Fall Tights! Featuring Berkshire Hosiery

Berkshire Hosiery

I hope I’m not the only one who is THRILLED about the cooler weather we are getting {at least in PNW…I know it’s still HOT in many places still}

With colder weather comes so many great things…hot tea and coffee, hoodies, boots, beanies and TIGHTS! I LOVE love tights so when the opportunity arose for me to share Berkshire tights here I thought HECK YEAH! Well wouldn’t you know the day my tights arrived it was hot…it hadn’t been above 65 in weeks then all the sudden we are up in the 90s?!? What in the world! So I waited, and waited and waited more, because I do NOT like wearing tights when its sweaty out! Finally last week the temps dropped and the weather grew very chilly {hence the first sentence above!} I was so excited to break out my new tights. We were heading out the store and it was 50 degrees and raining, perfect tights weather! I picked these super cute grayish ribbed ones to wear shopping!


They are called “Easy On” seriously they were the quickest and easiest tight I have ever put on! They fit amazing and are SO comfortable. You know how some times when you wear tights they slide down and it just doesn’t feel right? That DIDN’T happen with these!


I got two pairs  of the “Easy On” style one in gray rib and the other in black {non ribbed} I LOVE both of them. Somehow even though they are thick and cozy they are not hot.

I also received a pair of Berkshire “Firm all the way” tights. Which have all kinds of support and give you a booty lift and a tummy tuck 😉 These are different from the “Easy On” they are tighter with less give, giving you a smooth and slick silhouette!

I love these tights and will probably wear them out before winter is over!


I cannot wait to get more especially the purple and red Easy On tights!

About Berkshire:

What’s better about Berkshire than the competition?  The simple answer is everything! Berkshire Hosiery is simply the finest made, best fitting, sexiest looking hosiery on the market.

Berkshire Hosiery is manufactured in the USA using the finest materials from all over the world.

Use code:


for 15% off all Berkshire purchases until 10/31/16 AND free shipping. (This code applies to their website: www.eberkshire.com)

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Alexa and Lipton Publicity  Inc. for sending these adorable tights!!

*Although Lipton Publicity/Berkshire did send me this brace to feature I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. I am NOT affiliated with Amazon and will not make any money at all if you buy using one of the links, so please feel free to use the links provided above! 

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Women’s Scala Ribbon Sun Hat Review


Recently I was sent the Women’s Scala Sun Hat in Fuchsia to review. {This beautiful hat is from the Scala Collezione collection} I like to keep my head covered in bright sun however I have had a difficult time finding a sun hat that I like, I don’t an uncomfortable or heavy weaved hat…no one want that on a hot sunny day. This hat is perfection!  It has an awesome 4 inch brim really protects my face, neck and head from sun exposure, which is fantastic because it the summer my kids pretty much live in the pool!  Not only is this hat functional but it is very pretty, with a cute bow and made from a ric-rac style ribbon making it light and airy while it protects!


Don’t let the prettiness fool you, it more that just a pretty hat, it also has UPF 50+ UV protection and is made from a 70/30% cotton/poly blend.

This hat also has great pack ability and recovery. Because of its light weight it bounces back into shape with extreme ease…yay no more smushed ruined hats. It can easily stored in a beach bag or purse with out the fear of ruining it.


This hat is ideal to wear:

  • Sitting in the sun reading or watching the kids
  • By the Pool
  • At the Lake
  • On a Walk
  • While Gardening
  • Couple with a sun dress for days night


It is one size fits all and comes in colors including  turquoise, lime, fuchsia, white, natural, tan and black. This is my second Scala hat and they are both very high quality and I really recommend!

*Although Lipton Publicity did send me this product to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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Get a beautiful home pedicure with Emjoi


Who doesn’t love getting a pedicure? There is nothing quite like relaxing at the spa or salon while you get pampered! Ooh I love it , however regular pedicures can get pretty expensive so honestly I rarely go and just end up giving myself a pedicure at home. Unfortunately there is a defiant downfall to a home pedicure…I never get the same effect at home, the salon/spa always seem to have tools that I don’t have nor are readily available, this is a real bummer because I am plagued with horribly calloused and crack heels/feet and they really need help! I’ve tried so many things the most common being the Pumice Stone and Pedi Egg. The pumice stone worked ok and the Pedi Egg worked pretty well, but the honesty both left my arm sore since it takes a good 30 minutes to get one heel smooth…so lets be real here…I rarely do this step. I just do a nice foot soak, lather my feet in coconut oil, body butter or foot treatment lotion and call it good.


