A Gallon a Day


We all know the drinking water is so good for you! Here are some awesome benefits to drinking a gallon of water a day!

Your skin will look beautiful. Drinking water helps your skin looks moisturized and glowing it will also help reduce any bloating and puffiness in your skin.

Helps you focus. Drinking enough water can ensure that your brain will have an oxidant oxygen that it needs to function at its optimal level how cool is that!

Removes toxins. You know when you drink a lot of water and you have to frequent the lady’s room well this is actually really good thing you’re reading your body of all kinds of toxins.

Better digestion. Water can seriously improve your body’s ability to break down food and remove discomfort from digestion problems. I come from a family with serious digestion issues and since drinking more water I can’t even tell you how much better I have felt.

With the awesomeness also comes a few cautions that I want to share with you if you choose to take the challenge or the plunge and drink a gallon of water a day

Not consuming enough fluids can lead to dehydration we all know that. Dehydration can be caused by a whole slue of things: excess sweating, fever, diarrhea and vomiting or even diabetes. Common symptoms of dehydration are: nausea, a sore throat, dry mouth loss of appetite for food or fluids and feeling ill.

The polar opposite of dehydration is Water Intoxication

Water Intoxication is rare but it can happen if you drink too much water too quickly. What you need to know: Drinking a gallon of water is absolutely safe if you spread it throughout an entire day but if you consume a gallon of water per hour you are at an increased risk of water intoxication and it can be deadly. Please be careful!! One of the reasons that I created my gallon jug with the times is so that I don’t overdo it.

**Drinking a gallon of water {safely} a day is more than the recommended intake but you will not have any harmful effects on your system if you are not dehydrated.

I’m not drinking a gallon of water a day because I thought it was going to cause a miracle weight-loss. Honestly the main reason that I started doing this is because I am easily susceptible to dehydration and with it getting warmer I don’t want to risk heat exhaustion as well. I don’t want to have dehydration headaches anymore. I don’t want to feel gross and sluggish because I’m dehydrated.

I’m only a few days into “30 days of drinking a gallon of water a day” I can tell you is that my skin seems brighter, I have more energy, Yes! I am peeing quite a bit more but thats totally ok with me and hey it’s getting rid of all kinds of nasty toxins in my body!

Quick and easy tips if you choose to start drinking a gallon of water a day!


Grab a gallon: find yourself either a gallon jug or do what I did and thoroughly clean and empty milk jug or orange juice jug, whatever you have!

Mark it: on my milk jug I have 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM 3 PM 5 PM 7 PM and 9 PM. This is really help me stay on track

Use a glass: I have been using a tall 24 oz canning jar. I keep my gallon of water in the refrigerator and I fill up my 24 ounce jar put a straw in it I drink that down when it’s empty I refill it and so on until my gallon is gone.

Don’t be too hard on yourself: drinking a gallon of water a day for most people is a pretty big undertaking if you start out and you don’t feel like you can drink an entire gallon don’t push yourself work up to a full gallon.

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SweatPink #1MillionMinutes

Hey guys! The SweatPink #1millionminutes campaign is moving right along and it has been so much fun!  So far more than 230,000 minutes have been logged by all the awesome participants!!!I’m so excited this week SweatPink is partnering with Grokker! Yay! What’s Grokker? It’s an awesome website that has tons of fitness and cooking videos! I have loved Grokkerfor months and really enjoy their awesome videos!Once again sweating has set up a fun little Mad Lib, as always I’m going to fill it out below but make sure that you fill out your own so that you can join in the fun!


SweatPink Grokker Mad Lib!

I’m so excited to rack up more minutes using video workouts from Grokker! There’s everything from Yoga and Barre to Cardio for everyone from beginners to advanced, and I’m especially pumped to try Barre HIIT because it will make me extra sweaty and toned.

I plan to do my video workout in my office or upstairs living {depending how hot it is} before my nightly 5k with the hubby and after family dinner. My favorite thing about video workouts is that they are at my finger tips when ever I want a awesome workout, and they’re a super convenient way to get sweaty when I’m feeling lazy.

My goal is to hit 500 minutes this week!. I’ll do Cardio Kick Fitness HIIT 2 & Barre HIIT on one of my more intense workout days, and Yoga –Tight Hip Pain Relief & Yoga – Upper Back Pain Relief,  on a rest or lower intensity day.  I challenge my SweatPink sisters to beat my # of minutes or to do  Cardio Kick Fitness HIIT 2 & Barre HIIT with me!

psst! Want more access to more of the amazing videos on Grokker? Use the code LOVEGROKKER for a free month of their premium version. No strings attached – just good sweaty fun! 🙂

