Early Morning + Summer Workout


These hot summer days can make it extremely difficult to get a workout in, especially if you workout at home and not a gym! Heat is so exhausting and can stop you in your tracks even if you have the best intentions.

If you have been plagued with the “too damn hot” summer woes then her are a few tips that might help!

EARLY morning!
If you are not a morning person then I know you just cringed! I used to HATE getting up early. I used to tell people I’d “NEVER” be a morning person! I used to dread morning workouts. Then one day my husband and I decided that we needed some more time together. With all the kids activities and our busy schedule we were in desperate need of us time! I mean time to talk not fall asleep on the coach (I know you know what I mean). We decided to start getting up at 5:45 to do a morning 2 mile walk. We loved it from day one and surprisingly within a few days I was a morning person. We now get up at 5am six days a week and have zero regrets! The first Saturday we got up at 5 was amazing! By 9am we had done a 5k, did outdoor painting, did our weekly shopping trip, went to Starbucks and cleaned the pool!

Not sold on early? No worries the workout below is the perfect “wake up” workout! You can do it anywhere (so if you travel it’s great) and you can do it according to your schedule!


Want to be extra challenged?
Complete the workout 3-6x
Do the workout as fast as you can with short breaks between each set.

You can also write down how fast you do each set and try to beat your time each day!

It’s summer so be sure you STAY HYDRATED! I recommend this Hydro Flask! It’s amazing and keeps water icy cold all day long even in the hot sun.

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Beach Girl Bands


Do you have untamable baby hairs or fly aways you just can’t seem to get out of your face? Ugh, both Gabbi and I do and it drives us CRAZY!


Gabbi has a whole row of baby hairs right at her forehead and those darn hairs are totally untamable, especially during gymnastics practice! It doesn’t matter how tight I make a braid or how much gel/ hairspray I use, those little stinkers seem to always end up in her eyes! What’s a mama to do?


Become a BeachGirl! I know, you’re probably thinking “um what? How’s that going to help?” Ha! It will, I promise! Beach Girl Bands are a line of the cutest adjustable and non slip headbands!

To get the full effect of how awesome these headband are and help Gabbi untamable baby hairs, here is a before and after photo


Awesome right?

Beach Girl Bands have saved the day from crazy baby hairs and prevented irritated eyes & mama frustration! They have become Gabbi’s favorite accessory, and I know we will be getting more…and more…and more!


GBBThese headbands are AMAZING! Gabbi wore her polka dot headband to a 2 hour practice the other night. I did her hair about 2 -3 hours before we left the house, she NEVER once adjusted it. She took it off right before bed and not one single baby hair had snuck out in to her forehead! Seriously I couldn’t believe it! We are 100% in love with these head bands! We will be stocking up on these babies! Her headband went on at about 2pm and came off at about 10:30pm!!! Now that’s some serious staying power!

One things that really sets Beach Girl Bands apart from the rest is that they are size adjustable {fitting between 19-22!} Making these perfect for children and adults {all my runners out there, Beach Girl Bands will be perfect for you!} The adjustable sizing also means no more too tight headbands…we’ve all been there and we’ve all suffered that horrible headache that comes with it! GBB2Beach Girl Bands are non slip as well so no more adjusting your headband a million times a day, making Beach Girl Bands perfect for ANYTHING Shopping, Relaxing at beach or pool, Gymnastics (of course), Running, Hiking, and pretty much any sport or activity you can think of! Oh, and they are machine washable!! Yay no more stinky sweaty headbands!

Beach Girl Bands come in a ton of different patterns and styles so you are sure to find he perfect headbands for your personality!

Here are some of our favorites:


From left to right

Mermaid Life Hello Summer | The Sprinkle on my Doughnut | I love Pizza

Lemonade | Glitterati Purple | Emoji | Dog Days


I’m thrilled to have partnered with Beach Girl Band to giveaway this gorgeous Black Glitterati Headband and sticker pack!! Click image below to enter!

Congratulations Jewel!

please check your email!

