2014-2015 Curriculum {4th/5th & K/1st}

CurricChoicesI cannot believe that summer is almost over! This year we decide to take the summer off. There was just so much going on, including my moms 70th, my grandfather’s 98th {and subsequent illness that has us waiting to get the call that he has gone to be with the Lord} The biggest reason we decided to take off the summer is because of my husbands summer term {I mentioned in the past he is currently working towards his Bachelors/MBA} We wanted to make sure we got as much family time as possible before the Fall/Winter semester starts for him {next week} Ahhh I digress…lets talk Curriculum!

We are really excited for the 2014/2015 School year to begin! As always I’ve selected a very eclectic homeschool Curriculum {meaning I don’t strictly do a curriculum in a box, Classical, or  Charlotte Mason. I fall in the category of, well…eclectic!} If I told you that all of our school curriculum has been selected and we know exactly what we’re going to do for every single subject, well…I would be lying to you. The reason being that I’m still trying to decide between a couple different things, so look for a more in-depth ‘curriculum by grade’ post in September!

All Together {as a Family}:

Our family is very spoiled, my husband’s office is downstairs! He works from home 100% of the time, which means that he is very involved with our children’s homeschooling!

My husband and I want to instill faith, humility, honor and character in our children. Here are some of the resources we will be using to accomplish this:

Along with all of our Bible time together we will also together do:


4th/5th Grade: {Boy}

As usual Elias will be participating in our  Thursday ‘co-op’ throughout the school year! Classes he will be taking include Archery, Pottery, Leatherworking, Woodworking & Theater!

*Please note Elias is doing a mixture of 4th & 5th grade this year to ensure he is working at his level for him! These are all the ‘main’ books for the subjects we have a many ‘filler’ resources. I’m planning to having a large post coming up in late September about some of my favorite resources.


Kindergarten/1st: {Boy & Girl}

I would really like to find a local “school age” play group. I’m not interest in a co-op for the twins. We shall see what happens.

* Please note that the twins will be working at their paces, so if they don’t accomplish anything in for ‘first grade’ that’s absolutely okay! If they’re anything like their brother they were all in excel in certain subjects, I just wanted to be prepared.

My husband and I also have some really fun family field trips and activities planned for the school year!

Coming Soon! {Back to School Edition}

  • ‘Back to School’ Reviews and Giveaways
  • Just for you Mom: Homeschool Mom’s Bible Giveaway
  • Our 2014/2015 full Schedule
  • How we Organize our School Room {Next week!}
  • Amazing History Book List
  • How We Decide on our Curriculum
  • Our Day: A day in the Life of a Homeschooler
  • AND what you’ve been asking for since May:  My 2014/2015 Homeschool Planner {I’m running a little late and I apologize. Look for it later this month!}


Don’t forget to head over to the Not-Back-To-School Hop and see more 2014-2015 curriculum! It’s always fun to see what cool resources families are using this year! Who knows you might learn about something you would like to incorporate in your curriculum!  

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Homeschool Mom’s Bible {NIV} Review

photo 1-1As moms we are used to meeting everyones needs and making sure that our families spiritual life is growing…as homeschool moms we are used to having over filled plates. Not only do we feel we are responsible for our children’s spiritual journey and their education and making sure that our children are socialized without being taking over by socialism! Then add in daily schooling, activities, church, ect… I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to get a copy of The Homeschool Mom’s Bible to review! It was in March when my husband and I were having the every important “without the kids” Barnes and Noble date! We were perusing the tiny Bible section and I came across The Homeschool Mom’s Bible. I flipped through it and feel in love…alas…we are home owners, parents, and have bills so the bible was not in our budget. So I prayed that somehow I would be able to get the bible. There was more than once when our budget had to go to repairs, shoes for the kids, you know…THEN I got an email…The Homeschool Mom’s Bible would be available to review then very next week!!!!! I was BEYOND thrilled…yes I cried! Ok, enough about that!

About the Homeschool Mom’s Bible

It comes in either NIV or KJV with 366 Days of  Devotions by Janet Tatman {a veteran homeschooling mother with more than 25 years of homeschooling experience}!

photo 3

Janet did an amazing job with the devotions, they are extremely encouraging almost like chatting with a “been there, done that” friend! They have been spot on every single day. I truly felt like the Lord spoke through Janet’s words to the depths of my heart weather I was happy, sad, overwhelmed or discouraged.  On the cover of the bible there is a little tag that says “Encouragement” and that is exactly what this bible doe, it encourages homeschool moms in their day-to-day life. I really recommend this Bible for all homeschooling women. I think it is very important that women/moms stay in the Word and this is perfect! If you {or someone you know} wants a bible that gives daily encouragement, you will not go wrong with the Homeschool Mom’s Bible.

photo 2-1

Please note that the Homeschool Mom’s Bible is NOT study Bible, so there are not footnotes and extras.

What the publisher is saying:

Heartfelt Inspiration to Revive, Encourage, and Strengthen the Homeschooling Mom

If you’re on an airplane, you’re instructed, in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, to put on your own oxygen mask before helping your child. The reason? If you don’t have a supply of oxygen, you won’t be able to help anyone else.

The same is true for the rest of life: you can’t give what you don’t have. And as a homeschooling mom, you pour yourself out every day for the sake of your children. Yet how do you fill yourself up? Where do you get your spiritual oxygen?
Now you can be filled and restored by the original Bible for homeschool moms—with a full year’s worth of encouraging daily devotions placed alongside the clear, accessible text of the NIV Bible. These heartfelt, practical readings written by Janet Tatman, a former homeschooling mom, cover topics such as finding strength to keep motivated, avoiding burnout, staying focused and committed, navigating the needs of toddlers while educating siblings, managing schedules, delegating tasks and chores, setting boundaries, and most importantly, maintaining proper soul care while juggling educational and household responsibilities.

The words of these devotions will breathe life into your soul so that you can successfully run the race.

I received a copy of the Homeschool Mom’s Bible from the publisher for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I was in no way persuaded to give a positive review.