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Happy Friday and Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone has a ton of fun plans to celebrate today! I know we do 🙂

Before we all head off to do our fun Fourth of July activities, I wanted to share with you a fun way to use your Citrus Essential Oils!

3074In our house were all about hydration, especially in the summertime! Usually we feel like we’re the weird family with the weird kids…when we go over somebody’s house for dinner or a birthday party our kids are the ones who ask for ice water. They would pick water over any beverage, any day, any season! My husband and I love this. Here’s the thing though, I know a lot of people who don’t like water. This is a totally new concept to me because I love water SO much! By simply adding Young Living essential oils to you water, that dislike for the taste of water will disappear!

I’m sure this will shock all of you but our family loves adding Young Living Essential Oils to our water! You just won’t believe how delicious it is! {*When ingesting essential oils it is very important that you use “100% therapeutic grade essential oils” for that reason this recommendation ONLY pertains to Young Living Essential Oils}

Our favorite oils to “Spike” our water with

  • Grapefruit
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Tangerine
  • Citrus fresh
  • {Peppermint} although not a citrus it is unbelievably refreshing

How to “Spike” a glass of water? It’s easy! Just add a few drops of the Citrus oil of your choice to a glass of water! *remember when it comes to essential oils a little goes a long way! If you want a little bit of a stronger taste add a drop more! The amount you add with probably differ from your spouse or friends because we all have different tastes. For example I like to add 4 drops of Grapefruit essential oil to my water, my hubby prefers 1-2. I would highly recommend starting with 2 drops then going from there! {Tip: If you add too much citrus oil and the taste is too strong fear not…simply transfer to a larger glass and add some more water!}

*Do you struggle with anxiety issues, tummy/intestinal issues or fluid retention? If so adding Young Living Essential Oils to your water may really help you out! I DO suffer from some of these issues and I can tell you firsthand simply drinking a few drops of citrus to my water has changed my system so much!
Here’s a few things that you need to know about “spiking” your water with the citrus oils from Young Living!

First things first. Like I mentioned above, when ingesting essential oils it is very important that you use “100% therapeutic grade essential oils” for that reason this recommendation ONLY pertains to Young Living Essential Oils. Please DO NOT take a chance.

Next, I’ve heard a lot of people really freak out when they hear you need to always be sure to drink your citrus oils from a glass {not plastic or styrofoam} Their first remark very often is “oh my gosh if it’s going to deteriorate a plastic or styrofoam cup won’t it do that to my insides?!” Rest assured it will not! Our bodies all have petro-chemicals and actually the citrus oils help our bodies detox and flush chemicals.

Always drink from a glass when using citrus oils. This can either be a glass such as a mason jar, a glass tumbler or a glass water bottle.  Did you know that you can even get stainless steel straws?  You can find some of my favorites HERE. Do to the fact that the oils can breakdown plastics and other synthetic materials, it’s always best to use glass or stainless steel.

Citrus oils are just all-around amazing!  I love drinking them because they taste good! They also have a lot of really cool benefits such as

  • Detoxing your body
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Dissolving fat

Win win right?!

Citrus oils are very inexpensive. You only need to add a few drops in a glass of water to get a yummy citrus flavor. Of course you can add more if you would like a stronger taste. {If you would like more information about ordering Young Living Essential Oils, follow the links at the end of this post!}3560

Young Living Citrus Essential oil come from the rinds. This means that they are not acidic and you don’t have to worry about these oils hurting the enamel on your teeth!!

Here’s a few fun tips,
Don’t feel like you only have to use one oil! I LOVE Grapefruit and Lime…unbelievably delicious! My husband loves Orange and Lime & Lemon and Orange! My kids all love Lemon and Lime! The combinations are truly endless! Don’t be shy, make up your own delicious citrus drink! Oh and Peppermint and Lemon or Peppermint and Orange is absolutely delightful!

Citrus oils aren’t just for water! Spike your tea! We have been doing this all summer and we love adding Orange to our sun tea! Grapefruit, Tangerine and Lime are really good in it as well!

So here’s my challenge if you have some Young Living citrus oils start drinking a glass of citrus water in the morning, I think you will be really surprised with how much better your body starts functioning!

**Citrus oils are photosensitive oils so it is best to avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours if using on exposed skin

Do you drink Citrus oils in your water? I’d love to know your favorite!3602

**Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I’m just a mama sharing our family’s experiences this information is based upon my personal research and use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. My recommendations are based on the pure therapeutic quality of Young Living Essential Oils only.  Other oils may not be 100% pure or safe to use in this way.

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Not quite ready? To learn more about Young Living Essential Oils HEREAlso check out the Oil Droppin Mama section here at The Life in Bloom!  Please don’t hesitate with any questions!

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