Hats Full of HOPE One for One

hfoh copySeptember is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is a VERY difficult subject for most parents to talk about. 9 times out of 10 some one has been effected by a child with cancer. We have had many friends to who have had a child {or two} who has battled or is currently battling cancer. In most case these precious little ones are between the ages of 18 months and 6, but did you know that although rare some adults are diagnosed with Childhood cancers. Honestly, I didn’t know until our sweet May 2013 Bride and Groom Sarena and Booby {my hubby and I are wedding photographers} email us just weeks before their wedding telling us that he had been diagnosed with a very rare childhood cancer…his is only the 61 to be diagnosed.


Bobby continues his battle some days are good and some are not so good.

Fast forward to last summer when his lovely brand new wife asked me if I would crochet Booby some hats for him during chemo. In talking to her I learned that hats from children {and men and women} going through chemo is VERY important.  Then just a few weeks later I was contacted through my etsy shop by a young mother who’s 4-year-old daughter was going through chemo and wanted to know if I could make some super soft hats for her little girl, I of course said yes and made her a number of different hats. Over the last year I have been blessed and honored to crochet hats for not only these precious children but other and men and women who are going through chemo.

Last month I was contacted by the mom I mentioned above wanting to place an order for family who is now going through chemo with their little girl. It was after talking with her that Hats Full of HOPE One for One was born.


The Mission of Hats Full of HOPE One for One:

To donate handmade beautiful and very soft hats to children with cancer who are going through chemo and/or treatments and to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness! My hope is that when these precious brave children receive a Hats Full of HOPE hat that they will know that a stranger is thinking about them and bring some much needed cheer to their day, and of course keep their sweet head warm and cozy!

Hat Donation Info:
Donations will be made to several different Cancer Centers including local and national as well as Crochet for Cancer. (if you would like to suggest a cancer center please feel free to send me a private message!) Donations will be made in increments of 10.

Each Hat:
Is lovingly hand crocheted with ultra soft acrylic yarn (no wool due to sensitivity.) The yarn I use had been tested and approved by multiple children and adults battling cancer and going through chemo.

If you would like to place a Hats Full of HOPE One for One order, please visit Cute as a Fox!


Through the month of September each donated hat will be made in children’s sizes (from baby-teen)

Please consider supporting Childhood Cancer Research:




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