Want to get in on all of the fun this week? Follow this week’s daily prompts (shown below) on Instagram. 
Monday: What does your weekly workout routine look like? Show us a week in the life! @grokkerinc #grokkermillion #1millionminutes #sweatpinkTuesday: Try a video workout on Grokker and share a workout selfie! @grokkerinc #grokkermillion #1millionminutes #sweatpinkWednesday: Show us a unique space where you’ve fit a Grokker workout in. Hotel room? Balcony? Stairway? We want to see it! @grokkerinc #grokkermillion #1millionminutes #sweatpink

Thursday: How do you squeeze in a workout when life gets crazy busy?@grokkerinc #grokkermillion #1millionminutes #sweatpink

Friday: Free Friday! @grokkerinc #grokkermillion #1millionminutes #sweatpink

Saturday: What’s your best tip for staying fit while traveling? @grokkerinc #grokkermillion #1millionminutes #sweatpink

Sunday: Sunday Zenday. Show us how you chill out! @grokkerinc #grokkermillion #1millionminutes #sweatpink

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Kick your metabolism into gear!


I can virtually guarantee that at some point you have heard the word “metabolism”,  more than likely you have heard individuals talking about their “slow” or “fast” metabolisms. Not quite sure exactly what a metabolism is or does? No worries I’ve got you covered!

Your metabolism is the internal system that turns what you eat and drink into energy. Metabolisms can fluctuate by speeding up or slowing down. Since we want in to stay sped up the question is how can we maintain a fast metabolism or signal to our body to start speeding up and burn fat? Believe it or not it is actually fairly easy! Here are five great ways to kick your metabolism into gear!


Sleep helps you body perform at optimum level during the day. Sleep deprivation can actually tell your metabolism to slow down and we don’t want that!!


Drinking water can actually speed up your metabolism so when you hear “Drink 8 glasses or more of water a day” DO IT!


By eating 3-4 small meals a day your metabolism keep burning fat for hours!



  • Avocado
  • Coconut Oil
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Flaxseed
  • Olive Oil
  • Olives
  • Peanut Butter
  • Salmon
  • Soybeans
  • Walnuts



  • Almonds
  • Apples
  • Avocados
  • Chicken
  • Chili Peppers
  • Green Tea
  • Raspberries
  • Salmon
  • Soybeans
  • Watermelon

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Skin Magic Tea {Review}


YTAbout a month ago I was contacted by YourTea, asking if I wanted to try any teas to review. I headed over to their website and couldn’t believe how many teas they offer! They have teas for, women, men, hangover, sex, weightloss, but the one that really stuck out to me was the Skin Magic Tea. I was super excited to try this tea, not because I have really bad skin but because since hitting my midish 30s my skin is dull and blah 😦

The wonderful people at YourTea sent me some pretty great stuff:


Skin Magic Tea:

This tea contains all natural ingredients so there is no icky or harmful things have to worry about. One thing that I really like about Skin Magic Tea is that it containes aloe vera. Did you know aloe vera is known for giving me a pretty great skin?

My Skin type:

I have extremely sensitive, very dry skin, with hormonal breakouts and often have red patchy uneven skin tone.

My hope for Skin Magic Tea was to give me a more healthy glowing, reduction of breakouts and evened tone. I’ve been using this tea for a little over two weeks and I’ve got to say I absolutely love it! My skin looks and feels amazing it has done everything that I had hoped it would do! My skin is healthy and glowing, I have a lot less break outs and less red blotchiness…my skin tone is very even out!!! YAY!


How it works:

Drink a half hour before or after every meal, basically this means you need to drink this tea on an empty stomach! I like to have Skin Magic Tea in the morning when I wake up or right before bed. When I drink it in the morning it really helps wake me up and makes me feel like I want to tackle the day and I love that feeling!

5How does it taste?:

Personally I love the taste of Skin Magic Tea! I have heard other people say that they think that it’s a bland tea but I totally disagree. I think that it is wonderful, I love the herbal taste. Please note that I do like to let my teabag seep for a good while in very hot water from my tea kettle.

All in all I really like Skin Magic Tea and I do recommend it if you are looking for something to help with skin issues.

Thoughts from a friend with serious acne:

My friend Carley’s dermatologist has prescribe TONS of different ointments and medicine and for months nothing worked 😦 then she gave Skin Magic Tea a try and she was STUNNED with in a month her acne was pretty much non existent!

Skin Magic Tea helps with:

  • acne
  • cystic pimples
  • eczema
  • hormonal skin
  • uneven skin tone
  • assisting digestion

Contains: Aloe Vera, Liquorice Root, Lotus Seed Heart, Jasmine, Chinese Red Tea, Bai Xian Pi

60 teabags per box $35.

I also received a box of Sex Tea


I wanted to give you a brief synopsis of what this tea is all about. I’m sure that you’re thinking “what the heck?” Sex Tea is not exactly what you think it is. Sex Tea can help with that horrible anxiety many of us get that totally crushes your mood that can cause your libido to drop.