Thank you to everyone who entered! Please continue to check back for more giveaways!

This Giveaway will run from July 14th – July 21st. Winner will be randomly selected July 22nd and contacted shortly after. US residents only please. *Giveaway disclaimer: No fake accounts or emails please. Entry void if you have won a Life in Bloom giveaway in the last 4 months.

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Beach Girl Bands for sending us these adorable headbands!

*Although Beach Girl Bands did send me these items to feature I was not compensated for this post or required/ persuaded to give a positive review.

All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. 

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TKO Running Belt


As I have mentioned in the past I love TKO! So when I was approached to do a review on their Running Belt I was thrilled.

IMG_9139 copy

TKO was founded by Garry Kurtz in 1996, and what started as a boxing equipment company has evolved into a brand that offers everything from health and fitness equipment to accessories and apparel.

The TKO Running Belt is very affordable $12.99 and comes in four trim colors it’s

  • Water Resistant Design
  • 2 Expandable Pockets
  • Adjustable Waist Band
  • Reflective Trim
The TKO Running Belt is similar to the FlipBelt except instead of being a band the TKO has a buckle so no pulling it up or pulling it down over you head making it more functional in my opinion.
IMG_9147 copy
The TKO Running Belt is made out of very stretchy spandex/lycra type material. There are two zipper pockets, the smaller one can easily hold ID, debt cards, a snack bar {or what ever you fancy} the larger pocket can fit my iPhone 6+ {this was a concern when the belt arrived because it honestly doesn’t look like it could possibly stretch that much…but it amazingly does!}
IMG_9146 copy
Let me be honest with you for a minute…as soon as this arrived in the mail {it was actually lost and then delivered to another house in our neighborhood…thankfully we have great neighbors who brought it to us!} My husband totally took it over he is a long distance runner so he loved it at first sight! We hike a LOT and it has been a great addition. Before he would carry our full size camelbak backpack, which is great when we are doing serious hikes but when we are just doing a quick 4 miler it seems a little excessive, that’s when the TKO fitness belt comes into play. It also is awesome for HIIT workouts! With the zipper pockets you know your phone is secure no matter how much jumping, burpees or running you are doing!
IMG_9145 copy
The belt fits very comfortably, you almost can even tell you are wearing it because it’s so slim. It also has reflective bands and is water resistant! This is a fantastic feature especially for those hot summer runs and hikes.
The TKO Running Beltis not only awesome for runners but any type of activity! This belt is slim fitting so you could even where it instead of carrying a purse or a wallet. I honest think this would be a great accessory to maybe take to a theme park to Disney. This would also be great to use during international travels…a passport fits. Many years ago I traveled to Russia on a missions trip and really had a difficult time concealing my passport and visa {there had been a rise in them being stolen} unfortunately another person on the trip did have their passport and all their money stolen 😦 I can’t help but think that have this handy dandy little accessory would have prevented a lot distress, anger and frustration.
IMG_9150 copy
Grab your TKO Running Belt from amazon today! **Update after a ton of people asking about my iPhone case here is details: its from Case Mate and was purchased at Best Buy 

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to *Lipton Publicity and *TKO for sending me this great running accessory!

*Although Lipton Publicity/TKO did send me this product to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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ShoeKicker wants YOU!


I super excited to share ShoeKicker Beta with you! I know, I know you’re thinking “What the heck is ShoeKicker?” Basically think kayak.com but for running shoes!

ShoeKicker was started by Imran Khoja just recently…I’m talking recently, as in this summer! His goal was to provide a way for runners to save money on their running shoes and time searching…ummm YES! I love that!

What makes ShoeKicker stand out? When you buy on ShoeKicker you can save up to $27, that may not sound like a big deal but actually it really is more than you think. My friend over at ShoeKicker put it this way “If you buy shoes 4 times a year and plan to run for 20 years–that’s 2 round trip tickets to Paris right there, just by going to ShoeKicker” What the heck I don’t want to miss out on a trip to Paris do you?

