Have you noticed the new rage in running for women? At any given race, track or hiking trail I can virtually guarantee that you’ve seen it…yep you guessed it…Skirts! Gone are the days of unflattering pants and shorts! There is an adorable and super girly option!

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My friends, are you familiar with Running If you are not then let me introduce you!

Ok first of all Running Skirts was created by twin sister Cindy and Christy {which I LOVE since as you know I am a twin mama!} You can read all about them and Running Skirts HERE!

” As identical twins, we’ve shared everything since birth including our love for running.  After countless races and hours and hours of training, we became all too familiar (bored) with running wear, specifically high performance gear (more functional than flattering!).  Our philosophy is that fitness fashion for women should be fashionable, flattering and (most importantly) functional…Hence the inspiration for our girly-girl designs.”

Running Skirts is so much more than just skirts! Currently on the website these lovely ladies offer:


  • Running Skirts {w/brief}
  • Athletics Skirts {w/shorts}
  • Capri Skirts
  • Capri Tights
  • Knee Length Modest Skirts
  • Sporty Dresses
  • Subzero Skirts
  • Triathlon Skirts
  • Running Shorts
  • Golf Skirts
  • Maternity
  • Ultra Swift Skirts
  • Mini Skirts {for girls}


  • Long Sleeves
  • Performance Tanks
  • Performance Tees
  • Sports Bras
  • Jackets
  • Run-Tease


  • Compression Socks
  • Shoes
  • Arm Sleeves
  • Headbands
  • Hydration Belts
  • Jewelry
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery

Whoa that’s a ton right?! Based on the name “RunningSkirts. com” I bet you assumed that their site would be all skirts right?!? I did too! I can honestly tell you I love everything on their site and could do some serious damage {and will when I hit my weight loss goal!}


When I first heard about running skirts/athletic skirts I was a little on the fence about them to be honest. I’ve always been a capri legging kinda girl and I was teeny bit reluctant to take the plunge into running skirts and skorts. My reluctance mainly came from the fact that I DO NOT have a thigh gap {and no I don’t want one either…been there, done that} because of the non-thigh gap is the reason that I have always been a capri girl. Shorts ride up, YUCK who wants that? The idea of my thighs rubbing together…painful! But, little did I know Running Skirts was about to change my mind and take all my reluctance away!

I’m sure you know there a many different companies that sell “athletic” skirts from high-end brands to “no name” brands. But after trying out quite a few of them I can say for my needs not all are created the same. I have a lot of friends have their favorite brands that they swear by and its fantastic that they work for them but that was not the case for me.
Why Running Skirts? First off take another look at the bottoms list above! These amazing ladies have so many different style to offer. No matter who you are, your size, your sport, you style they have you covered {ha!} For me the “Athletic” Skirts are my perfect match! Not only are they super cute skirts but that have tight-fitting shorts built in…PERFECT!  So, would you be shocked to know that of course I jumped at the chance to try an Athletic Skirt?!

Before I tell you my thoughts on my Athletic Skirt I want to give Cindy and Christy a HUGE shout out not only for their amazing brand but for their amazingly sweet generosity! These wonderful ladies did not just send me a skirt but they surprised me with entire outfit! When the delivery guy dropped off a HUGE pink package I thought “This is a really big package for one skirt” Well there was a reason for the large package not only was there an adorable Athletic Skirt but included was a Long Sleeve Performance top and Purple RunLove compression socks! Seriously friends I squealed like a preteen girl at a New Kids on the Block concert {oh how I loved/love them! but feel free you change that to your fave so you get the full effect!}

unnamed copy

Now on to my thoughts!

To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement! Friends, all the running skirts clothing {that I have} are amazing quality!
Like I mentioned above these are the best skirts I have tried for my body. I’ve very short {5′} with a bubble butt and pretty much no hips. This skirt isn’t too tight or too loose. it is the perfect length for my short legs. Some of the other brands I tried were WAY too short and I felt like a *ahem* lady of the night…while others were way too long and hit be a just the wrong place and made my legs look shorter. The fabric this skirt is made out of is awesome its like bathing suit material but better {if that makes sense}

unnamed-1 copyFirst of all let’s talk about the Compression Socks! Now, I’m very familiar with compression socks and I have to be totally honest with you…these are the best ones I have ever worn! Seriously, they are like silk!! If you are familiar with compression socks you know that sometimes they’re made out of a rough fabric that maybe isn’t the most comfortable. The running skirts Run Love Compression socks are totally different, they are the perfect amount of compression that I need, they are super easy to get on…I’ve had others that are really difficult to get on because the compression is so tight however, that is not the case with these! I highly recommend the Run Love Compression socks to anybody that needs compression socks, it does not matter if you are an athlete, if you were a runner or if you are somebody who deals with any aliment that needs compression you NEED these socks! Plus they are ridiculously adorable!

