I’ve been loving: R.I.P Prince



I am one of oh a billion people who loved Prince and was so sad to hear of his death yesterday. Growing up my mom and 5 older sisters {21 – 6 years older than me} always played Prince so I have been a life long fan! When I was little a local radio station was transitioning to a new name – KISS fm so for a full 24 hours played Prince’s Kiss…My mom loved it since that is her all time favorite! I have such fond memories of driving around town with my sister when I was a young teenager and us playing Little Red Corvette & Raspberry Beret REALLY loud for everyone to hear…it was Prince…it needed to be played loud. So today I have decided to dedicate my Friday Faves to the memory of Prince, taken to soon but never will be forgotten,  his music will live on forever…my kids 11,6 & 6 know many of his songs and know that when Prince is on mommy, daddy and auntie Jewels are turning it up and singing!


My all time favorite Prince songs {in no particular order}

Little Red Corvette


Raspberry Beret

When Doves Cry

Let’s Go Crazy

Kiss {who else thinks of Pretty Woman?}

Purple Rain

R.I.P Prince ❤

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