So how does it work? When you head over to ShoeKicker you will see this screen:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.42.01 PM copy

Simply fill in the prompts {as you can see I was searching for Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit} then click “Show me the best price

You will see this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.41.44 PM copy

Like what you found? Click “Get Em” and you will be taken to the website with the best price and you can complete your order!

I absolutely love this and let me tell you it couldn’t have come at a better time because I’m in serious need of some new running shoes and so is my hubby! ShoeKicker to the rescue!

A few things you need to know about ShoeKicker:

  • They are still VERY new
  • They are planning to add more vendors and more brands {so if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for no worries its coming!}

This is where you come in! I want to invite me readers to head over to ShoeKicker have a look around and see what you think then come back and let me know your thoughts. ShoeKicker would love to hear any and all feedback and since so many of my reader are in fact runners I thought you guys would be a perfect “focus group”. Since ShoeKicker is brand spankin new this help would really mean a lot to them!SK

This is NOT a sponsored or compensated post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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BRAVO Women’s Running!


Have you seen the latest cover of Womens Running Magazine?!?! The August 2015 issue hits newsstands early next week and features the beautiful and curvy Erica Schenk! Women’s Running is awesome for featuring a curvy girl…why because runners come in all sizes, weights, and shapes. I love this because weight is NOT an accurate measure of someones fitness level. It is unfair for society to continue to judge people by their outward appearance. Every BODY is different and can different things! No matter what your fitness level is or isn’t, if you are 100lbs or 350lbs you are still beautiful and loved!  The cover woman Erica is strong, beautiful and a RUNNER and being a curvy runner myself love and appreciate Women’s Running giving recognition to those of us who maybe don’t fit the “look” of a runner! BRAVO Women’s Running!! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to grab a copy!


**Disclaimer: Please note that I know that there are many health issues that prevent weight loss, weight gain, energy and stamina. That also my result in the inability to exercise.

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sigg1-copy copy


Have you noticed the new rage in running for women? At any given race, track or hiking trail I can virtually guarantee that you’ve seen it…yep you guessed it…Skirts! Gone are the days of unflattering pants and shorts! There is an adorable and super girly option!

running skirts movie logo

My friends, are you familiar with Running Skirts.com? If you are not then let me introduce you!

Ok first of all Running Skirts was created by twin sister Cindy and Christy {which I LOVE since as you know I am a twin mama!} You can read all about them and Running Skirts HERE!

” As identical twins, we’ve shared everything since birth including our love for running.  After countless races and hours and hours of training, we became all too familiar (bored) with running wear, specifically high performance gear (more functional than flattering!).  Our philosophy is that fitness fashion for women should be fashionable, flattering and (most importantly) functional…Hence the inspiration for our girly-girl designs.”

Running Skirts is so much more than just skirts! Currently on the website these lovely ladies offer:


  • Running Skirts {w/brief}
  • Athletics Skirts {w/shorts}
  • Capri Skirts
  • Capri Tights
  • Knee Length Modest Skirts
  • Sporty Dresses
  • Subzero Skirts
  • Triathlon Skirts
  • Running Shorts
  • Golf Skirts
  • Maternity
  • Ultra Swift Skirts
  • Mini Skirts {for girls}


  • Long Sleeves
  • Performance Tanks
  • Performance Tees
  • Sports Bras
  • Jackets
  • Run-Tease


  • Compression Socks
  • Shoes
  • Arm Sleeves
  • Headbands
  • Hydration Belts
  • Jewelry
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery

Whoa that’s a ton right?! Based on the name “RunningSkirts. com” I bet you assumed that their site would be all skirts right?!? I did too! I can honestly tell you I love everything on their site and could do some serious damage {and will when I hit my weight loss goal!}


When I first heard about running skirts/athletic skirts I was a little on the fence about them to be honest. I’ve always been a capri legging kinda girl and I was teeny bit reluctant to take the plunge into running skirts and skorts. My reluctance mainly came from the fact that I DO NOT have a thigh gap {and no I don’t want one either…been there, done that} because of the non-thigh gap is the reason that I have always been a capri girl. Shorts ride up, YUCK who wants that? The idea of my thighs rubbing together…painful! But, little did I know Running Skirts was about to change my mind and take all my reluctance away!

