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catchies4We love gymnastics and I love to share about all the pretty leotards we find and the best gym equipment out there for your how gym! One thing I never talk about is something very real and plagues every single gymnast at one time or another…rips and blisters, specifically those on wrists due to grips. These are very painful and can be caused by the constant rubbing of the grips so, wristbands are a must! Wristbands create a barrier between the grip its self and the gymnasts wrist, but heres the thing not all wristbands are created equal and in fact some really shouldn’t be worn under grips {I’ve had the bloody wrist to back that up} For the most part if you look most girls are wearing the basic terry cotton sweat wristbands under their grips, but they are just not very comfortable, they are bulky and can get really itchy. Gabbi is SUPER picky about texture and I’m here to tell you those are not her cup of tea! She HATES them and if she does wear them its not fun! What the heck is a mom to do? Protecting her wrists there MUST, so, friends I would like to formally introduce you to Catchies!

About Catchies:

Created by a gymnastics coach/mom looking to shake things up and make bands FOR GYMNASTS!

Tired of the wrist and hand rips, the slippery bulky wristbands, rough fabrics, and PLAIN options….. We decided things needed to change! That is how we came up with our patented wristbands! The unique length and premium fabric and fit are softer, super-safe, and protective!


Through high quality and fun accessories, we make sure all gymnasts can show their style and train trendy!

We know gymnasts are the hardest working athletes in the world.  Catchies wants to help put the “happy” in gymnastics.

At Catchies we also LOVE our wildlife!!

We believe it is our responsibility (and we all know how responsible gymnasts are!) to take care of the at-risk animals we share our planet with! Catchies gives 10% or more to proven and trusted wildlife conservation organizations, and efforts.

Catchies is a green company with 100% RECYCLED, RECYCLABLE and/or COMPOSTABLE packaging!


catchies5After reading about Catchies I was hooked! Not only is Heather {the mom behind Catchies} the best and loves to give back but she has also created wristbands that are not only cute but they are soft and not bulky at all yet still give AWESOME protection! I love their #TRAINTRENDY! How cute is that!

catchies3From the moment Gabbi’s Catchies arrived she LOVED them! She immediately commented on how “soooooooooft” they are! They are not bulky at all, in fact they are very slim fitting! Catchies are double layered so they have give all the protection your gymnasts needs while not having the extra bulky that those above mentioned terry ones have. They did not exacerbate existing healing blisters which was a huge win!

Gabbi loves wearing them during bar and vault training. Catchies actually fit perfectly under her wrist stabilizers, she wears Tiger Paws. These can also rub and become uncomfortable without a barrier, prior to Catchies she couldn’t wear any bands under them because they were just too bulky, Catchies for the win AGAIN!


So lets be real here, one wristband pet peeve I have {since my gymnastics days} is that they snag like crazy, especially if the grips used have velcro wrist closures. Our Catchies have not snagged once at all, they look beautiful even after hours of wear!

Gabbi doesn’t wear grips full time yet and I really wanted to make sure they were used to their full capacity so her friend used Catchies during her level 7 team practice! The verdict? “AMAZING!” her mom ordered her two pair before they even left the gym, now if that isn’t a glowing review I don’t know what is! My hope is that all the teams at our gym will start transitioning to Catchies wristbands!!

Catchies currently offer nine different prints/colors with an additional customizable option! These nine styles with without a doubt have your gymnast swooning! Check em out:

You love them don’t you?! We are basically dying to get out hands on ALL the adorable prints, especially the Llama and Halloween Catchies! I love the black and white options too! Get this…these bands are $14.99 {$19.99 for the competition styles} AMAZING right! So this means your gymnasts can have protected wrists and awesome style without breaking the bank!! YAY!
I want to extend a HUGE thank you to Heather at Catchies for partnering with me! You are awesome!

Giveaway is now CLOSED and winners have been contacted!

I have a very exciting announcement!!! I have partnered with Catchies for a amazing two winner giveaway!!! That’s right not one but two readers will win a pair of Catchies of their choice!! 
Catchies Giveaway will run from October 7, 2019 – October 24, 2019. Please note all entries will be checked and those who have not followed all prompts will be removed.


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Lizatard Leotard Love {Our Favorite Leotards}

For years Lizatards has been one of our favorite leotard brands, Gabbi loves the fit and the styles! Lizatards always has so many adorable leotards to choose from, as well as sweatshirts, activewear and accessories. Oh and they have the best medal hangers ever! Today Gabbi and I would love to share her 2019-2020 season Lizatards Wishlist!

ENJOY…its a big list!


Assorted Fun Designs! {Butterfly Wings!}

Girls Gymnastics Leotards Assorted Fun Designs!

