Friday Encouragement


You know that moment when you feel defeated? I know I have been there more than once, in parenting, in homeschooling and for sure in my fitness…ugh it is the worst feeling ever isn’t it? About two years ago my fitness took a rough turn due to sickness that kept delivering a one two punch every few weeks…this resulted in weight gain and a broken motivation spirit, it sucked. I was in a slump and it didn’t feel great, then I heard this above quote “YOU WILL SUCCEED, Just Keep Going!” and it was a HUGE motivation during that difficult time. During my husbands final quarter of school it was a huge encouragement to him as well. I so deeply hope it encourages you no matter what you are going through, school, parenting, marriage {also separation or divorce}, personal, fitness, whatever…YOU WILL SUCCEED…JUST KEEP GOING!

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