I’m sure you know there a many different companies that sell “athletic” skirts from high-end brands to “no name” brands. But after trying out quite a few of them I can say for my needs not all are created the same. I have a lot of friends have their favorite brands that they swear by and its fantastic that they work for them but that was not the case for me.
Why Running Skirts? First off take another look at the bottoms list above! These amazing ladies have so many different style to offer. No matter who you are, your size, your sport, you style they have you covered {ha!} For me the “Athletic” Skirts are my perfect match! Not only are they super cute skirts but that have tight-fitting shorts built in…PERFECT!  So, would you be shocked to know that of course I jumped at the chance to try an Athletic Skirt?!

Before I tell you my thoughts on my Athletic Skirt I want to give Cindy and Christy a HUGE shout out not only for their amazing brand but for their amazingly sweet generosity! These wonderful ladies did not just send me a skirt but they surprised me with entire outfit! When the delivery guy dropped off a HUGE pink package I thought “This is a really big package for one skirt” Well there was a reason for the large package not only was there an adorable Athletic Skirt but included was a Long Sleeve Performance top and Purple RunLove compression socks! Seriously friends I squealed like a preteen girl at a New Kids on the Block concert {oh how I loved/love them! but feel free you change that to your fave so you get the full effect!}

unnamed copy

Now on to my thoughts!

To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement! Friends, all the running skirts clothing {that I have} are amazing quality!
Like I mentioned above these are the best skirts I have tried for my body. I’ve very short {5′} with a bubble butt and pretty much no hips. This skirt isn’t too tight or too loose. it is the perfect length for my short legs. Some of the other brands I tried were WAY too short and I felt like a *ahem* lady of the night…while others were way too long and hit be a just the wrong place and made my legs look shorter. The fabric this skirt is made out of is awesome its like bathing suit material but better {if that makes sense}

unnamed-1 copyFirst of all let’s talk about the Compression Socks! Now, I’m very familiar with compression socks and I have to be totally honest with you…these are the best ones I have ever worn! Seriously, they are like silk!! If you are familiar with compression socks you know that sometimes they’re made out of a rough fabric that maybe isn’t the most comfortable. The running skirts Run Love Compression socks are totally different, they are the perfect amount of compression that I need, they are super easy to get on…I’ve had others that are really difficult to get on because the compression is so tight however, that is not the case with these! I highly recommend the Run Love Compression socks to anybody that needs compression socks, it does not matter if you are an athlete, if you were a runner or if you are somebody who deals with any aliment that needs compression you NEED these socks! Plus they are ridiculously adorable!

Onto the Longsleeve Performance Shirt I had no idea that this shirt was going to be in my package so it was a HUGE surprise {like I mentioned unnamed-4 copyabove!} With that being said from the moment I took it out of the package I was in love! After my initial shock of all the goodies I immediately put the shirt on! Guys,  it is so comfortable and so sleek. One of my favorite parts about it is that it has a pink reflective heart on the arm. I also love the shirt is it is a little bit longer than some of the other performance type shirts that I have, some of them hit me right at my bellybutton and I do not like that {after carrying twins I have a larger midsection and I hate the way that some cut me off right there} but that is not the case with the running skirts longsleeve performance shirt! It’s long and hits me around my lower hip area which I just love, it’s a very flattering. I love that they sent me a black one its so pretty and sleek! I’d be lying if I told you that I hardly wear it because… I wear all the time, it’s so comfortable and the fact it’s been getting warmer in our area it’s so perfect to just to throw it on keep you nice and cozy…ahhh I love it!

unnamed-5 copyNOW the Athletic Skirt! When I took this skirt out of the package I fell in love! You can only tell some much about a clothing item based on the picture on a website. I honestly wasn’t expecting the degree of quality that I was going to get with the skirt. These skirts are amazing they’re fitted but don’t let that fool you it does not mean that they are hot and uncomfortable in fact they are so comfortable!  I love that they sent me the Athletic Skirt because it has built-in shorts under the skirt! This baby fits me so perfectly, they shorts are tight and hit right where I need them to hit, no riding up, no chafing, not too short and not too long. My husband and I did a Puppy Love 5K and the skirts stayed in place the entire time no pulling, no adjusting, perfect! I so recommend them!

