September 100 Mile Challenge!


Hey guys! Wow can you believe it’s September? Hmmm, it’s a brand-new month and with a new month comes the perfect opportunity to start an awesome new challenge and boy have I got one for you! I would love for you to join my husband and me and our September 100 mile challenge !!!

For this challenge we will be hiking {and some walking & running} to reach 100 miles. If walking or running isn’t you thinking that’s you could easily turn this in to a 100 mile bike challenge!

So, today is September 2nd which means that we’re down to 29 days {I didn’t want to bombard you on a holiday with the start of this hundred mile challenge} 🙂 that’s totally okay that we are starting on the 2nd {or even the 3rd!}

For the next 29 days {including today} my husband and I will be hiking 3.5 miles, if you do the math you’ll discover that your mileage is going to be up at about 101 miles but I think it’s okay if we go mile over 🙂

I really want to encourage you to make some awesome strides with mileage month, but if you’re not an avid walk or hike or jogger this 3 1/2 miles a day may seem a little overwhelming to you! 100 miles may seem really overwhelming so there’s a perfect option for you, how about a 50 mile Challenge instead! This will round out to be about 1.74 miles per day! After dinner grab the kids get them on their bikes or put them in the stroller and head out into your neighborhood!

My husband and I are planning on getting our mileage this month on some really great local hiking trails! We are blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest which means that we are surrounded by a plethora of a different Trails {in town and out of town} In the P.N nature is no more than 10-15 minutes away NO matter where you live!! Our kids have selected their favorite trail {yes our kiddos are doing the challenge with us!} to be where we get the brunt of our mileage over the next month!

How we keep track of our milage?

My husband and I each have a Soleus GPS running watch {look for my in-depth review coming soon} I HIGHLY recommend if you are an avid runner or hiker. If this is just not an option for you at this time that’s ok!

Here are my two recommended apps {We have used these apps and really liked them both!}:


The Runtastic app tracks (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned & more) your sport and fitness activities – such as running, jogging, biking & walking – utilizing GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals! What’s more? Runtastic was recently overhauled to enhance your user experience! Take the Runtastic running app out for a run and enjoy our improved app design and navigation, optimized features & new functionality.

Runtastic FREE addition for iOS & for android – Runtastic PRO addition for iOS & for android 

unnamedRuntastic Pedometer

The only pedometer that works anywhere on your body – download it now! No set up needed, just push a button, start walking & get healthy. What’s more? Works with the M7 processor for iPhone 5s, as well!
Runtastic Pedometer keeps track of every step you take and lets you see whether you reach 10,000 steps/day, as recommended.

for iOS & for android

Is it okay if you miss a day?

That’s absolutely fine! The point of this challenge isn’t to be rigid and make sure that we all get 100 miles this month, the point of it, is to push ourselves to strive for a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our families! Please do not have to worry about it and stress out about it! If something comes up and you cannot get in your mileage that date that’s totally okay and if you can’t make up the mileage that’s ok too!

Challenge Start Dates and Mileage: 

100 Mile Challenge starting 9/2 – 3.5 miles per day.

100 Mile Challenge starting 9/3 – 3.6 miles per day.

50 Mile Challenge starting 9/2 – 1.74 mile per day

50 Mile Challenge starting 9/3 – 1.78 miles per day

Are you going to join us? Please leave me a comment telling me how and where you are planning to clock your miles this month! Throughout the month of September I will check in with our progress ever week- you should too!!!!

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FlipBelt GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Remember last month when I told you all about FlipBelt – the coolest fitness accessory ever? {Read it HERE!} GUESS WHAT?!?!? I’m giving one away!!


the “FlipBelt” printed on the belt is a reflector!!!

unnamedIs it comfortable?

Yes! Recently our family went on a fairly long mountain hike, since I of course had my FlipBelt I carried my phone & our car keys {notice in the photo the keys are quite bulky} I couldn’t even tell I was carrying anything! Since the belt is double layered there is no poking or jabbing!

Does it stay on?

Yes! Honestly I was a little concerned that it would slip down during my more active workouts. I’m here to tell you that is just NOT the case! It doesn’t matter what my work out it…Running, weights, HIIT, Battle Rope…It has never once slipped no matter how many times I have ‘tested’ it!

What I LOVE about FlipBelt:

  • Awesome Colors {I love my hot pink!}
  • VERY comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Very Easy to put on and take off
  • Stay put and snug on hips
  • Only costs $28.99
  • Perfect to wear while running, hiking, biking, and pretty much any activity including just playing with the kids
  • Reflective Lettering {you can wear it in either the front or the back!}

A few things I wouldn’t put in my FlipBelt {since these items are very small they could find a way to slip out}

  • Coins
  • Jewelry {like wedding ring or earrings

Bottom Line: If you are active – {Hiker, runner, gym lover} and want to be hands free but still have all your ‘stuff’ then the FlipBelt was tailor-made for you!

You can purchase a FlipBelt HERE


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