I am Ruth: A Story of Loss, Love, & Legacy {Book Review}


When I heard The Mom’s of Master Books would be getting “I am Ruth” this month I was so excited! Ruth is one of my all time favorite books. At 12 my girls discipleship studied the book of Ruth for the winter and spring.  Shortly before we started Ruth my best friend was killed because of this I was able to identify when Ruth and Naomi faced life after loss.  I was REALLY able to identify with the rediscovering of their faith. IMG_0983 I had to learn to trust God just like Ruth. In the years since then there has been all kinds of pain and heartache in my life, but Ruth is always there giving me encouragement to go on because God has a plan. The road getting there is sometime extremely painful but God is always faithful to provide for his sons and daughters.

807ae10c873e15ab649c2423a39f0277I am Ruth the story Loss, Love and Redemption. This is a wonderfully beautiful book that you will want to read over and over again. The author Brenda Duff shares the book of Ruth in it entirety though out I am Ruth. She tells the story of Ruth through stunning photos photographed by Kenneth Berg. The photo are absolutely amazing and truly take you back in time to follow Ruth’s amazing journey.

We see in the book of Ruth God’s plan for us rolled out. Ruth married Boaz, and they had Obed who grew up and had Jesse who grew up and had David… WOW! It’s absolutely amazing to see God mighty hand in this book!

Get ready to take a journey through time with this  96 page, hardback, with beautiful full color book without leaving your living room! I love that Kenneth Berg’s stunning photos were actually taken in Israel, near the location where Ruth’s life took place. It makes is come to life!

Here are a few of my favorite pages out of I am Ruth:


Such a beautiful and touching verse



IMG_0981 IMG_0980

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More about the I am Ruth:

Let the scriptural account, the breathtaking photos, and the deeper insights help you look afresh at this enduring true story of love from tragic loss.

  • View the vivid, full-color images from within Israel and near the historic locale of Ruth’s life.
  • Survey the social and cultural details that come alive to enhance your understanding of this profound story of loss, faith, loyalty, and love.
  • Better understand the important biblical and genealogical connections.

One of the most beloved and enduring accounts of the Bible, Ruth’s story is one of tragedy. Here is the true account of a young widow who chooses to leave the land of her birth for the unknown lands of her mother-in-law, Naomi, who is returning home bitter and angry at God for the loss of her husband and two sons.

More than just a simple love story, I Am Ruth is about courageously facing life after loss, rediscovering faith, and fearlessly placing yourself and your future in God’s loving hands. This text brings to light the full humanity found in the biblical account, and makes it personal for every reader who has suffered in life’s shadows longing to see God’s plan.

Disclaimer:   I received this books for free from New Leaf Publishing Group Moms of Master Books division.  I received a complimentary copy in return for an honest review.