Women’s Best Bday sale has ended


Hey friends I just wanted to let you know that the Birthday Celebration at Women’s Best has now ended! I hope everyone who wanted to was able to take advantage of the same and got some great stuff!! If you didn’t they always have great and often sales! Also, keep an eye out for my Women’s Best Haul next weekend {or once everything has arrived}

I stocked up on a bunch of powders, snacks and blender cups! I cannot wait to share and see some awesome results!

Alrighty now I’m off to the gym with my hubby! Have Thursday, may your workouts kick your butt so you crush your goals!

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Happy Birthday Women’s Best!!

Happy Birthday Womens best! To celebrate their birthday WOMENSBEST.com is having a HUGE sale…everything is up to 50% off! Head over and stock up or give some of their great products a try! I may or may not have placed three orders! Below are some of my faves!

HURRY the sale ends 8/23

Slim Body Shake


Best-selling meal replacement shake for weight loss.

Amino & Energy


2-in-1 formula. Muscle support & energy. Anytime and anywhere.

Fit Whey Protein - 2.2lb


100% Premium Whey Protein for optimal muscle growth.

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It’s So Goodly!

*This post has been updated: Links have been added for new items or products and links.

so-goodly-apparel_myshopify_com_logoBe Bold Be Strong Be Proud

I love seeing my kids express who they are, what they love and what they are proud of in their sports and activities! Gabbi has some super cute t-shirts from So Goodly Apparel that help her do just that! Not familiar with So Goodly? Oh my friend you need to be introduced…

Make A Statement with So Goodly Apparel:


Gabbi received two of the cutest tees from So Goodly and has been basically living in them since they arrived…I mean I would be too, they fit her amazing and are some of the softest tees she has ever worn. She LOVES these tee shirts!





The colors are so vibrant and wash amazingly well! I have washed them more times than I can recall and it has not faded or shows any wear at all!

She has worn both shirts a TON and we get compliments on them all the time and of course a lot of “Where did you get your daughter get her shirt, it’s so cute!?” I think we’ve told about 100 different moms “So Goodly Apparel, you’ll love all their stuff!”

Oh guys the best and cutest part about So Goodly Apparel is the darling boxes they send their gear in! I love the added special touch, it really made Gabbi feel so special when she opened it. She loves her beautiful box and has been storing some of her jewelry and hair bows in it!
We love So Goodly and definitely this you should check them out! Don’t worry if you aren’t a gymnast, So Goodly has other collections just have a look, click on your fave and see what So Goodly has to offer!

We hope you love So Goodly just as much a we do! Oh and they have Mama shirts too! How fun is that!

Be sure to follow them on social media and tell them @flippin.gymnast.gabbi sent you ❤️


Oh just a #LiveInprAna Wish List


Today’s #liveinprana prompt: What item in your workout ensemble needs an upgrade OR browse the new prAna collection and show us what’s on your wish list?

Since a new season it about to start {well at least where I live ;)} Of course I headed over and pursued prAna‘s website and very quickly I realized my wish list was pretty big! Have you checked out all the great stuff from they have? Something that I just love about prAna is that they are not only a fitness apparel website, there’s everything from jeans, sweaters, coats jackets, accessories and of course fantastic fitness and yoga apparel as well as yoga mats and yoga straps! There are defiantly a lot of things in both my fitness and street wardrobe that really need to be replaced and updated!

I wanted to share with you my prAna fitness wish list and prAna my street clothes wish list!!

Fitness with prAna

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Street Wear with prAna

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I love the prAna fitness apparel so much I decided to make a Pinterest board “prAna“!

What item in your workout ensemble needs an upgrade OR browse the new prAna collection and tell me what’s on your wish list!!!

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by prAna. All opinions are our own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands that support Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink community!

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