Tumbl Trak Addie Beam!

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We have been in love with Tumbl Trak since we got the skill builder set and tumbling mat. So it’s no surprise that when the opportunity arose to get a balance beam and not just any balance beam but the Addie beam we jumped at it!

Of course the beam arrived while Gabbi was at school so I waited to open it until she got home. She was so excited to open this huge box!


IMG_1366She squealed as we set it up!  Gabbi is because like many gymnasts she struggles with beam confidence, it’s not that she’s scared but she just isn’t totally confident in her skills.

The Addie beam has become a absolute ‘must have’! It sits on the floor with purple rounded feet, which we LOVE! Gabbi adores the Addie beam and loves working on skills like turns, leaps, handstands and cartwheels.  She is so proud, so confident, and ready to conquer the world!


I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Addie beam {at any level}, especially if you have a competitive gymnast that needs to practice more at home!
What we love:

  • The Addie beam is competition width, so no learning and relearning skills because of different beam widths.
  • Its the perfect home size at 8ft!
  • Its low to ground so she can safely practice new skills at home!
  • Gabbi loves that the beam is slightly “cushy”! It has the perfect amount of padding and is so soft.
  • The Addie is PERFECT for all skills at all levels!

The Addie Beam features:

  • Its only $179
  • 8 ft long and competition width (10 cm)
  • It has the look and feel of a competition beam
  • Its covered in synthetic suede
  • It has a wood core
  • It has rounded top corners
  • The support legs are rubberized to help protect little feet


The Addie beam can easily behind and couch or under the bed. When Gabbi is not using her Addie {pretty much when she’s in bed!} we like to put it here in front of our fire place. When we have guests we just move the beam to the twins room. Though it is fairly heavy, Gabbi {little miss independence] can move the beam to where she wants it by herself. She moves one end at a time…its adorable.IMG_0764_1

Did you know that Tumbl Trak is more than just gymnastics, they have tons of great equipment in all price ranges and their customer service is AMAZING!

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See the source image
I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Stacy, James and Tumbl Trak for sending Gabbi this equipment.

*Although Tumbl Trak did send me the Addie Beam to feature I was not compensated for this post or require to give a positive review.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. 

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What We are Loving | Tumbl Trak | Part II

Tumbl Trak: Do It Again

Yesterday I shared about the Tumbl Trak Tumbling mat {you can read all about that HERE} Today we are going to talk all about the Tumbl Trak Skill Builder Set! This set is AMAZING! It includes a pair of Sticky Toes, a set of Sliders and a Open Shoulder Trainer!

Sticky Toes


These are by far Gabbi’s MOST favorite piece of gymnastic gear…seriously she LOVES them so much and thinks they’re amazing and I have to agree!

st2Sticky toes are two wide elastic bands with velcro on each one so they stick together and pull apart easily. They are very easy to put on, you simply wrap the elastic around the ball of your foot with the velcro on the inside. The red on has a R and the yellow has a L. Gabbi says “Red for right, Lemon for left” I think that would be a really easy way for little ones to remember which side they go on.

What makes Sticky Toes so great is that you can hear and feel when your feet come apart from a together position, and you can feel your feet come together, the velcro acts as glue.

Sticky Toes are great for all levels,

If you are or have a beginner gymnast who has a tough time getting their feet together for a handstand, sticky toes will become an instant best friend, they were for Gabbi. She was able get a perfect handstand so quickly {within a handful of tries} after getting her sticky toes. Why did the Sticky Toes help? Because they will not stick together because if you don’t get all the way up, your feet will not touch, enter Sticky Toes!  They have also be a must for round offs and backwards rolls, she has a habit of separation her feet during both they have really helped to correct that!

st1For higher levels, wearing sticky toes at the start of a skill will work wonders. Starting with your feet together, you will immediately hear when your feet come apart. These would be great for any gymnast who’s legs come apart halfway through their back handspring.

Sticky Toes are great for:

  • Handstands
  • Roundoffs
  • Backwards Rolls
  • Front Handsprings
  • Back Handsprings

and so much more!

In my personal opinion I think every single gymnast at every level should have a pair of Sticky Toes. In just a short amount of time Gabbi skills have greatly improved so much so that her coach asked if we had added an additional practice with another coach! Whoa now that is a HUGE compliment and a testament to how fantastic Sticky Toes are! We are really hoping our Academy will start carrying Sticky Toes in the pro shop.

Sticky Toes are perfect for any age/level gymnast and would make AWESOME stocking stuffer or a holiday gift!




These Tumbl Trak Slider are in the #2 place of Gabbis favorites! Sliders are very polished plastic on the bottom with a thick foam {foot pad} on the top. Sliders are perfect for any level. Sliders can be used for so many different things! Gabbi loves to use them to get a deeper split.

