Back to School + Gymnastics Leotards!

This has nothing to do with school supplies and everything to do with leotards! I’m sure many of you are like us and have moved right in to a “back to school” routine! Our gym had summer practice hours which were ok but we much rather prefer night practice so we were thrilled that Fall team practice schedules started this week YAY!

I just wanted pop on and give you a few suggestions of great places to grab AWESOME leotards! These are our favorites:

LizatardsLizatards is one of our favorite of all time companies! Not only do they have great leotards but the BEST customer service!

Girls Gymnastics Leotards Assorted Fun Designs!

Girls Gymnastics Leotards Assorted Fun Designs! $34.00

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Garland Activewear X Squishies

Custom made Gymnastic Leotards in St Augustine, Florida


You pretty much can’t go anywhere without hearing about or seeing Squishes! For good reason right? They are so darn cute! No matter where we go Gabbi has to check and see what squishes that particular store has!


So when Gabbi got the CUTEST leotard from Garland Activewear she was insanely stoked because it is none other than a SQUISHY leotard! OMG it is the cutest EVER!


I mean c’mon look at the narwhal and bear…adorable!

The leotard even came with an added surprise….an ice cream cone squishy! This was HUGE because Gabbi’s all time favorite squishes are frozen treats and food! She couldn’t get enough of it!


The Garland activewear squishy leotard is sure to become your gymnasts favorite leotard!

Garland Activewear leotard quality: This leotard is not only cute but made with the highest standards of quality! It has soft inside seams and is soft! Gabbi told me that this is one of the most comfortable leotards she has!

Here are a few more leotards that we just LOVE


Gabbi wants this mystery box SO bad!






Today is Summer Solstice! The official kick off of summer, and the longest day of the year! Celebrate with us with 21% off your online purchase of $25 or more (excludes custom design and mystery orders)! One day only so shop now! Use code SUMMER at checkout! #garlandactivewear #summersolstice

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Custom made Gymnastic Leotards in St Augustine, Florida

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New SUMMER Leotard Alert!!!!

Just in time for summer Flip Flop Leos has released the CUTEST Ice Cream and Cherry Leotard EVER!


Isn’t it just the cutest?

With a pink background, ice cream cones and cherries all over it, its sure to be a head turner at the gym for your gymnast {or heck it would be adorable with shorts!}


I’ve mentioned it before but you don’t have to have a gymnast to get your girlie leotards! They are the trendy go-to summer staple! They can be worn as leotards, bodysuits with shorts, skirts or jeans and make the best swimsuits ever.


This adorable Ice Cream leotard is $30 at Flip Flop Leos… DON’T forget that I have an AMAZING 50% coupon code going on right now! That means this cute leotard is only $15!!!!

Use code: Bloom50 and get 50% off!!



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Flip Flop Leos X The Life in Bloom Special!!


{Pictured is the brand NEW open back Gummy Bear Leotard!}

Happy Monday! Are you ready for something awesome? You all know our obsession with leotards right? Flip Flop Leos is an all time favorite. We’ve got a surprise for you all below but first…

What we LOVE about Flip Flop Leos:

  • They have amazing fit
  • There are tons of styles
  • There are lots of different sizes
  • Two awesome styles – closed or open back
  • Always Great prices
  • Wash amazing and stay like new! I’ve probably wash her pink mermaid one 3 dozen times and I swear you wouldn’t be able to tell the different between it and a brand new one, it’s still super sparkly!These leos don’t fade, flake or unravel.

We have never been disappointed with any of our FFLs, Gabbi has quite the Flip Flop Leos collection…
See I told you so 🙂 Gabbi loves these leos for gymnastics of course but they are fantastic swimsuits, any given day in the summer you’ll see Gabbi running through the sprinklers or swimming in the pool in one of these adorable leos! They also make the cutest bodysuits with shorts you ever did see! Leotards are pretty much the only thing Gabbi wears in the summer time and that’s just fine with me because these leos are so darn cute!
Want to grab your gymnast a Flip Flop Leos or two…or maybe six? Already love em and need more? Then have I got a surprise for you!

I have partnered with Debbie at Flip Flop Leos and we have an AMAZING coupon code for you!

WHAT?!?!?!!? I know right! 50% off means you can get your gymnast a whole new leotard wardrobe!! YESSSSSS! Oh, and it’s not 50% select item, it’s 50% off the entire website! Thats AMAZING and pretty much unheard of outside Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!

Use code: Bloom50 and get 50% off!!

Don’t have a gymnast? Friends, seriously if you have a daughter you cannot go wrong with leotards…they are definitely the “it” accessory right now!