Yes Sex Tea helps boost your sex drive and lift your mood, however, I actually prefer to drink Sex Tea to have a happy day or lift my mood not for the intended title 😉 This is one of those I usually only drink if I am having a particularly down or hard day, you know when you have no energy and don’t want to do anything. FYI if you were wondering Yes Sex Tea will help you get in the “mood”! Only use one teabag at a time. It tastes great!

Sex Tea helps with:

  • enhancing libido
  • assisting with sexual stability
  • addressing root of libido issues
  • stress/anxiety relief

3Contains: Rou Cong Rong, Yin Yang Huo, Gan Cao, Ren Shen, Green Tea, Hong Zao

40 teabags per box $25.

I do also recommend this tea as well!

Final thoughts:

Where I do love both these teas I will defiantly repurchase Skin Magic Tea & Sex Tea! I also really want to try out the Tiny Tea Detox

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September 100 Mile Challenge!


Hey guys! Wow can you believe it’s September? Hmmm, it’s a brand-new month and with a new month comes the perfect opportunity to start an awesome new challenge and boy have I got one for you! I would love for you to join my husband and me and our September 100 mile challenge !!!

For this challenge we will be hiking {and some walking & running} to reach 100 miles. If walking or running isn’t you thinking that’s you could easily turn this in to a 100 mile bike challenge!

So, today is September 2nd which means that we’re down to 29 days {I didn’t want to bombard you on a holiday with the start of this hundred mile challenge} 🙂 that’s totally okay that we are starting on the 2nd {or even the 3rd!}

For the next 29 days {including today} my husband and I will be hiking 3.5 miles, if you do the math you’ll discover that your mileage is going to be up at about 101 miles but I think it’s okay if we go mile over 🙂

I really want to encourage you to make some awesome strides with mileage month, but if you’re not an avid walk or hike or jogger this 3 1/2 miles a day may seem a little overwhelming to you! 100 miles may seem really overwhelming so there’s a perfect option for you, how about a 50 mile Challenge instead! This will round out to be about 1.74 miles per day! After dinner grab the kids get them on their bikes or put them in the stroller and head out into your neighborhood!

My husband and I are planning on getting our mileage this month on some really great local hiking trails! We are blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest which means that we are surrounded by a plethora of a different Trails {in town and out of town} In the P.N nature is no more than 10-15 minutes away NO matter where you live!! Our kids have selected their favorite trail {yes our kiddos are doing the challenge with us!} to be where we get the brunt of our mileage over the next month!

How we keep track of our milage?

My husband and I each have a Soleus GPS running watch {look for my in-depth review coming soon} I HIGHLY recommend if you are an avid runner or hiker. If this is just not an option for you at this time that’s ok!

Here are my two recommended apps {We have used these apps and really liked them both!}:


The Runtastic app tracks (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned & more) your sport and fitness activities – such as running, jogging, biking & walking – utilizing GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals! What’s more? Runtastic was recently overhauled to enhance your user experience! Take the Runtastic running app out for a run and enjoy our improved app design and navigation, optimized features & new functionality.

Runtastic FREE addition for iOS & for android – Runtastic PRO addition for iOS & for android 

unnamedRuntastic Pedometer

The only pedometer that works anywhere on your body – download it now! No set up needed, just push a button, start walking & get healthy. What’s more? Works with the M7 processor for iPhone 5s, as well!
Runtastic Pedometer keeps track of every step you take and lets you see whether you reach 10,000 steps/day, as recommended.

for iOS & for android

Is it okay if you miss a day?

That’s absolutely fine! The point of this challenge isn’t to be rigid and make sure that we all get 100 miles this month, the point of it, is to push ourselves to strive for a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our families! Please do not have to worry about it and stress out about it! If something comes up and you cannot get in your mileage that date that’s totally okay and if you can’t make up the mileage that’s ok too!

Challenge Start Dates and Mileage: 

100 Mile Challenge starting 9/2 – 3.5 miles per day.

100 Mile Challenge starting 9/3 – 3.6 miles per day.

50 Mile Challenge starting 9/2 – 1.74 mile per day

50 Mile Challenge starting 9/3 – 1.78 miles per day

Are you going to join us? Please leave me a comment telling me how and where you are planning to clock your miles this month! Throughout the month of September I will check in with our progress ever week- you should too!!!!

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The 2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is COMING SOON!!

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“Are you living your life at optimal health? Are you full of energy, with a clear mind, and your ideal weight? Do you sleep soundly every night, and maintain your optimal weight? When you eat, do you usually feel strengthened and ready to face the challenges of the day. If you said “no” to any of these questions, this bundle is for you. It’s jam-packed full of the tools you need to take control of your own health, and the health of your family.”  –The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 

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