Onto the Longsleeve Performance Shirt I had no idea that this shirt was going to be in my package so it was a HUGE surprise {like I mentioned unnamed-4 copyabove!} With that being said from the moment I took it out of the package I was in love! After my initial shock of all the goodies I immediately put the shirt on! Guys,  it is so comfortable and so sleek. One of my favorite parts about it is that it has a pink reflective heart on the arm. I also love the shirt is it is a little bit longer than some of the other performance type shirts that I have, some of them hit me right at my bellybutton and I do not like that {after carrying twins I have a larger midsection and I hate the way that some cut me off right there} but that is not the case with the running skirts longsleeve performance shirt! It’s long and hits me around my lower hip area which I just love, it’s a very flattering. I love that they sent me a black one its so pretty and sleek! I’d be lying if I told you that I hardly wear it because… I wear all the time, it’s so comfortable and the fact it’s been getting warmer in our area it’s so perfect to just to throw it on keep you nice and cozy…ahhh I love it!

unnamed-5 copyNOW the Athletic Skirt! When I took this skirt out of the package I fell in love! You can only tell some much about a clothing item based on the picture on a website. I honestly wasn’t expecting the degree of quality that I was going to get with the skirt. These skirts are amazing they’re fitted but don’t let that fool you it does not mean that they are hot and uncomfortable in fact they are so comfortable!  I love that they sent me the Athletic Skirt because it has built-in shorts under the skirt! This baby fits me so perfectly, they shorts are tight and hit right where I need them to hit, no riding up, no chafing, not too short and not too long. My husband and I did a Puppy Love 5K and the skirts stayed in place the entire time no pulling, no adjusting, perfect! I so recommend them!

Now that I’ve told you what I got, let me tell you some of the things that I want!

I would love to get my hand on the Subzero Top, even though we’re coming into warmer weather I do live in the Pacific Northwest which means rain or snow at any time no matter the season, plus we do a lot of camping in the mountains and at night it gets chilly so I would love to have one! I would love to get a pair of their Capri Tights… specifically the honeycomb, I am in love with this print! I also really want the Altra Delilah purple running shoes! They’re $99 and there’s just something about them that I love. Ooh I also want the Merrell – Glove Calypso {$100} I have never had of her Merrell shoes and I’ve heard they’re great, so of course I really want to try them out! And of course I want to couple more Athletics Skirts…specifically honeycomb, midnight stars, watermelon hearts, color block and Caribbean prints. I love all three of those so much!!

Ok so there you have it…I love Running Skirts and will be a forever customer! Have your tried out any of their items? Tell me what you have or what you would like to try out!

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Lebert Equalizer {Review & Giveaway}

LEBERT_FITNESS_LOGO_FINAL_websiteOne of the most common questions I get is “what is your favorite piece of in home equipment?”

unnamed-4And without fail I always say my Lebert Equalizer Bars…and…Lebert Buddy System…and…Lebert Stretch Straps!
Are you familiar with these? If you answered no then you absolutely need to be introduced!LFEB

Not that long ago I was searching for a piece of in-home workout equipment that was effective yet challenging, fun and easy to store. Very quickly, I found myself on the Lebert Fitness website…and I was hooked! So, imagine excitement when I was given Pink Equalizer Bar, the buddy system and the stretching straps for Marc Lebert (founder of Lebert Fitness) to try out and tell you guys all about! EEK! I’m still as thrilled as I was the day it all arrived!

Each one of these pieces are amazing! Let me break it down and tell you about each one!

The Stretch Straps:


The Stretch Straps are safe and will help you not overdo your stretches. The Strap is designed to improve the crucial overall elements of your stretching regime. These fantastic little straps help you get awesome deep streches! They perfect to use during your starter and finisher workouts! I also love using my Stretch Straps for difficult yoga poses! Along with the Straps you get a instructional DVD and a Stretch Strap Poster with 12 different stretches! Since my days are often busy and hectic I love the poster!

My favorite Stretches are the:

  • Lying Butterfly
  • Hip Knot
  • Lying Double Leg Hamstring
  • Lying Double Adductor
  • Lying Quadriep

These five stretches have helped me immensely with chronic pain from a childhood hip and knee injury.  The Strap is excellent to use after a run or hardcore leg day!

The Buddy System:


I’ve mentioned many times in the past that one of mine and my husbands favorite things to do together is workout! We love working out together but it’s hard to find something that we can do together!  The Buddy System is just what we have been looking for! The Buddy System allows 2 people to work together and create dynamic and variable resistance with hundreds of exercise! We are able to have a full hard-core excellent work out together! Along with the Buddy System you get an instructional DVD

Here some of our favorite Buddy System Workouts:


The Equalizer Bars:


Oh be still my heart these bars are awesome! I’m not going to lie I am not good at pull-ups, I never have been and I truly never thought I would be I just don’t my body just doesn’t do it. But with the equalizer bars I can get all the same affects that my husband getting with his pull-up bar with the equalizer bars in fact he now prefers the equalizer over his pull-up bar now! With the equalizer bars you can do awesome elevated push-ups! Get a killer ab workout! Work your arms like crazy! And the best part the bars take up a tiny bit of room!

I really love the equalizer bars and the entire Lebert fitness equipment line can easily thrown in the back of my car and take it to someone’s house and let them see what it can do! One of my BIG 2015 goals is to become an in-home personal trainer! Let me tell you the Lebert system will be going to every single clients house guaranteed!

My Favorite Equalizer Workouts:

Lebert also has some awesome workout DVDs!

 I’m beyond excited to announce that I have partnered with Lebert Fitness to giveaway a set of Equalizer bars to one lucky reader! The winner gets to pick the color {Pink, Yellow or Green!} AWESOME right?!? Click below to enter! 



 Rafflecopter Giveaway

Special Thank You to Marc and Lebert Fitness for providing me with this AWESOME home gym!!!

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