Ready to go shopping? May we suggest:

NEW Arrivals

{we love these and hope to add these to Gabbi’s collection}

Open Back Leotards

Mermaid Leotards

Bargain Leotards

{please note that with Bargain Leotards not all sizes are available}:

Lots more available on the website!

If you’ve been wanting to give Flip Flop Leos a try now is the time! 50% the entire store isn’t something you’ll want to pass up!

I think we may need to add more FFLs to Gabbi’s collection!


Show Debbie and Flip Flop Leos some love and connect on Instagram!

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Debbie at Flip Flop Leos for always being so wonderful!

*Although Flip Flop Leos did send me a thank you package for partnering again. I was not compensated or persuaded to write anything I do not mean-  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. ALL images are ©The Life in Bloom & Flip Flop Leos.

NOTE: I do NOT get anything in return if you use the coupon code. 

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Lizatard Love!


Happy JUNE…wait…what the heck it’s June? Seriously May came and went in the blink of an eye!

I was thinking….it’s been a while since we’ve shared new leos hasn’t it? Hmmm well there’s no time like the present right?

If you’ve been with us for a while then you know that we love Lizatards and are thrilled to be on the Lizatards ambassador team! This month Gabbi got some ridiculously cute leos and we couldn’t wait to share them!



Two Toned Bright Chevron Leotard:

This leotard is ADORABLE & a must have for any gymnast or dancer! Gabbi usually doesn’t like two or more fabric because of the seams (they really bother her) but she adores this leo and wears it around the house and with shorts!
The pewter at the top has a beautiful sparkle to it and the tie dyed bright chevron is sparkly!


Red, White and Blue Ribbons Leotard:


This leotard is not only gorgeously patriotic but it is so comfortable (according to Gabbi of course) Gabbi was thrilled when she saw it, she loves everything and anything red, white and blue. The blue has a glistening sheen to it when the light catches it making it an attention grabber! I think we’re going to have to get Gabbi a red pair of bar shorts to go with this leo!


As with her other Lizatards leos these are of the same great quality and fit! Gabbi is so narrow making some leotards fit her in the torso but they end up being super baggy in the body, that has never been the case with any of her Lizatards! It’s truly like the sizing is based on her as the model! *Gabbi is wearing a Lizatards CM and normally wears a 6/7 in Justice clothing. 

Gabbi also LOVES and really wants these Leotards:



QOTD (question of the day)
Head over to the Lizatards website and tell us which is your favorite leotard!

We have shared with SO many moms our love for Lizatards and nine times out of ten those same moms get their daughters Lizatards too! They are ALWAYS thrilled with their Lizatards Leotards as well!

Seriously Friends you NEED some Lizatards in your life!

*there are no sales codes or affiliate link in this post, I am not making money on this post.

Be sure to check out Lizatards website, there are so many great leotards to choose from!

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Lizatards Leotards on Sale!


*This post has been updated: Links have been removed for items or products that are no longer available. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We are back from vacation…thats why I’ve been a bit missing in action! It was amazing and exactly what our family needed! YAY! It’s that time of year when the snow has finally melted {I hope it has where you live…I know its been trying to hang around in some parts of the country!} It actually starting to get down right hot! Today I wanted to share a some of Lizatards sale items…because I mean who doesn’t love a sale right? Let do this!



Lizatards Leotard Lizard

 We LOVE this so much!
Lizatards Leotard Lime Loops

gymnastics leotard
Lizatards Leotard Lime Light

Lizatards Leotard Heart of Beast Velvet


Be sure to check out Lizatards website beacuse there are a bunch more on sale and follow them on social media

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Holiday Gift Guide from Lizatards


*This post has been updated: Links have been removed for items or products that are no longer available. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Hey friends! Christmas is coming fast and I know we are busy getting shopping done or any many cases started! If you have a little gymnast then this post is for you! Gabbi and I have picked some of our favorite Lizatards Leotards to share with you and we think they would be awesome under the tree this Christmas! This post is going to be short, sweet and to the point, so here we go!

Here are some leotards we think you shouldn’t overlook and of course Gabbis favorite set!! Click the images below!

Lizatards Leotard Mermaid with Bow Back

gymnastics leotard

Girls Gymnastics Leotard Ombre and Snowcone Mesh Back Leotard

Lizatards Gymnastics Dance Giraffe Pattern  Leotard in Two Colors

Girls Gymnastics Leotard Glow in the Dark Tank Style by Lizatards

gymnast jacket




gymnastics capri

Be sure to check out Lizatards website and follow them on social media

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