Vive Health Double Feature!

Vive HealthI am so excited to be partnering again with Vive Health! You might remember my post about their Shoulder Brace, you can read that here.
I have two awesome Vive Health products to share with you their ankle support brace and they’re back support brace!
How about a little backstory about me šŸ™‚ Ā When I was a teenager my sister and I were in a really horrific car accident, we were parked and rear ended the drive was driving over 60mph (it was bad) Since then I have had severe low back pain. I’ve spent many hours in physical therapy for my back and my spine. I have learned a bunchĀ tips and tricks to help temporarily elevate the pain. Now, fast forward to the spinal tap that I had during my twins C-section birth, yeah that addedĀ extra low back pain.
I anxiously awaited my new back brace it hopes that it would give me so much needed relief. When it arrived I couldn’t have been happier with the quality!
The Vive Health BackĀ Brace has a double Velcro closure making it two times stronger than other back braces. The double closureĀ also enables you to haveĀ regular pressure or extra pressure depending on how tight you stretch it! The velcroĀ seems much more well-made and so much stronger. I can do all my regular activities such as doing laundry, bending over, working out and stretchingĀ and the brace stays in placeĀ noĀ slipping down or loosening. When you areĀ trying to relieve significant pain you want to know that your support will stay in place.Ā It even has a removable lumbar support so depending on the extent of my pain I can either have it there and adjust it to your liking or remove it. I think that is a really a cool option!
I think it goes without saying that I am obviously a huge supporter of this back brace! I highly recommend this BackĀ Brace to anyone you suffers from back pain or simply needs some extra support.
I was so excited to get this, I know that probably seems really silly but since the age of 10 I have suffered from severe {and I mean severe} AchillesĀ tendinous.Ā It has no rhyme or reason, I have no idea when it will strike, it doesn’t matter how little or how active I am, it can strike at any moment and sometimes it’s livableĀ butĀ honestly guys sometimes it is so painful that I cry. Ā I have spent a lot of time just like with my back in physical therapy, I have tried all kinds of different tips and tricks, I’ve gone to an orthopedic surgeon, I’ve gone to for you name it, I’ve done it and I have gotten very little relief from my tendinitis pain.
So when The opportunity arose for me to try out the Vive Health Ankle Support I jumped at it. The day the package arrivedĀ I was having a horrific bout of tendinitis pain, so I ripped open the box and tookĀ the ankle support out. I was really impressed with the quality of it,Ā I was thinking it was going to be more of a pull on sleeve but as you can see that is not the case. This is like the Goliath of ankle support! It has a double velcro closure in the back so it’s really easy to get on, it also has double Velcro straps so you can create the pressure that you need for your specific ankle pain. Due toĀ the pain that I was suffering from I put it on and I put it on pretty tight. Sometimes when you putĀ on a ankle support or brace your toes and feet can feel tingly or your foot feels cold or even falls asleep, that was not the case withĀ the Vive Health Ankle Support.
This brace has a really cool feature, on the back there is a injury support panel so it helps prevent re-injury which I think is a great option because it fights against re-injury and it can help you heal so much quicker.
AnotherĀ cool things is that it is made from breathable neoprene which I think is genius, I cannot tell you how many times I have usedĀ ankle supports {or supports in general} that are justĀ not breathable at all! Because if Neoprene I haven’t gotten sweat at all, in fact I like wearing a sock while wearing the support! I have even slept in it with no issues at all. This particular ankle support is slightly bulky so you may or may not be able to wear shoes with it {I have worn my Nikes with it and it’s OK} but I actually prefer for in home use.
The Vive Health Guarantee
Vive Health backs it’s commitment to quality with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will replace or exchange any product that is damaged or defective to your complete satisfaction within 60 days of purchase.
If you sufferĀ from a reoccurring pain or an injury I highly recommend checking out Vive Health and all their products {they have a lot more than just these}
Please don’t hesitate and you don’t have to live in pain!Ā 
Yay!Ā Vive Health has given me a great coupon code for you guys!
You can pick both products shown from Amazon too!Ā Back BraceĀ andĀ Ankle Support.Ā Please note the coupon code forĀ Ā Vive Health
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I want toĀ extendĀ a HUGE Thank YouĀ to JessicaĀ at Vive Health for sendingĀ theseĀ awesome supports!!