Then I got the  Emjoi Micro-Pedi! I about freaked at how QUICK and EASY it was to get beautiful smooth and callous free feet, and it seriously it took a couple of minutes to get rid of some really ugly rough spots and has worked magic one my deep cracked heels!!!

Whats so great about the Emjoi Micro-Pedi?

  • The Micro-Pedi’s awesome blue roller spins around 30 times a second and buffs callouses, cracks and rough spots effortlessly! No more sore arm from scrubbing your heels manually, the Emoji micro pedi does the work for you!
  • The Micro-Pedi is totally safe to use, if you press too hard it slows and makes it virtually impossible to cut or burn your feet. I had zero discomfort {psst…after getting mine I ordered my mom one too and she said it has never given her any kind of discomfort what so ever!}
  • The Micro-Pedi is the perfect size for travel! Have a tropical summer vacation? Don’t forget to pack a Micro Pedi. Although I think this guy is a perfect size for travel some may not, fear not there is a smaller travel size available!


  • The Micro-Pedi has a great price tag  $39.95! It’s worth every penny!
  • The Micro-Pedi is battery operated {requires 2 x AA batteries} and has rubberized grip making it super easy to hold on to.

Are you dying to get your hands on Emjoi Micro-Pedi? Get yours here.

*Although Lipton Publicity did send me this product to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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TKO Running Belt


As I have mentioned in the past I love TKO! So when I was approached to do a review on their Running Belt I was thrilled.

IMG_9139 copy

TKO was founded by Garry Kurtz in 1996, and what started as a boxing equipment company has evolved into a brand that offers everything from health and fitness equipment to accessories and apparel.

The TKO Running Belt is very affordable $12.99 and comes in four trim colors it’s

  • Water Resistant Design
  • 2 Expandable Pockets
  • Adjustable Waist Band
  • Reflective Trim
The TKO Running Belt is similar to the FlipBelt except instead of being a band the TKO has a buckle so no pulling it up or pulling it down over you head making it more functional in my opinion.
IMG_9147 copy
The TKO Running Belt is made out of very stretchy spandex/lycra type material. There are two zipper pockets, the smaller one can easily hold ID, debt cards, a snack bar {or what ever you fancy} the larger pocket can fit my iPhone 6+ {this was a concern when the belt arrived because it honestly doesn’t look like it could possibly stretch that much…but it amazingly does!}
IMG_9146 copy
Let me be honest with you for a minute…as soon as this arrived in the mail {it was actually lost and then delivered to another house in our neighborhood…thankfully we have great neighbors who brought it to us!} My husband totally took it over he is a long distance runner so he loved it at first sight! We hike a LOT and it has been a great addition. Before he would carry our full size camelbak backpack, which is great when we are doing serious hikes but when we are just doing a quick 4 miler it seems a little excessive, that’s when the TKO fitness belt comes into play. It also is awesome for HIIT workouts! With the zipper pockets you know your phone is secure no matter how much jumping, burpees or running you are doing!
IMG_9145 copy
The belt fits very comfortably, you almost can even tell you are wearing it because it’s so slim. It also has reflective bands and is water resistant! This is a fantastic feature especially for those hot summer runs and hikes.
The TKO Running Beltis not only awesome for runners but any type of activity! This belt is slim fitting so you could even where it instead of carrying a purse or a wallet. I honest think this would be a great accessory to maybe take to a theme park to Disney. This would also be great to use during international travels…a passport fits. Many years ago I traveled to Russia on a missions trip and really had a difficult time concealing my passport and visa {there had been a rise in them being stolen} unfortunately another person on the trip did have their passport and all their money stolen 😦 I can’t help but think that have this handy dandy little accessory would have prevented a lot distress, anger and frustration.
IMG_9150 copy
Grab your TKO Running Belt from amazon today! **Update after a ton of people asking about my iPhone case here is details: its from Case Mate and was purchased at Best Buy 

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to *Lipton Publicity and *TKO for sending me this great running accessory!

*Although Lipton Publicity/TKO did send me this product to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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