Now that I’ve told you what I got, let me tell you some of the things that I want!

I would love to get my hand on the Subzero Top, even though we’re coming into warmer weather I do live in the Pacific Northwest which means rain or snow at any time no matter the season, plus we do a lot of camping in the mountains and at night it gets chilly so I would love to have one! I would love to get a pair of their Capri Tights… specifically the honeycomb, I am in love with this print! I also really want the Altra Delilah purple running shoes! They’re $99 and there’s just something about them that I love. Ooh I also want the Merrell – Glove Calypso {$100} I have never had of her Merrell shoes and I’ve heard they’re great, so of course I really want to try them out! And of course I want to couple more Athletics Skirts…specifically honeycomb, midnight stars, watermelon hearts, color block and Caribbean prints. I love all three of those so much!!

Ok so there you have it…I love Running Skirts and will be a forever customer! Have your tried out any of their items? Tell me what you have or what you would like to try out!

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sigg1-copy copy

Spandits Review and GIVEAWAY!

I know I have been totally missing in action and I’m sorry for that! This late winter season has been full of ups and downs…and sickness…and the list goes on. But FINALLY I am back and have some awesomeness in store for you all!

Lets start off with an AWESOME giveaway!


Have you heard of Spandits? No? Spandits is one of my new favorite fitness companies! Their tights are AMAZING! The lovely ladies recently sent me a pair of their Galactic tights to try out! Before receiving these tights I had a few pairs of yoga pants but no tights or leggings that I loved…why? Because I’m really picky about the material and fit. I want something that is functional yet comfortable. And we all remember the see-through debacle that some *ahem* companies have had in the past.

With Spandits I didn’t have to give up my pickiness!! These pants are amazing….the fit is perfect, the material is thick and strong NOT hot or heavy and let me just say spandits tights come in some of the most fun patterns ever! Here are my Galactic tights

unnamed-11 copy

gorgeous right! They are so fun and bright! I recently wore them to my boys tae Kwon do class and I had numerous people ask me where they were from and that they wanted a pair. Each one of them said the same thing “those are the best Galactic leggings I have seen” and I have to agree!

unnamed-5 copy

unnamed-10 copyNow, let’s talk more about the quality! These tights made out of the best material I’ve ever felt, their thick (meaning they are not thin and see through and you won’t tear through them with your finger nails when putting them on!) but they are not hot! The stitching is so nice and reinforced on these, just have a look! Nice huh!

Oh and spandits isn’t limited to just women’s tights! They have a whole line for Women, Men & Youth!!!

Before Spandits  I would get emails from readers asking if I could recommend my favorite workout leggings and I would always email back telling them that I haven’t found one I love yet. But that is no longer the case! Since Spandits have come into my life I have been able to respond to all those previous and current readers “yes I do have a favorite!”

unnamed-7 copy

So I mentioned above that there was a giveaway! I have joined with the lovelies over it Spandits to give one lucky Gettin Fit With Brit reader a Hygge {Hoo Gah} of their choice!!! What’s a Hygge? It is m the coolest neck warmer (infinity style) ever!




I really want a Hygge! This would be perfect for those cold fall/winter/early spring runs when it hurts to breath that icy air! C’mon I know you want one too!


Hygge is an old Danish concept that helps Danes get through the long, dark winter.  It’s the art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive. To create well-being, connection and warmth. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other. Celebrating the everyday.” – Spandits.com

There are a ton of different fabric options too!!

WIN IT!  Click below…


A HUGE thank you to the lovelies at Spandits for sending me my beloved Galactic tights and for the Hygge giveaway! 

sigg1-copy copy