Homeschool in the Woods: 20th Century in America Lap Pak {review and GIVEAWAY!!}

I was provided with this Lap Pak from Homeschool in the Woods in exchange for my honest review and thoughts. See my full disclosure policy.

HomeSchoolintheWoods-LOGOHi guys! I am beyond excited to share Homeschool in the Woods: 20th Century in America Lap Pak with you today! Today is all about the 20th Century in America this Pak is perfect for grades 3-8 but fear not if you have younger kiddos! Homeschool in the Woods also has Benjamin Franklin and Knights for grade K-2!


Ok so you might be thinking “What is a Lap Pak?” Lap Paks are basically a themed lapbooks! The 20th Century in America Pak covers a boarder range subject yet still remaining with the theme of the “20th Century”!

I have loved Homeschool in the Woods and how all their curriculum is hands-on, which is a MUST with my kiddos!  and they are BEAUTIFUL!! This is our first Lap Pak and let me tell you it  is beautifully put together and presented in a way that is extremely fun and engaging for my fourth-grader as well as my kindergartners! I’m all about curriculum that all the kids can do!

The 20th Century in America Lap Pak has been the perfect addition to the American History unit we started our school year with!


These Lap Pak comes in either a download version or a CD version

With The 20th century in America Lap Pak you get:


Reading Text Directions

Text Assignments & Project Directions

Printable Booklet in two different sizes – 5.5″ x 8.5″ BOOKLET FORMAT & 8.5″ x 11″ FULL-SIZE BINDER FORMAT

22 Different Printable Projects including:

  • World Wars
  • Other conflicts
  • Political Events
  • Movements that made a mark in history
  • Modern Missionaries
  • Disasters
  • The Stock Market Crash of 1929
  • Science & Invention in the 20th Century
  • Medical Advances
  • The Space Race
  • Art Movements of the Modern Era
  • Accomplishments in Architecture
  • 20th Century Authors and their Literature
  • Music of the Century
  • Transportation in America
  • News & Media of the 20th Century
  • Sports Figures who made their mark in History
  • People of interest
  • Diner Menu “Dining through the decades”
  • Fashion through the decades
  • Slang Terminology
  • Timeline of the 20th Century

Why I LOVE Lap Paks:


  • They required very little prep from me…really all I have to do is print out what we are working on! {I like to print out as I go, but you could easily print out the Lap Pak in its entirety}
  • It is a work at what ever pace works for that particular day! Some days we will cover 2 or 3 sections and the next day only 1.
  • It is a great study to use when the whole family is sick and you NEED low key but the kids want fun…Trust me two days after getting our Lap Pak the kids all got sick {thank God for my Thieves and RC essential oils they saved us!}
  • It comes with EVERYTHING! No hidden ‘oh well you also need….’ The Lap Pak activities, are mostly coloring, cutting and gluing. Like I mentioned above there is a booklet included to help walk you through each study section and activity. I have found that this perfect to read while the kids are doing their activities!


This Lap Pak has been awesome! My oldest son LOVES history especially American History and Wars {just like his Dad!} As we were reading in the very first section “World Wars” it opened up many doors of discussion. We were able to talk a lot about my grandpas service and how he helped liberate an island in the South Pacific under Gen. MacArthur during WWII and how he is a Hero whether he believes it or not. When we read the section about


Vietnam we talked about my Uncle and his service {Screamin Eagles 101st Airborne} How he joined VERY young and the horrible things he went through and saw {he came home early with a significant land mine injury – his best friend died because of that land mine} My son knows that his Great Grandpa and Great Uncle are Heros!

IMG_4599During the Cold War section the Berlin Wall is discussed. This prompted a more in-depth study of the Berlin Wall from it rising in 1961 until 1989 when families and friend who were separated were able to reunite once again. This was extra special an emotional for me. My oldest brother was stationed in Germany in 1989 and I will NEVER forget the famous words from former President Reagan “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Then the phone call from my brother telling us that people were crossing. I was younger than my oldest son is now but I will never forget what it felt like to watch the footage of the wall getting jumped over and chiseled away! I’m thrilled with the 20th Century Pak and how it prompted so many conversations. Thank you Homeschool in the Woods!

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Special Thank You to Homeschool in the Woods for providing me with this wonderful 20th Century Lap Pak!!

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