We have found them to be excellent for getting deeper stretches such as forward/side lunges and frog stretch.

Gabbi really likes using them to work on straddle cast handstands!


They also have helped Gabbi with smoother turns and help her kick her leg up for handstands! But, I think the most fun is Mountain climbers! She loves it!

The sliders work best on carpet and are very slick which Gabbi loves because she can quickly slip into her middle splits. If you are worried about this I would recommend having a folded mat, couch or chair in front of you/your child so you can catch yourself just in case they slide faster than you would like. They could scratch wooden floors, and in our opinion they are not smooth on concrete or tile floors. They are very sturdy however without steady pressure on the sliders your feet can move around.


Sliders are not only functional but they are so much fun, which it probably why FUNditioning was created!

Gabbi wants program SO bad!

Sliders have quickly become a must and we recommend them all the time!

Open Shoulder Trainer


The Open Shoulder trainer thick padding bar that has a curve in it so it fits around the neck and across each shoulder. You might be asking “why?” It wasn’t until it arrived that I saw the need for it!

The Open Shoulder trainer could be a little awkward or scary at first because it is large and some little ones might find it heavy {Gabbi does not think its heavy and weighs in at a whopping 31 lbs and 43 inches} Because of this potential awkwardness we would recommend getting used to it by doing a skill you are really good at or very comfortable with. Once you are used to it, you will see just how much of a must have it is!


Gabbi was able to see how much help and correction the Open Shoulder trainer was giving immediately! After using the very first time for a cartwheel she landed and said “That felt totally different” she thought she had great form then tried it with the trainer and realized she needed a little improvement. It has also helped Gabbi with:

  • Handstands
  • Roundoffs
  • Back Walkovers
  • Front Handspring

There are so many more skill the Open Shoulder trainer can help with too!

How many times have you heard a coach yell “Open those shoulders” or “Hey! keep those shoulders opened” After using the Open Shoulder Trainer it will help so much and those open shoulders with come completely naturally!

img_9892What I love it that it doesn’t allow Gabbi to drop her shoulders on skills like handstand and helps with proper head positioning during cartwheels, round offs and front and back walk overs!

The Open Shoulder Trainer is not limited to just the floor! The Open Shoulder Trainer can also be used to practice skill on the beam such as cartwheels and handstands!img_9900
For bar skill the Open Shoulder Trainer can help with proper head positioning during moves that go through and handstand. There are many other gymnastic skills that require open shoulders and the Open Shoulder Trainer can absolutely be used for those as well!

A few things to note: The Open Shoulder Trainer helps keeps your arms up at the end of a skill, however,  it does not keep your elbows straight. Also your arms go behind the Open Shoulder Trainer bar not in front.

The best part of all? You get all three in the Skill Builder Package! I personally think every single gymnast no matter their level or age would love this set! This set would make an amazing Holiday gift!

Here’s a couple great videos from Tumbl Trak’s YouTube channel:

Want to see more? Visit Tumbl Trak’s YouTube channel for more!

Tumbl Trak is not just limited to Gymnastics! Just have a look!

Gymnastics | Cheer | Dance | Martial Arts | Special Needs 

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Already have the Skill Builder set? Share your photos and video with us using #tliblovestumbltrak 
Gabbi would love to see how all three are being used by others!
Friday I will be posting a Q & A about the Tumbling mat and the skill builder set. I decided this would be a great idea since I already have had a bunch of questions from parents at NWGA. If you have any questions you’d like answered or something you are wondering about please email me!

Skill Builder Package | $45.50

Sticky Toes will help athletes perfect new skills much easier. Sticky Toes are designed to help the athlete realize when their feet are apart or together.

Sliders are a slippery oval disk that are used on carpeted floor and allow an athlete to move their body in a stationary space, or across the floor to work muscles. Whether working alone or in partners, these innovative exercises will help build strength, improve body shaping and increase flexibility.

The Open Shoulder Trainer is a light, padded device that fits around an athlete’s shoulder and neck in order to maintain open shoulders needed for skills that move through a handstand.

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Tumbl Trak: Do It Again
I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Stacy and Tumbl Trak for sending Gabbi this equipment.

*Although Tumbl Trak did send me these to feature I was not compensated for this post or require to give a positive review.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. 

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Disclaimer: My husband and I want our kids to do what they want and what they love. Gabbi LOVES gymnastics! When I say she works for 2+ hours a day on her skills thats all her. At the ripe age of 7 Gabbi decided and told her coach that she would like to be a competitive gymnast. She knows she has to work hard to get there so she does. If she wants to work on skills all day thats great, if she wants to only during practice thats great too.