Keyboarding for the Christian School Elementary e-book {Review}

photoDo you remember 2nd-4th grade keyboarding? I totally do! Remember that NEW thing called a computer {only a child of the 80’s huh} I remember it getting boring fast and droning on and on and on. Well, let me tell you keyboarding has totally and completely changed! At the beginning of our school year I was given the great honor of reviewing Keyboarding for the Christian School ebook for Leanne Beitel! I was super stoked about Keyboarding for the Christian School… because honestly when it came to the subject of keyboarding for my kiddos I was at a total loss at what to do {I know I’m not the only one!!} All I knew was that I wanted something fun and structured! I was beyond thrilled when I opened Keyboarding for the Christian School ebook and couldn’t wait to start it with my oldest son!

Keyboarding for the Christian School Elementary edition  comes in either NIV or KJV versions and you can get it regular print and large print! AND you can even get a hardcopy! The book is broken down into 6 sections with a total of 32 lessons for grades K-5! It starts with basic keyboarding skills and progressively increase in difficulty. At beginning your students learn key placement and work up to typing Scripture as copywork which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!


How the lessons are laid out:

  • Lessons 1-20: Alphabetic Keys
  • Lessons 21-25: Numbers and Symbols Keys
  • Lessons 26-29: Number Pad
  • Lesson 30: Centering Vertically and Horizontally
  • Lesson 31: Enumerated Lists
  • Lesson 32: Timed Writings

Here is what a lesson looks like {each lesson takes from 10-20 minutes in our experience}


I really love the ebook version. It’s so easy to access! I love that my son is able to grab the iPad and open it up and pick up at his next lesson! IMG_0987But honestly I think that my most favorite part is that he enjoys it! He has so much fun and after every single lesson has asked it if can peek ahead and see what tomorrows lesson will be! As a parent…as a homeschooling parent that is something to truly love!

I also love the bible verse copy work…and so does my little man!

I highly recommend this to all parents…not just homeschoolers!  It is such a great program! Got older kids…Keyboarding for the Christian School has you covered with the 6th and up edition! Don’t forget to check out the FREEBIE page!