Fairy and Castle Sparkle Tank

Girls Gymnastics Leotard Fairy and Castle Sparkle Tank


Lizatards Gymnastics Dance Giraffe Pattern  Leotard in Two Colors

Tahitian Floral

hawaiian print leotard

Purple Star Pop

Lizatards Tank Leotard in Purple Star Pop


GYMNAST Sequin Stretch Zipper Front Jacket

Lizatards GYMNAST Sequin Stretch Zipper Front Jacket in One Size Fits Most

Tye Dye Capri Legging

Tye Dye Capri Legging Girls Youth One Size Fits Most

Tye Dye Stretch Shorts

pink shorts

Zebra Stretch Shorts

Lizatards Zebra Stretch Shorts

Zebra Sequin Stretch Bra Top

Lizatards Zebra Sequin Stretch Bra Top

Sequined Stretch Capri

Lizatards GYMNAST Sequined Stretch Capri- NOW in TWO Colors

Medal Hangers and Accessories:

Double Row Slinky Style Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet

silver rhinestone bracelet

GYMNASTICS Medal Holder Cut Out Display

Lizatards GYMNASTICS Medal Holder Cut Out Display Male (Boys) Or Female (Girls)

Medal Holder Display Rack Xcel Bronze

Lizatards Gymnastics Medal Holder Display Rack Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

Hair Tie Bangle Bracelet Set

Lizatards Hair Tie Bangle Bracelet Set Kids or Tween SizesI told you it was a big list 🙂 Now its your turn, head over to Lizatards and start your own Wishlist! Let us know your favorites!

Here are all the Lizatards categories with quick links so you can find exactly what you want!

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Mmmmmmm Donuts!

Guys my friends at Lizatards have done it again! They have released another stinking cute leotard! WARNING the leotard I’m about to show you will make you want some donuts!!


I’ve seen quite a few donut leotards out there but this Polka Dot Donut Leotard is my favorite print for sure, its so cute! Ok I’m going to date my self here but it totally reminds me of the beginning song of Saved by the Bell…you see it don’t you! Gabbi loves wearing this to open gym with hot pink bar shorts! Its also too cute with jeans and shorts!

YUMMMMM head over to Lizatards now and grab your Polka Dot Donut Leotard now!

Save 10% by using code: gabbi10off

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Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

If you have spent any time any where than chance are pretty good that you know Baby Shark, if not here you go…

You’re welcome, that will now be stuck in your head for the remainder of the week!

Baby Shark is like the Macarena of 2019…seriously its everywhere! One of the funniest places I’ve seen Baby Shark is during gymnastics conditioning {if you are a gymnast or dancer look it up, you love it!}

Does your daughter love and want to show off her inner baby shark at the gym? Well my friends Lizatards has made that possible with their ADORABLE new Baby Sharks Leotard! Seriously look at how cute this is!


This precious leotard comes in the purple pictured and the sweetest pink ever! It has quickly become Gabbi’s favorite leo as well as her gyms staff favorite! She had more questions about this leotard than any other one! Baby Shark has taken the entire world by storm and this leotard really makes Gabbi look the part!

Head over to Lizatards now and grab yours…Gabbi defiantly wants the pink one too! The leotard is perfect for summer gymnastics camp!

Save 10% by using code: gabbi10off

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Hazli Parents 4ft Beam!

Hazli Collection - Your Gymnastic Store
IMG_6903.jpgI’m SO excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our home gym! This amazing 4ft beam is from a company that to us called The Hazli Collection {Hazli Parents on social media} Their mission is to “make Play the foundation of Learning, to teach the WHOLE child.” Recently they introduce this 4ft beam and a 8ft folding beam that has honestly taken social media by storm! EVERYONE in the gymnastics community is talking about Hazli!
We were BEYOND thrilled when we were asked to test it out Hazli Collection 4ft Beam!!
Here’s some beam info for you:
  • Size specs: 4 feet length, 4 inch height, 4 inch wide top ( like competition beams) that tapers down to an 8 inch wide & stable base.
  • Awesome hook & loop system, meaning you can easily lengthen with a second 4ft Hazli beam to make it 8 feet long.
  • Hazli beams are filled with a soft and supportive EVA foam and covered with abrasion resistant artificial leather.
  • Hazli beams come in the pretty pink color and the traditional tan beam color.

