Abs, Arms & Booty {June Printable Calendar!}

Wow! I almost can’t believe I’m saying this but…It’s JUNE!

Last month I received a ton of emails from you guys asking me for a printable calendar with more than one muscle group focus. In the past I’ve posted “30 day ab” “30 day squat” calendars, which are great when you are working one muscle group hard. Well, you asked for it and now your wish has been granted! In May I created this what I think is a pretty awesome June calendar and it covers more than one muscle group!! Who’s ready for some Arms, Abs & Booty!

Something that love about this calendar is that it isn’t overwhelming and daunting to look at, it’s something that you can do all at once or break down throughout the day {however I do recommend doing it all at once} I also really love how this turned out {I love pink and gray} In fact I love this so much I think this is something that I’m going to run with monthly, I’m already getting so ideas for a July calendar!! So without further ado here is the June Workout Calendar!!

*print or save below. It’s a PDF so you can save it on your phone {I like to save PDFs on my iPhone in iBooks!} For this particular calendar I did print it out!

calJUNEAbs, Arms and Booty Calendar DOWNLOAD!

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