*Although Vive HealthĀ did send me this braceĀ to feature I was notĀ compensated Ā for this post. Ā All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. I am NOTĀ affiliated with Amazon and will not make any money at all if you buy using one of the links, so please feel free to use the links provided above!Ā 

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Pranamat ECO Review!

Have you heard about the Pranamat ECO?Ā Let me introduce you!Ā The Pranamat ECO is an acupressure mat {or a modern-day bed of nails} It has 221 little lotus flowersĀ covering the entire top of the mat and each LotusĀ flower 25 spikes on it so the mat is literally covered in 5000+Ā little spikes…Whoa!

Pranamat ECO full details…prana17

  • Size: 28.7 Ɨ 17.7 in (73 Ɨ 45 cm)
  • Cover: 100% natural linen
  • Lotus-flower massagers: HIPS plastic certified for use in surgical equipment
  • Mattress: 100% natural coconut fiber
  • Mattress cover: 100% untreated cotton
  • 221 lotus-flower massagers with 25 petals each

It comes in multiple colors


The Pranamat ECO can be used for back, neck or/and shoulder pain, tension pain and headaches, relief from stress andĀ menstrual cramping. It can even help increaseĀ energy, help you fallĀ asleep faster, cellulite reduction and sciatica.

Upon openingĀ the box there is a great user guide along with the mat, it gives suggestions for how to use the mat and for how long. ItĀ suggests using the mat up to 20 minutes for stimulation and energy and 20 to 40 minutes for relaxation for tension relief and falling asleep. I would recommend working up to the 20 minutes if you are sensitive to the pressure. Some may be able to easily lay on the mat for 20 minutes whereas another may only be able to do it for 5 minutes. Pay attention you what you body is telling you. You do you.Ā Ā The guide comes in four different languages Latvian, Russian, French and English

My Pranamat ECO {LAVENDER & LAVENDER $135}

The first time that I used my Pranamat ECO,Ā I laid it down on the couch and I put a pillow under my head, as soon as I laid on it I was happy I was wearing a T-shirt and not a tank top because the lotus flowers are very prickly and the skin to mat contact was a little too much the first timeĀ  {I would definitely recommend Ā wearing at least a light T-shirt the first time you use it} Don’t worry you get used to it quite quickly!Ā I can easily now lay on it with my bare skin and fall asleep!

I suffer from a lot of tension pain in my neck and upper shoulders as well as tension headaches and let me tell you the Pranamat has been amazing!


Recently, I had a really bad tension headache from the back of my skull down my entire neck and tops of my shoulders. I grabbed my Pranamat ECO andĀ I rolled it so it pressed on all the areas with tension. I’m not reallyĀ sure how long I had been laying on it when I realized I no longer had a headache and I was feeling really good. That was pretty much the moment that I was sold! It’s helped with serious pain in my low back due to an over done workout, seriously within 10 minutes I had zero pain…it didn’t come back.

prana2I stand on the mat while washing dishes, brushing my teeth and putting on makeup {this really helps with energy}.

I layĀ on it when I have bad cramps and the pain disappears after about 5 or so minutes.

I used to help theĀ degenerative/buldging disks in my neck/uppr back {AMAZING relief!}

My husband and have both used it on long car trips! It has been amazing atĀ relievingĀ that back ache you can get after being in the car for hours!


The Pranamat ECO is also great for sore muscles after an intense workout, by simply laying the sore area on the mat you almost feel relief immediately!

I use it every single afternoon when the kids go take naps and have quite time. I put it on the couch and put pillows under my head and knees and relax! Couple this with some lavender essential oil in a defuser…prefect! Since getting this mat I have noticed a huge change in my pain, stress and relaxation!

And my kids LOVE it!


The Pranamat ECO can be used when practicing yoga, however try to stick to a restorative practice. I have personally loved this mat forĀ legs up the wall…talk about relaxation!

I completely love this mat and highly recommend it if you suffer from anything I mentioned above! My 72 yo mother is so impressed by it that she has orderedĀ one of her own to help with her fibromyalgiaĀ and arthritis, just in the times she has used it a my house she has had so much relief!

Don’t let the $135 price tag bother you…this is worth EVERY SINGLE penny!

I want toĀ extendĀ a HUGE Thank YouĀ to Pranamat ECOĀ and DmitryĀ for sending me this amazing mat!!

*Although Pranamat ECOĀ did send me these products to review I was notĀ compensated Ā for this post. Ā All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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