Gabbi loves that she can carry her beam anywhere because its so incredibly light. It may be tiny but it is mighty! Its soft and squishy yet firm making it perfect for any level from toddler to advanced. Because of its light weight it can easily be toted to the park or even grandmas house to show off beam skills! I absolutely love this because Gabbi loves showing off to her grandma that she adores but sometimes my mom can’t make it to our house or to her practice, the Hazli beam is so perfect, we may even pick up another one for her house.ggps2

Honestly beam was probably Gabbi’s least favorite event and of course we can all understand why, your up high on a four inch wide plank! This Hazli beam has help her confidence SO much! You might be thinking its only 4ft what could you possibly use it for?

Gabbi  loves working on:

  • Handstands
  • Back Walkovers
  • Back Bends
  • Turns
  • Leaps
  • Press Handstands

I think this would be awesome for young beginners who need to work on balance!

The Life in Bloom has been featuring workout equipment since 2011 and gymnastics gear since 2017 so its no surprise I often get emails asking about gym equipment, one of the most common gymnastics emails I get asks about gym equipment {specifically beams} that will not take up a ton of room and fit in small living spaces. In the past I have had a difficult time answering such emails, oh my gosh guys this beam is perfect! It’s perfect for literally any size home because it can easily be stored in the closet, under a bed or wherever! 

We are SO impressed with Hazli and want to get the Pink Folding Beam so that Gabbi can use it to work on her entire beam routine! Gabbi also REALLY wants the Pink Delicious Home Gymnastics Mat.

I HIGHLY recommend heading over to Hazli and checking out all the awesome items they have!!

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Shop Girl Power Sport at Nordstrom!!

Shop small brands |vote for made in USA at Nordstrom

Did you know that Girl Power Sport is sold at Nordstrom? Check out all the new styles GP SPORT has at Nordstrom!!!
Right now The NORDY Club is doing double points!!!


2 points per dollar – as a Nordy Club member

4 points per dollar – with a Nordstrom debit card

6 points per dollar – with a Nordstrom credit card


Points Are Poppin’
March 13–17

Get all the points info HERE!

Girl Power Sport is one of our most favorite companies! It’s Washington State based and has a singular, simple belief:

GIRL POWER can change the world through KIDNESS, by GIVING BACK to the society which allows them to compete.

The Power to Play. The Power to Change. The Power to Thrive.

Girl Power Sport has increased their sewing production and are partnering with an amazing non-profit from Seattle, Refugees Artisan Initiative. Some of their sewing is now being done by refugees and immigrant women who are in the Seattle area! They plan to continue to work with these wonderful ladies, it is a great organization! Click here for a short news clip about the Artisan Refugees





Do you have a GIRL POWER story? Tag Girl Power Sport on Instagram and use #girlpower_sport


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Tumbl Trak Addie Beam!

See the source image

We have been in love with Tumbl Trak since we got the skill builder set and tumbling mat. So it’s no surprise that when the opportunity arose to get a balance beam and not just any balance beam but the Addie beam we jumped at it!

Of course the beam arrived while Gabbi was at school so I waited to open it until she got home. She was so excited to open this huge box!


IMG_1366She squealed as we set it up!  Gabbi is because like many gymnasts she struggles with beam confidence, it’s not that she’s scared but she just isn’t totally confident in her skills.

The Addie beam has become a absolute ‘must have’! It sits on the floor with purple rounded feet, which we LOVE! Gabbi adores the Addie beam and loves working on skills like turns, leaps, handstands and cartwheels.  She is so proud, so confident, and ready to conquer the world!


I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Addie beam {at any level}, especially if you have a competitive gymnast that needs to practice more at home!
What we love:

  • The Addie beam is competition width, so no learning and relearning skills because of different beam widths.
  • Its the perfect home size at 8ft!
  • Its low to ground so she can safely practice new skills at home!
  • Gabbi loves that the beam is slightly “cushy”! It has the perfect amount of padding and is so soft.
  • The Addie is PERFECT for all skills at all levels!

The Addie Beam features:

  • Its only $179
  • 8 ft long and competition width (10 cm)
  • It has the look and feel of a competition beam
  • Its covered in synthetic suede
  • It has a wood core
  • It has rounded top corners
  • The support legs are rubberized to help protect little feet


The Addie beam can easily behind and couch or under the bed. When Gabbi is not using her Addie {pretty much when she’s in bed!} we like to put it here in front of our fire place. When we have guests we just move the beam to the twins room. Though it is fairly heavy, Gabbi {little miss independence] can move the beam to where she wants it by herself. She moves one end at a time…its adorable.IMG_0764_1

Did you know that Tumbl Trak is more than just gymnastics, they have tons of great equipment in all price ranges and their customer service is AMAZING!

Connect with
See the source image
I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Stacy, James and Tumbl Trak for sending Gabbi this equipment.

*Although Tumbl Trak did send me the Addie Beam to feature I was not compensated for this post or require to give a positive review.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. 

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