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Tumbl Trak: Do It Again

Thank you so much for all the great questions! I’m so excited to get to answer them! Here we go in no particular order!

Q: What Size is Gabbi’s mat? {Hazel}

A: Gabbi has a 4×10 Tumbling Mat in Bright Pastel

Q: We live in a smaller apartment, would this really be a good option?  {Carrie}

A: The Tumbl Trak Tumbling mat comes in multiple lengths including: 6ft, 8ft and 10ft. Folded up the mat is 4ft x 2ft {thickness depends on the length of the mat} I would highly recommend {and did to Carrie} the 6ft length mat it fits perfectly in most living spaces including bedrooms.

Update: Carrie did order a 6ft mat and couldn’t be more thrilled! “I wasn’t sure how it would fit but after Britni’s encouraging I got the 6ft for my daughters. It is perfect, it fits in our apartment living room. We don’t have a lot of closet space so I just lean it up in the girls room at night because I know they will get it back out first thing in the morning! We are so happy with this mat and the 6ft length is perfect!  I now recommend the Tumbl Trak all my friends.” 

Q:  I just got my son a 8ft Tumbl Trak mat…Where do you store your mat? {Shannon}

A: Tumbl Trak mats are easily storable we store ours {folded} in the coat closet, at the foot of a bed or simply leaned on a wall. My kids love folding up the mat a pushing it up again the wall and using it at a couch. Folded up the mat is 4ft x 2ft {thickness depends on the size of the mat} We rarely “put it away” because it is almost never not being used.

Q: Your daughter is very small will the Skill Builder set work for my 13 and 15 year olds? {S.Miller}

A: Absolutely! They are perfect for any age/size/level!

Q: How do you clean your mat if it gets dirty? {Ruby}

A: I simply use hot water and a rag or a clorox wipe.

Q: I want the set for Christmas, but I’m a little scared of the Open Shoulder thingy. Has you daughter gotten hurt or poked by one of the ends if she doesn’t do her skill correctly? {Ellie}

A: Gabbi has never gotten hurt or poked. She was a little nervous at first but quickly realized it was totally fine! Don’t worry, I think you will love it!

Q:  Your mat is big, do you feel like it is awkward to move around? {Sharon}

A: Not at all! It is big but Gabbi moves it around by herself daily.

Q: What sizes do the Tumbling Mats come in? {Jenna Anne}

A: The Tumbling mats are all 4ft wide and come in either 1-3/8″ or 2″ thickness, and come in three lengths 6ft, 8ft and 10ft

Example: 4ft x 6ft x 1-3/8in

Q: I noticed that you used the mat outside, did the bottom layer of vinyl get damaged? {Michelle}

A: No damage at all! It got a little dirty but it wiped off easily!

Q: Are the mats heavy? My sister and I just ordered 2!! We cannot wait 🙂 {K & K}

A: I don’t think they are heavy at all! YAY! You will love them!

Q: How often is your mat used…really? {Bentley}

A: ALL.THE.TIME! Seriously, Gabbi uses this mat continuously throughout the day. Our sons like to use it for Tae Kwon Do…if their sister allows it. It has more than payed for it self.

Q: The sliders look really slick, how do you slow them down to prevent injury? {Judith}

A: Having a chair or mat in front has been a great help for me personally, the first time I tried them I went down fast, but the chair does the trick!

Q: Does the Open Shoulder come in sizes or is it one size fits all or most? {anonymous}

A: There is only the one size in the set, but it comfortably fits Gabbi, both her brothers and her dad and me!

Q: Do you feel like this mat is enough or do you feel like you still need more? I’m a single mom and don’t want to save and buy only to discover “well you need this too” I’ve been down that road and completely cannot afford it. {Lauren}

A: I honestly feel you could get the 6ft,8ft or 10ft and totally feel complete! I haven’t felt like Gabbi needed more mats at all! I hope that answers your question!

Q: My 3yo daughter just started gymnastics and I’m not sure if she is going to stick with it. Do you have another recommendation for more a starter mat? {Deb}

A: I love the Cartwheel/Beam mat, I think that would be a perfect option for you!

Q: Are affiliated with Tumbl Trak as a sells rep? {Anonymous}

A: No I’m not. I am simply a mom who loves their products and was given the amazing opportunity to partner with them.

Q: Not a question but I wanted you to know that I have been searching for a mat for my twin daughters who recently started gymnastics. I was so happy to find your blog not only because you have twins too but because of how in depth your reviews are! I just ordered a 4×8 tumbling mat and the handstand homework for my girls for their birthday! Thank you so much for your reviews! {Danielle}

A: Thank you so much Danielle! I know they will love it!

*All questions are based on my opinions and personal thoughts.

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