Onnit Battle Rope!

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OBRBA new year calls for new workouts! If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know my love for workouts, and friends, I LOVE my Onnit Royal Battle Rope {50ft. -1.5 in. thick}

From the first time my husband and I used it we were in love with this rope! If you have ever done a High-intensity interval training {HIIT} workout then you know that 30 seconds isn’t a quick as it seems. Add a Battle Rope into the mix and whoa…30 seconds is taken to an entirely different level, talk about a hardcore, body transforming workout!

Never heard of “Battle Ropes”? That’s ok, I got you!

What’s a Battle Rope?

A battle rope is simply a length Onnit Battle Ropes are 40 -50 feet in length and between 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter and weighing up to about 30lbs.

How to use a Battle Rope:

Onnit Battle Ropes are 40 and 50 ft. There are a few ways to use Battle Ropes:OBRAN

  • Battle Rope {Common use}: Attached/wrap the center of the rope around a secure anchor point {like a basketball pole for example} Then stretch out the rope and hold on the handles and you are good to go!ONBR
  • With a Partner: You and your partner each hold on to one handle, stretch rope out {this will result in you and your partner being 50ft apart} and begin workout!
  • Pull Through: Leave the rope coiled up with one handle visible, pull until you reach the other end of the rope

Battle ropes exercises are then done by lifting the end of the rope and making whipping motions {this look like waves} or dragging the ropes back and forth {this looks like slithering snakes} around. The goal is to maintain these movements for as long as possible…it’s hard…but it IS a lot of fun! Check out the Onnit video below!

Benefits of a Battle Rope Workout:

Battle Ropes are great for all fitness levels and they are considered low impact, so really anyone can use them! Because Battle Rope training involves non-stop full body training, you engage everything – arms, legs and core for an amazing calorie torching, fat burning sweaty workout!ONBRA

What I LOVE about Onnit:

  • Fast Workouts {15-20 minute workouts will kick your butt!}
  • Workout with a Partner {My husband and I LOVE workout together! Onnit Battle Ropes take it to a whole new level!}
  • Great Cardio Workout
  • Mix Up your Workouts…NEVER get Board Again!
  • Torch TONS of Calories FAST {300-500 calories per HALF HOUR!!! WHOA!}
  • Build Muscle And Burn Fat Simultaneously
  • Take Battle Ropes ANYWHERE {the biggest ropes are only about 30 lbs.}
  • Awesome Strength Training
  • Build Amazing Endurance

ONBRBWhen my Onnit Royal Battle Rope arrived I was beyond excited! Not only is this rope just amazing…it’s really pretty…sadly it isn’t available in purple any more, however, there is black and gray, black and yellow and black and red!

Do you have a battle rope but you just aren’t sure what to do with it? Here’s an example of the kind of battle ropes workout you could put yourself through. This workout uses the principles of interval training for producing maximum fat loss. Each interval below is performed 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Adjust the intervals to suit your needs as appropriate.

Some of our favorite Battle Rope workouts:


  • Double waves: keep a wave in the rope for as long as possible
  • Double rope slams: lift the rope high and slam it down to create as big a wave as possible
  • Moguls: jump side to side to create horizontal waves
  • Jump slams:  jump up and down to wave and slam
  • Crossovers: horizontal waves while crossing arms

They are also great for Gymnasts! We sometimes wrap it {SAFELY} around a garage truss and she uses it to climb…and swing…so do her brothers!!

I highly recommend the Onnit Battle Rope to anyone who wants to gain stamina, do a fun and intense workout, or just simply looking to switch things up in their daily workout!

Buy it HERE!

Special Thank You to Jennifer at Onnit for providing me with this amazing Battle Rope!!

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I’ve been loving…


It’s been a crazy busy week but I wanted to share 5 things that I have been absolutely loving this week!

Fitbit Blaze


I mentioned this in my collective March favorites and I asked if I should do a more in-depth review and the response was pretty overwhelming so YES that is coming! I just want to reiterate how much my husband and I both LOVE our Blazes! I love every single feature! But I PROMISE there will be more all about it in the next week!

Onnit Battle Rope


I put this bad boy away when the cold weather started, this rope is really big and way easier to use outside but in the Pacific Northwest it’s just not feasible to continue doing outdoor workouts and activities over the winter months. This past week I uncovered it and was reminded how much I absolutely love this thing! If you want a serious intense cardio workout that kicks your butt you need this battle rope!

Run Love Compression Socks by Running Skirts

unnamed-1 copy

I am so in love with the socks! Seriously they are so fantastic… after long runs, long days or just anytime. I really like that they’re not too tight and not too lose, they are so soft and so comfortable. I have other compression sock that are just really heavy and scratchy. These are just perfect,  I highly recommend!

TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System


I really had no intention of buying this…but then I was at the store and I had double coupons making it so cheap I couldn’t pass it up. I’m so pleasantly surprised, it does what it claims, my hair smells so good on top of being really soft and volumized.

It cracks me up that it has directions though…

Step 1 – Wet your hair and work in the 2-3 pumps of the pre-wash conditioner to achieve maximum softness. Rinse.

Step 2 – Wash your hair with the shampoo, removing any excess conditioner. Then rinse, leaving your hair with a light and soft volume.

Pandora App


Ok so this might be a really weird favorite but I have been absolutely been loving my 80s Pop station! I have been listening to it non stop…maybe it’s because I know all the words to all the songs or maybe its because lets just face it 80s pop is fantastic! Yes I am listening to it right now as I type and I’m singing along

“I touch you once, I touch you twice
I won’t let go at any price
I need you now like I need you then
You always said we’d still be friends someday”

{See screen shot ;)} I love this song! Ok I’m going to watch Pretty in Pink now!!

What were your favorites this week? Do tell!

Have an awesome weekend!

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