Shopping and Making an Impact!

I have mentioned so many times about our love for  Lizatards! We not only love the quality and selection of their leotards but who they are! You may remember the California Fundraiser leotards from the end of last year, the proceeds from those leotards went to the families that had been devastated by the horrible fires!! How amazing right?!? Lizatards does more than that…

Everyone who shops at  Lizatards is helping them donate to the Children’s Heart Institute, and a local YMCA Gymnastics Center to benefit the gymnastics programs, averaging $2500-$4000 a year!!!

Lizatards also supports different non-profit organizations.

Fun fact! When you buy a Medal Hangers you are actually helping benefit Rise Up Industries, which is a non-profit organization that provides: job training, counseling and programs to formerly gang involved individuals and at-risk individuals! How awesome is that!

Lizatards 'Gymnast' Medal Rack Hanger- Black, Blue, Purple or Pink

If you been wanting to get your gymnast a Medal Hanger please consider getting one from Lizatards!!

You can read more about Rise Up Industries HERE

Over the last year and a half our daughter Gabbi has been an ambassador for this amazing company! We love the leotards, the people, the friends we’ve made and of course the giving back! Big News!! Lizatards will be announcing new 2019 Lizatards Ambassadors in the next few months. If your gymnast is social, loves posting and likes free leos you might be right! Lizatards will be picking our Ambassadors at the beginning of February, so head over to

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