Short Term Goal {May}: Consistency in my weekly workouts

My Short Term Weight Loss Goal: 15-20 lbs {by the 4th of July}

What about you? I’d love to hear!

I’m going to help us stay motivated is by having weekly workout posts of fave workouts I found on YouTube and Pinterest! Please feel free to share your favorites with me!

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