Homeschool in the Woods Knights Lap Pak {Review & Giveaway}

I was provided with this Lap Pak from Homeschool in the Woods in exchange for my honest review and thoughts. See my full disclosure policy.


Remember last month when I did a Homeschool in the Woods Lap Pak review and giveaway? {Although the giveaway is over you can read the review here} Ever since then I have been absolutely in love with Homeschool in the Woods and they’re a Lap Pak!

I’m beyond thrilled that Jaron {from Homeschool in the Woods} and I have teamed up again!! To bring you the KNIGHTS Lap Pak! The awesome family at Homeschool in the Woods graciously sent me the Knights Lap Pak! Thank you!


The Kinights Lap Pak is a bit different from the 20th Century in America Pak because it is geared to the younger age: kindergarten through second-grade, where as the 20th Century Lap Pak was for 3rd to 8th grade!

What does this mean? The booklet is a little bit smaller than the 20th Century which is great for my kindergartners, and there is more coloring, cutting and gluing, again perfect for my little ones!

So let’s jump in! I want to tell you all about the Knights Lap Pak!


The booklet is 24 pages and absolutely wonderful!  It is written from the perspective of one of the Knights thus making it really come alive for the kids! Within the booklet the sections are broken into small chunks perfect for kindergarten through third grade!


Some of the sections included in the Knights Lap Pak:

  • Dawn of the Knights
  • What is the “Knight” ?
  • Becoming a Kight
  • Tournaments
  • A Knights Armor
  • The Code of Chivalry

And so much more!

IMG_5706 IMG_5707 IMG_5705Something that I love about this Lap Pak is that there was very little prep time for me! I just went ahead and printed out all the activities for all three children (I included my fourth grade son as well! He LOVED it and had a great time!)

Once again Homeschool in the Woods went all out with their beautiful hand drawn illustrations! Like the other Lap Pak this is a very flexible program! We can do what we want when we want to do it. There were some days when we would only do 1 or 2 sections, where as two days ago we ended up doing 4 sections!

The Lap Pak is perfect for those low-key when just hanging out at home no coops or outings! It is perfect days when you have sick little ones too! Now that we’re coming into that season where he want to stay more indoors this study is absolutely perfect!


How long do it take to complete?

We decided to do this Lap Pak over a two-week period. We did not work on the study all 14 days however we did it most days and did little bits and pieces at a time! It could easily be broken down into a month study or longer if that is what you prefer.

Like I mentioned above this Lap Pak requires quite a bit of cutting, coloring and gluing which my kids loved, even though my middle son is not big on coloring he had a great time with it and really enjoyed the coloring…he even asked to do more!{thank you so much Homeschool in the Woods!}


During the course of the study, while the kids were working on their activities, I would read some books that we got from the library (we pretty much got any book we can find about Knights!) For my older son we checked out some of the Magic Treehouse books about Knights for him! They were great and he loved them.


I absolutely adore this Lap Pak and my children love it so much at this is definitely going to be one that we do every single year and go over again and again throughout this year!

I’m not gonna let you go home empty-handed! Remember above when I mentioned that I’ve partnered again with  Homeschool in the Woods? Well guess what I am again giving away a Homeschool in the Woods Lap Pak of your choice! How cool is that!

Get it HERE!


I’m so excited to be partnering with Homeschool in the Woods for an AWESOME giveaway! The winner will get to pick their favorite downloadable Lap Pak! {choose from 20th Century (grades 3-8), Knights orBenjamin Franklin (both – grades K-2)

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Special Thank You to Homeschool in the Woods for providing me with this wonderful Kinights Lap Pak!!

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